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Hoch Technologie Autofahren (HTA) company (1947-2018)


HTA tries to make a SportCar

430HP TwinTurbo Boxer 6, Rear-Biased AWD, Lightweight Glued-aluminum chassis, Active Pushrod Suspension, Active Aero. Blah Blah blah…

That is all.

What do you think? it should be an official HTA car?


Theres some great details on this supercar, especially the rear, but the taillight fixture is just way to dated to fit in and the upper headlights are kinda awkward imo. Try experimenting with combining fixtures to have better flowing lights to really bring it home :wink:

Sounds like it would be fun to drive too


The idea of the design was to combine multiple supercar designs in one. But it looks like it didn’t went so good with the headlights/taillights design.

Thanks for your review, i’ll see what i can do with the Headlights and Taillights.

(Also yes, The car is very fun to drive in beamng :wink:)


New 2019 HTA SMT5

Did you ever want to have a SuperCar, But you can’t afford one?

Well… We can help you.

Even tough it’s not capable of going over 282km/h. So… it’s not so super…

(Sorry for the bad resolution :s)

The legendary TB36 engine makes an “Epic” comeback in this car.
With even more power. Reaching 428HP, Thanks to the Bigger Turbos, More aggressive Cam profile, and increased compression ratio.

Thanks to it’s low centre of gravity, It can make the SMT5 Corner with (Almost) no difficulties.

Engine graphs here!


The Body is entirely made of Carbon fiber, and the chassis is made of Glued-aluminum. And the rims are made of Magnesium, For weight reduction.

Having a total weight of 1460kgs. Not bad, considering it haves kind of comfort.

Besides of the lightness and it’s impressive engine, the most interesting feature of the car is the Active Aerodinamics/Flaps on the Roof and rear of the car. They also act as Air brakes.


Even if it’s a supercar, it haves some “Interesting” Equipment/Customization options, like:

Colors, To show you tame the beast:

Capturar_2018_08_10_07_45_53_666 Comes Standard

Capturar_2018_08_10_07_46_40_382 1500€

Capturar_2018_08_10_07_47_11_47 1500€

Capturar_2018_08_10_07_47_32_455 1500€

Exclusive colors: 3000€

(SMT5 in Vine color)

You can also choose between these 3 rim options! (Note: They dont add any extra cost to the car.)

Magnesium Dual 5 Spoke rims (Black)

Magnesium Dual 5 Spoke Rims (White)

Magnesium 10 Spoke Rims (Black)

(SMT5 in British Racing Green)

Interior options comes standard with:

                      Standard 7-inch Screen with "HOBA"
                          Apple carplay connectivity
                           Manual Seat adjustments

Starting at 127.358€, Visit our dealers for a test drive!

Spec Sheets Here!


Extra picture:

(Meanwhile, At HTA’s headquarters…)

Joseph: Ehrm… Should i fire somebody?


SMT5, Engine update and new GT-R trim!

Sorry if i am a bit inactive, i am in a “Luxury” Resort, and the internet connection is not good at all in here :sweat:

HTA is now offering the SMT5 with a new Engine option:

Now you can buy the one with the known 3.6L TwinTurbo B6 engine, Or. You can now buy the New trim with the “41MK” TwinTurbo V8 engine.

(Yes, the same engine in the LSC3)

It’s a 9.348€ option.

(SMT5’s Active aerodinamics in action)

With 600HP+ and 838Nm torque. It’s enough to launch the SMT5 from 0-100 in 2.80 Seconds!

For the new trim, we had to replace the Ventilated brakes, with Carbon Ceramic brakes and added 6 piston callipers to handle all that power.

And sport compound tyres for more grip, but it doesn’t resolve the “Terminal oversteer” that our customers keep reporting.


HTA is now developing a Heavily modified version of the SMT5, Called the "GTR"
With even more power (750HP). And a new Wing (That It might solve the Stability issues).

With kind of weight reduction: We got rid of all the unnecessary interior components. Such as the central Screen, Speakers, and Carpets.

The power of its engine, is just enough to throw the GTR From 0-100 in 2.60 Seconds!

The one you’re looking right now is just the prototype, That’s why it looks so unfinished.

Visit our dealers for more information!


2019 LSC3 “RM”

(LSC3 RM V12 in bright yellow)

(LSC3 RM I6 Turbo in British racing green)

The “RM” stands for “Re-made”, as it performs better. And it’s more comfy than the old LSC3.

Now using Glued-aluminum for the chassis materials. Reducing it’s weight.

It looks weird, but it looks WAY less dated than the old LSC3 design

It now haves 3 engine options: a 650HP 6.9L V12, a 612HP 7.0L V8, and a 280HP Turbocharged 3.0L I6.

And 2 Transmission Options: 6 Speed manual, and 7 Speed Dual-Clutch secuencial transmission.

Spec sheets here (LSC3 RM V12, 7 speed Dual clutch option.)


Starting at 72.487€ now at your local HTA dealership!

Sorry if this was a bit to short, i am a little busy and i seriously wanted to post this car. :wink:

What do you think? Is it better, Or it looks worse than the old LSC3?