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His Highness Demands Round #9 (1998-2004): The Finale at Le Mans


Now I get why you chose the LWB version. If it were mid-engined, it would be even more like an FIA GT1 racer like the MC12 and S7 - but it wouldn’t be eligible for this challenge, which requires front-engined cars. It’s still a stunner to look at regardless.


Man, this car looks good. There’s so much here, visually, that I don’t even understand.


This car wins.


So, there’s always one eh?

Certainly won’t steal the spotlight but i can try and take better pictures and maybe tune better

Zephorus RTX

Powered by a 5.8L V8 with 600whp this rocket will hit speeds of 180mph thanks to a low weight of 1220kgs.

shush i know the lighting is broken


Steinhauer 625GTS - [Team Semyonivia #31, #57, #77]:

Built as part of Steinhauer’s Customer Racing Programme, the 625GTS is powered by a 5.4-litre V10, producing 625HP at 7500RPM. It uses a glued aluminium & carbon fibre construction to keep weight to a minimum, and is equipped with an SwT high-performance 6-speed sequential gearbox.

For the 2004 24 Heures du Mans the new Team Semyonivia bought three 625GTSs to be entered under the numbers #31, #57, and #77.

While #57 and #77 are slated to be crewed by a sextet of Semyonivian drivers, the #31 will be driven by the highly-rated trio of Pedro Lamy, Heinz Harald Frentzen, and André Lotterer.

The Semyonivian press is, naturally, full of rumours and gossip about precisely how this small privateer team with few sponsors was able to pull such well-known drivers. Few expect the truth to come out. Well, not before Le Mans, at least…

[Photos from the early-April 2004 launch of Team Semyonivia’s three 625GTSs]

  • Power: 624.6HP @ 7500RPM

  • Weight: 1181KG

  • Price: 14,714 Dakotz (ex. tax)

  • Top Speed (absolute): 179MPH

  • Time around ATT: 1:58.58

  • Max speed reached on ATT: 177MPH

Steinhauer_625GTS_-_Team_Semyonivia__31.car (62.9 KB)

Steinhauer_625GTS_-_Team_Semyonivia__57.car (62.9 KB)

Steinhauer_625GTS_-_Team_Semyonivia__77.car (62.9 KB)


Note: the turquoise on the car looks a lot greener than it actually is, due to the sun shining on it in the images.


Finally I got some lap times for reference


You should get those privileges very quickly, but if you do not, you can find me on the automation discord (donutsnail there as well)


from: slyo@wɑgengɑrɑge,de
to: ƨԍwλouᴉʌᴉɑuʁɑcԍϝԍɑw@web.sy
sent: 14.2.2003

so a little update on the project, we got the cars mechanically all set up, and we had our intern work overtime to add the decals and now they’re available for delivery!
Thanks again for choosing our little team of racing enthusiasts to commission the cars. I suppose from the test you’ll be doing some endurance racing with them?
Anyway, we sent 'em around our local race track and got some sub 2 minute times with them!

Here are some other facts (if they so intrest you):
-Base car is, of couse, still the fuchs
-The 7007 v8 engine gets some 623 horsepower, at something like 27, 28% efficiency
-about 1180 kilos of total weight (we had to fit a bigger engine so it all went awol)
-we even fitted an sequential 4 ratio to get the weight down ._.’’

here’s a lil’ photo of 77, 34 and 5:

We re-purpoused some of the interiour in our other cars to save you some money, though, it will still set you back some 44100 $, (I think that’s 6400 in Daktoz incl. tax) but trust us, we spared no expenses exept comfort, but this is really the cheapest you can get a capable race car.

Please answer soon!
Your Wagenmacher Garage

from: slyo@wɑgengɑrɑge,de
to: ƨԍwλouᴉʌᴉɑuʁɑcԍϝԍɑw@web.sy
sent: 17.2.2003

Hey, it’s Slyo from WMG again,
they’re done! Here are some more pictures of the conversion:

So… your from Semyonivia, right? My grandma is from Seydotzt, I asked her get some license plates to ease the import of the cars, turns out it’s a tad easier to move cars if you’re free to do so.
She told me that you intended to set up a privateer team, I’m positive though they can handle the unassisted steering. One thing less that can break, right?

We’re stoked to hear the feedback on the racers,
Your Wagenmacher Garage


I did the maths, 1 second in lap time difference is 12 minutes in a 24 Hour race, or about 6 laps around the automation test track


I guess just post your .car file here in a comment then. I can’t prevent others from downloading it if that is a concern


That’s fair. I’ll do it on the last day, even though I doubt I’ll have the best car mechanically.


What about traction aids, what is allowed? ABS? TC? ESC?


Yes to any of them you want to put in your car.


48 hours (and 40 minutes) to deadline!


No rush if you are still tuning, but I have not received your .car files yet.


How can I submit my car? I can’t find a way to message you and I can’t upload anything on this page, I don’t know why, it says “new users can’t”.


If your account has enough activity, it will allow you to message me by clicking on the thumbnail next to my name. If your account is not old enough, do you have a discord? You can send it to me there. If not, you can attach it in a comment publicly on the thread, but that will allow anyone to download the file.

If you can’t do any of these things, I’m not sure. I suggest using your account a bit more and trying again later. There are still 28.5 hours before the deadline.



Even if it doesn’t get Semyonovia the class win, entering a freakin van in a GT series will certainly win the hearts of the spectators, don’t worry though this thing is fast!


Discord’s a way too


You can get Discord on any PC or phone.