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Hoch Technologie Autofahren (HTA) company (1947-2018)


New 2019 LSC3 Cabriolet!

Sunglasses required! :sunglasses:


(1954 HTA El258 SuperMatic)

After HTA discontinued the EM183 in 1953, They Needed a New luxury car to offer.

The EL258 was bassically a Bigger version of the EM183

Bigger and Heavier than the EM183, The EL258 haves the FGT43 Engine
Yep, The same as the EM183. it haves enough power to move the EL’s 1550+Kgs body.

The EL258 comes standard a new 2 Speed Automatic transmission.
(that’s where the name “SuperMatic” comes from)

It features New drum 2LS brakes, heavy duty suspension, and a New interior.

The EL258 was a complete Sales failure

as HTA only made 3,675 units in europe from 1954-1955 And it’s really searched by car collectors

Spec Sheet HERE
  • Chassis: Galvanized steel monocoque with aluminum panels

  • Suspension: Solid Axle Lead (Rear) Mcperson Strut (front)

  • Engine: 4.3L Cast-iron SOHC 16v V8

  • Power: 168HP, and 310Nm torque

  • 0-100: ???

  • Weight: 1559kgs


(1963-1981 HTA Leika)

Your daily dose of Soviet-ish V8 sedan! Yes, i know it’s jalopy

The Leika was a cheap 2 door RWD sedan manufactured by HTA from 1963-1981.
Only sold on europe.
With a Corrosion-rest Steel moncoque chassis. with Mcperson strut and Semi trailing arm suspension.

The chosen engine for the leika was the 40GB Engine Series. A 4.0L petrol Cast-iron SOHC v8
previously using Diesel.
A very old engine, But it’s still powerful and reliable. Producing 170HP and 237Nm torque. Maybe it’s nothing for today’s standards, But it was reported that the engine could make 200+HP with a few tweaks.

First we start with the “Entry” model, the Leika V8N, Not so interesting at all.

Standard interior, 3 Speed Manual transmission with Manual Locker, Standard AM radio, Chromed aerodinamic hubcaps, and front Disc brakes.

it also features a Rollcage for safety. because the Cheap and obsolete chassis was extremely unsafe.

And it’s not so slow, with a 0-100 in 7 seconds! Pretty awesome for a cheap 2 door sedan!

Also a Not so bad fuel economy of 11mpg. (Cost when new: 10,539€)

Next, We have the Leika LUX. This was the Luxury model obviously.
This one haves a 2 Speed Automatic Gearbox
(“Because, who wants to change gears the whole time?”)
Also, More classy Hubcaps, and a Premium interior with Premium AM radio included.
This is a very recommended choice if you just want to have a cheap, but very confortable car for going to work. (Cost when New: 12378€)

Alright! Time for some Sport Sh*t! This is the Leika GT model.
This was an Special version with Less than 10.000 Examples rolling out of the factory.

Double DCOE carburetor 203HP V8, Stiffer Suspension, a Sport leather interior and Magnesium Muscle looking 5 Spoke rims.

0-100 in 6 seconds! and 220Km/h Top Speed!

Also his 1150+kgs Chassis, makes this car corner like hell! ]

(Cost when new: 15.526€)

In 1975 HTA developed a Turbocharged version of the 40GB. Making 311HP With the help of Team Emperor. The Leika Turbo was never set in production due to the complexity of it’s Turbo system and reliability issues. And the possibility of a carburetor fire.

This car was inspired from the Trabant (Laika in jalopy). Quite obvious, Right?
Hope ya like it :wink:


(1970 HTA Grün Vogel)

The Name "Grün Vogel" Means “Green Bird” in german.

The Grün Vogel was a Very limited production exotic car Produced by HTA Only in 1970.

This car was designed to compete with the Ferrari Dino and the Lamborghini Urraco

The chosen engine for the Grün Vogel was the RH30R, A 3.0L all-aluminum DOHC 32v V8 engine Revving all the way to 7600rpm. This engine was capable of making 210HP and 268Nm torque. Thanks to the Quad KHGS80 DCOE Carburetors. and weighting just 197kgs!

Also, The engine was tranverse mounted. Causing that “MR2 Effect”.

This car was very lightweight (1230+kgs) Thanks to the Galvanized steel monocoque chassis, and Fibre Glass panels.

And its very agile in the corners, thanks to the All-around Double Wishbone suspension with Gas monotube Dampers. And surprisingly, There’s no deadly oversteer at all. Thanks to the Sport Suspension setup made by Team Emperor.

The Grün Vogel can launch from 0-100 in 7.71 Seconds. thanks to the minimal wheelspin and the Medium compound tyres.

The brakes are all-around Disc Brakes. with 2 piston callipers (in the front) and 1 piston calliper in the rear.

There were made 300 Grün Vogel’s Only with a Dark Green color. There’s a little badge on the side that says "1-300", meaning you have one of the 300 Grün Vogels.

i honestly feel satisfied with this car.


(1984-1987 HTA B-Series)

Well, Uh… it’s just a Generic 80’s Mid-size Sedan.

The HTA B-series (Sold as “Berliner” in other countries) its a Mid-Size sedan Produced by HTA from 1983 to 1987 Due to low sales.

It was designed to compete with the "Anhultz Mimas" @Elizipeazie

The chassis is a Corrosion-Rest Steel monocoque, with Steel panels. and the Suspension is a
Mcperson strut (Front), and solid axle leaf (Rear) with Gas-monotube Dampers.

Featuring some new technologies such as Four-wheel steering, and an early version of the HITCS (“HTA Intelligent Traction Control System)”.

Every trim is equipped with a Geared LSD Differential.
Now, i will show you some of the trims of the B Series. (Actually, just 3 trims. because i am lazy.)

First, Again we start with the Entry Trim. The "E170". Comes standard with some things like Progressive Suspension, Electric Windows, Fuel injected 3.0L V6 With VVT, 5 Speed Manual Transmission with Overdrive, Manual Seat Adjustments, Standard interior withstandard AM/FM radio and Advanced 80’s Safety.

This car in 1984-85 Sold over 10.000 Examples before the sales Went down.
Cost when new: 20,000€ (23.500 US$)

Now we have the "E200" in other words, The premium Trim.
Now with “HFAS” (HTA Full-Time All-Wheel-Drive System), Premium interior with Premium AM/FM Radio, Hydropneumatic Suspension, Electric Seat Adjustments, Four Wheel Steering, 4 Speed automatic transmission and a More powerful 3.0L V6 with 20 more HorsePower (140HP).

Oh, And 1440kgs of weight. But it still manages to accelerate from 0-100 in 8 Seconds!
With a Shitty 18mpg Fuel economy (“FAIL”)
Cost when New: 22.590€ (26.000US$)

Tada! A wagon! Because… Everyone loves wagons, Right? This is the "W220" Basically a wagon version of the E200. Well, Nothing more. nobody wanted it, it sucks.

Cost when New: 23.000€ (27.000 US$)

(Rear of the E200)

(Sunday drive!)


Why do you guys keep insisting on making polls for what car to make next? Everyone here is just going to troll you into oblivion for doing something that stupid.