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Hoch Technologie Autofahren (HTA) company (1946-2018) Tales: The Original B1000


(1984-1987 HTA B-Series)

Well, Uh… it’s just a Generic 80’s Mid-size Sedan.

The HTA B-series (Sold as “Berliner” in other countries) its a Mid-Size sedan Produced by HTA from 1983 to 1987 Due to low sales.

It was designed to compete with the "Anhultz Mimas" @Elizipeazie

The chassis is a Corrosion-Rest Steel monocoque, with Steel panels. and the Suspension is a
Mcperson strut (Front), and solid axle leaf (Rear) with Gas-monotube Dampers.

Featuring some new technologies such as Four-wheel steering, and an early version of the HITCS (“HTA Intelligent Traction Control System)”.

Every trim is equipped with a Geared LSD Differential.
Now, i will show you some of the trims of the B Series. (Actually, just 3 trims. because i am lazy.)

First, Again we start with the Entry Trim. The "E170". Comes standard with some things like Progressive Suspension, Electric Windows, Fuel injected 3.0L V6 With VVT, 5 Speed Manual Transmission with Overdrive, Manual Seat Adjustments, Standard interior withstandard AM/FM radio and Advanced 80’s Safety.

This car in 1984-85 Sold over 10.000 Examples before the sales Went down.
Cost when new: 20,000€ (23.500 US$)

Now we have the "E200" in other words, The premium Trim.
Now with “HFAS” (HTA Full-Time All-Wheel-Drive System), Premium interior with Premium AM/FM Radio, Hydropneumatic Suspension, Electric Seat Adjustments, Four Wheel Steering, 4 Speed automatic transmission and a More powerful 3.0L V6 with 20 more HorsePower (140HP).

Oh, And 1440kgs of weight. But it still manages to accelerate from 0-100 in 8 Seconds!
With a Shitty 18mpg Fuel economy (“FAIL”)
Cost when New: 22.590€ (26.000US$)

Tada! A wagon! Because… Everyone loves wagons, Right? This is the "W220" Basically a wagon version of the E200. Well, Nothing more. nobody wanted it, it sucks.

Cost when New: 23.000€ (27.000 US$)

(Rear of the E200)

(Sunday drive!)


(2019 HTA Le-Mans 25th Anniversary)

The name says it all.

This car was made for the 25 years of HTA/Emperor Attempt to compete in Le-mans with the E8000-prototype.
(If you saw the Emperor perfomance thread)

The Le-mans is going to be a super limited production car, with just 25 examples planned for 2019.

The Le-mans chassis is a AHS Steel space frame with Carbon fibre panels. With active Aerodinamics included. Making it weight just above 1660kgs.


inspired from an Old Mid-engine super car prototype they had at HTA’s HeadQuarters.
( Actually, an old car of mine made back in 2017 with the name of "SuperNova" )

With a spicy Over-designed rear end. and a boring front. You may let this car over-take you.

With exagerated Quad Exhaust pipes. Throwing flames like "wat?"

With Race-inspired 8-spoke Carbon fibre wheels. that enhance the car’s looking very well.

And a LOT of vents in the rear. with the majority of them Made from carbon fibre.

On top of that, its Straight-piped Screaming V10 engine fits it very well.

Engine and DriveTrain:

The Le-mans is moved by a AWD system. And it’s rear biased. So, be careful. (Heheheh)

The old and Thirsty 690hp 60 3.5L TwinTurbo V6 of the proto has been replaced by a…

50Mk engine: 90 degree 1008HP 5.0L TwinTurbo V10 engine made of magnesium, Aluminum and silicon.
Being very revvy. And way less anemic than the E8000-prototype and the "SuperNova"

Throwing all of its power at 7400rpm and a peak rpm of 8000.

Matted to a Passetto Corse Dual-Clutch 7 speed tranmission with a Final gear ratio of “4:0.8”

And the Straight piped Quad-Exhausts. with an especial cooling system for preventing the Exhausts from damage the body panels of the car.

The suspension was a Sport Computarized all-around active push-rod suspension.

And also it haves all around carbon-ceramic brakes. with 4 piston callipers front and 3 in the rear.


The Carbon-fibre rims and Sport compound tyres grip the road very wheel. Making the car feel very light.

The car was capable of 388 km/h. But HTA designers decided to Limit its Top Speed to 307km/h for safety reasons.

This car launches itself from 0-100 in 2.90 seconds. and makes a 1/4 mile time of 9.90 seconds

Feel how the world moves slowly while you’re driving this Ca… uh… thing.

The traction control does his work very well. Making it corner like hell when it wants too.


NOTHING… absolutely… Nothing! just a Sport interior with bucket seats and Premium info.

Nothing more…

The suspension IS very hard and uncomfortable, but what did you expect?
A mercedes-benz?

Extra Information:

(Probably) this is going to be HTA’s most exclusive car ever made. with 25 Examples planned to be built in 2019 for Private car collectors.

Price: Unknown.

Are you interested?

'19 Le-Mans - 25th Anniversary.car (35.1 KB)

I took too much inspiration to make this car. drive it and let me know what do you think!



Hey! what do you think about my attempt of a modern truck?

(2019 HTA QHT)

"Real men’s drive real Trucks with Torque" That’s not necessarily true, But we at HTA dont care.

The supposed SHT’s Successor. The QHT is a Giant truck. With a HUGE 7.2L SOHC 32 valve Direct-injection V8 engine with 372HP and 601Nm of torque.

Matted to an 8 Speed Advanced automatic transmission. And with a shitty mpg rating of 18.6

With it’s chassis made of High-tech materials such as AHS steel and Treated steel.

with Solid axle coil suspension (Rear) and Mcperson Strut (Front).

With a premium interior with Premium HUD.

The design was inspired from the Ford F-150 and the Ford ranger.

i tried my best to make it look decent. What do you think?

Here’s the download link If you want to take a closer look, or drive it.

'19 QHT - 7.2 V8.car (36.6 KB)

I did this because i really wanted to try more on modern designs.


I like it, nothing spectacular, but very neat and tidy!


Woah, thanks! I was thinking about leaving this Topic. But… do you think i should continue with it?


Yeah man totally! Lot of potential, better than me rofl!


You captured the “German feel” in your designs very well. I can’t tell exactly why but most of your cars looks very Made In Germany.


HTA Officially launches The 2019 QHT Truck

(yes, they’re back in the bussiness!)

The “QHT” as said before, its the spiritual Successor of the Forgotten SHT Series.

Their slogan was “Zäh Lastwagen Zum Schwer Arbeit”
Translated to english would be: “Tough trucks, for Tough jobs.”

(Definitely not translated with the google translator LOL)

Basically, HTA tries it again with their new truck.

But dont take your wallet out of your pocket right now, Because it’s only sold in europe.

This truck combines Luxury and Utility at the same time (But not fuel economy, LOL).
And still reliable enough to Not drain your Wallet like any other HTA Vehicle would do.

Anyway, I dont have nothing more to say. Let’s get to the Equipment


You could get 1 of the 2 trims with 2 different High-tech engines Depending on your budget, and needs:

The 3.8 Turbo-Diesel (1300€ Option)

(QHT 3.8 Diesel in Cream color)
At first, we have the Fuel efficient KSK-38 Engine. A turbo Diesel SOHC 3v I6 With 300HP. Not that smooth, But what did you expect from a diesel engine?

And… The 7.2L V8 (3672€ Option)

(7.2L V8 in caramel Color)

And the Classic 7.2L 4v V8 engine with 72HP more, Not bad. Even it haves enough torque to pull away your neighbour’s house.

But it haves a cost, And it’s Fuel Economy: Even worse than the prototype, With an Even more abysmal Fuel economy of 15mpg.

Besides the engines, it haves some other cool features, like:

(Inspired by the Test Drive Unlimited equipment system.)

LED Headlights (100€)

Polished Alloy Rims (150€)

Foglights (70€)

Electronic Footsteps (400€)

And comes standard with:

(Note: HOBA = HTA On Board Assistance)

                High definition 7-inch Info screen, With HOBA 
                        Apple carplay connectivity              
                     6 Boss High definition Speakers              
                     Electric Mirrors And windows (Obviously)

Starting at 24.567€, now at your local HTA dealership!

if you live in europe, of course.

About the “VG’s sport classics 5-pack”

Sadly, i had to cancel it. because the cars were an absolute pain in the ass to make. For example: While making the “Arkani T40” my game crashed 2 times!

I am so sorry :disappointed_relieved:


Not a bad looking start! The headlights look a tad messy imo, but the ideas are there :smiley:


It’s nice but the naming has me a bit fuddled. HTA QHT rings more like part of a serial code rather than a pick up


Yeah, I suck at naming things. The name “SHT” Means “Sport Heavy Truck”.
But the name “QHT” doesn’t have any meaning, I just came up with that name.


Or Shit.


That would need to be the Sport Heavy Innovation Truck.


More or less :joy:


QHT: Quite Heavy Truck


Yeah naming is tough tbh. If in doubt, add some numbers in there, I reckon it would give it a bit more distinction.


2019 HTA F600 Semir

-------------------------------------------------“Speed never looked so good.”----------------------------------------------

That’s what people say when they see the new F600 Semir passing in front of them.

Feel how to world moves slowly in backwards while having stunning comfort.

And it’s one of the favourite cars from the Mafia. Because it’s only sold in italy and germany, And it haves an aggressive look.


Like ever, What differences HTA cars from the competition is their engines.
and this car is no exception.

The “50MK” engine series is used in this car. a 600HP+ TwinTurbo V10. it’s enough to launch the F600 from 0-100 in 3.60 seconds.

Thanks to the "HFAS" (HTA Full-Time All-Wheel-drive System) Used in almost every HTA vehicle.

Well… The chassis is nothing new…

Just a carefully hand-crafted Glued Aluminum Chassis Tested on computer.

The Active Computarized Suspension. Will ensure you have the most comfortable ride, And yet still agile to aggressively corner when it wants to.

Thanks to our “HITCS” System. Giving the right amount of traction to every wheel.

As a luxury car, The interior is the most important thing.

A pure Hand-crafted interior, with our New “HOBA” system running in a 12-Inch screen along with a High-quality luxury HUD.

9 Boss Speakers. Italian mafias usually hears Opera with it (hehehehehehe)

5 Seats to carry your body-guards. (Ok, that was cringe)

Apple carplay connectivity

Heated Seats and steering wheel

8 Way seat adjustments

For 258.230€

I also Reworked my Spec-Sheet system, Check it out if you want.

Spec Sheets Here


Engine Graphs here!


Feel free to Pm me if you want a Test Drive.


HTA tries to make a SportCar

430HP TwinTurbo Boxer 6, Rear-Biased AWD, Lightweight Glued-aluminum chassis, Active Pushrod Suspension, Active Aero. Blah Blah blah…

That is all.

What do you think? it should be an official HTA car?


Theres some great details on this supercar, especially the rear, but the taillight fixture is just way to dated to fit in and the upper headlights are kinda awkward imo. Try experimenting with combining fixtures to have better flowing lights to really bring it home :wink:

Sounds like it would be fun to drive too


The idea of the design was to combine multiple supercar designs in one. But it looks like it didn’t went so good with the headlights/taillights design.

Thanks for your review, i’ll see what i can do with the Headlights and Taillights.

(Also yes, The car is very fun to drive in beamng :wink:)