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Holland Motor Company - There's a new kid on the block! Test it yourself!



Hereby I introduce to you the Holland Motor Company.

Another serious effort to rise a successful motor company based in The Netherlands

Our first model is going to be the Orleans which is going to marketed worldwide from '73 on.

It’s a compact family saloon propelled by mostly inline 4’s an 6’s with displacements starting at 1.3 up to 2.8 liters.

This is the Orleans 1.3, all versions have the same body, because this is the base version it has single round headlamps and basic equipment. Luxury models from the 1.8 up have double round headlamps and a standard interior and 14 inch wider wheels.

The six cylinders have square headlamps and a full chrome grille to distinguish them from the four cylinder versions.

Beneath here is the US version, it had side marker lights and a higher safety equipment. This current version has GTi 2.0 12 valve injection engine with 130hp, 29 more than the standard carburetor 2.0.

We currently developing a V8 limited edition for the Australian market called the ‘365 Boss of Oz’ as an answer to the Ford Falcon and GM seems to be developing a v8 too.
It has around 340 hp :slight_smile: and we’re figuring out now how to make it stop eating tires. :blush: The looks are going to be based on the EU/US GTi

North American International Auto Show 2018
The Folks' Wagon
D9 Motorworks

Nice good looking cars!


Good to see fellow Dutchmen in here! Good job on your first car man!


Nice car, i like it very much!


My latest Creation…a modern day saloon. I was inspired by Ferrari and attempted to create a four door Ferrari. It’s still miles away from a real stallion but on it’s own i think it works out great!

This car is aiming at the Premium saloons like BMW 5’s and Audi’s A6. This version is the top of the range with an AWD sports chassis and 3.8 V8 turbo with 650 HP. 0-100 in 3,7s, top speed 289 km/h. Not bad for a fully packed luxury sedan.


The back section of this ride is AWESOME, i really mean it!


Thnx… :stuck_out_tongue: it’s one of my best designs so far…together with this one…

I also have a prototype but since the limitation in thee amount of wings and lips you can use it’s no longer possible to resurect it… :neutral_face:


Love the first two cars. Looks like Opel 70s.


I might be more or less inspired by Opels of the 70’s. One of the first things i did when I got automation was resurrecting the Kadett C O:)


Our mid-eighty 300 series, small light and nimble :smiley: And to subscribe that sportiness of our new compact car we introduce the EVO200 version, designed to enter the Group B!!!

2 Liter turbo, 4x4, 180 Hp!

This is the group B rally version! With a bit more HP’s, :smiley:


The front of that rally car is so cool!


Thanks! I wil soon place updates about the Group B car, it’s a true gem, but i don’t want to give away to much because it’s in a competition right now and I don’t want to give away to much to my competitors. :wink:


A little history lesson about the Holland Motor Company…

It was first established in 1900 and specializing on coachbuilding. It wasn’t known as the HMC that is known today but the abbreviation for ‘Hollandsche Motorrijtuigen en Carrosseriebouw’

By 1940 HMC we started to design our own cars, the 1250, which will follow later on. The eventual car got out in 1946 due to WW2

In 1963 was a crucial year for HMC, it all started as a accident from an English journalist in 1958 which guessed the original difficult name stood for Holland Motor Company, but HMC got known by that name worldwide which ultimately led to the direction-board changing the official company name to Holland Motor Company, also a new badge was presented:


New Arivals!!

The Estoril, a light nimble but affordable sportscar with great performance but a good fuel economy…fun for everyone!

A commercial van, or actually a platform both available in a light FWD or a heavy-duty RWD/4WD ladder chassis:

Engines ranging from the 2.4 i4 Torquemaster to the 4.9 i6 Torquemaster, the concept is all N/A, high compression, high torque, low tech, easy to maintain, cheap to run but clean en fuel efficient. Petrol has the advantage of being able to run on LPG and CNG. Featered below is the 3.3 i4


In 1940 just before the war started we designed a streamline concept car…it had a aluminium body and a 6.4 straight six producing a staggering 170 hp. It was provided with hidden headlamps (like the 42 desoto’s). The car was designed to be a comfortable long distance cruiser able to reach a (relatively, it was the 40’s) high top speed of more than 160 km/h!! The car never made it to production though…


Interesting that last model, a simple and full grill on the front end gives so much character to the car, really innovative for those years :slight_smile:


Thanks! It would be a true rarity those days but streamline and airflow were the word those days so i figured i had to do my bit.


I’ve been working on the '15 300-series line-up, i started with a entry level car at first. I released a prototype of it allready, the FDF, but now we’re taking it serious. This car is a basic family/executive premium saloon. So the entry level model would be a economic 1.4 turbo delivering 174 hp. That’s good enough for a 1600 kilo car. Very drive-able and more than enough for someone who want high tameness, comfort and luxury. A nice car to get around in.

With the new chassis came the possibility to fit my new range of inline 6’s. Why you think? BC inline 6’s are mechanically not more complex then a inline 4, they run very smooth, effectively being half a v12 and we like to be different. The challenge was to fit it in a initially FWD design chassis so it had to be mounted transversely. It resulted in a line of engines with 2300 and 2800 cc’s displacement fitted with a turbocharger vvt and vvl. All inline 6’s are fitted with an AWD drivetrain with a nice side effect. Beside the fact that the car has a better grip the weight of the rear diff causes the car to have a near 50/50 weightdistribution.

The following 6’s are availeble:

-2.3E 177 hp
-2.3T 248 hp
-2.8T 282 hp
-2.8 TS 355 hp
-2.8 TS sports editon 390 hp (special intake and exhaust system)
-2.8 TS R-Spec 536hp (race engine)

That last one will be available for the 300 GT Trackday, basically a racing car platform for trackday enthousiasts.

Example how it sits in the car…


Very cool effect with last picture!


We proudly present the 400 coupé. A true late 60’s GT, it has a 2.8 v8 engine. It’s available as GT and the GTS, the difference between them is that the GTS has rear disc brakes, a 5-speed gearbox and a small spoiler on the front, and wider alloys. The GT produces 180 HP, the GTS 213 whicht reaches a top speed of 220 km/h and reaches 100 in 7,3s. And of course it’s 1968 so you can have in a fashionable ocher. :sunglasses: