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Holland Motor Company - There's a new kid on the block! Test it yourself!


Alsoreincarnating the Group B series rally car. Currently tuning it, it has 550hp so far…


The Group B car is finished!!! Thought it still looked a bit too mainstream. Now thanks to the canards of VMO it looks like a true beast!

It ended up having 588 Hp! AWD 2.0 weighing just 930 KG. It rockets to a 100 in just 3.1 sec. 1985 we’re talking.


Lifting a tip of the veil of the new Highlander, there can be only one!


I haven’t heard from this company in over three years, but now seems like the right time for a reboot!


Oh, that reminds me to add the Highlander to my “to watch” list, thanks :smiley:


Another tease, this time our new supermini.

And a complete lineup is waiting to be released. It will contain a supermini (b segment), middle size car (c segment), compact crossover (c segment), a (d segment) premium saloon/estate and a (d segment) crossover. All fitted with the latest series of the ecotorque engine families which contain 3 4 and 5 cilinders.


Our first official release:

Also our firts release of our new ECOTorque 4 engine family. Ranging from a 70hp 1.1 to a 1.6 producing 240 HP!

That last one is powering our latest sportscar, The Vendetta.

Thanks to it’s glued aluminium chassis combined with lightweight body we’ve maneged to keep the weight down to 982 KG. The 1.6 240 Ecotorque engine is placed tranverse behind the backseats and is linked to a double clutch 7 speed gearbox driving the rear wheels. Equiped with a Limited slip differential 0-100 Km/h will take only 4 seconds! Combined with excellent handling we’re bold enough to say…


Test drive it in BEAMNG now!!

(since my computer is unable to run BEAMNG cause it is almost 10 yrs old, I am wondering how it drives and what you think of it, let me know!)


A great looking car that got no likes, that’s sad and weird. I’d gladly test the car, but the link expired :neutral_face:


The All new Bereha Dakar rally car in action. It’s a hevily modified version of the compact Bereha crossover which is soon to be displayes allong with the long anticipated Highlander.

This daka version is driven by an atmospheric 4.0 litre v8 putting it’s power through all four wheels.


Our new 2019 line up! One engine family driving a variety of cars.

The compact Arino, the new kid on the block! Equiped with a ultra economic 1.1 80 hp (3.3l/100km), and a 1.3 100 hp to 120 hp.

The Bereha, a robust compact cross-over. FWD and AWD available, available with a 1.3 120 hp and 150hp, a 1.6 with 170 hp.

The Highlander, the tough family cross-over. Available in 5 or 7 seat configuration. FWD and AWD available. Available with 1.6 170 and 200 hp.

More details wil follow soon!

Als we are working an a van and we’re polishing the all new 240hp Vendetta! Stay Tuned!


My laptop died so had to start all over…bummer.

HMC is a company that started mass production of vehicles soon after WW2, a small affordable car was on the drawingboards as there was a delivery van. After the war demand was high for utillity vehicles so our first vehicle was a delivery van, the 32, followed by millitary vehicle inspired by the Jeep, the 32 ordonnant, equiped with a 4x4 system. It was light, sturdy, simple and it had a reasonable loading capacity, it was not fast nor very exciting. Inspired by the Styer baby it was powered by a smooth running 1.05 flat 4 producing 32Bhp.

32 Ordonnant

32 Civil delivery van.


I just keep mine on it’s charger most of the time


That military truck is nice! especially those headlights


@desperatedonut5 No it die died. It’s death, finito, basta. :sweat_smile: So I lost all progress. But time to reinvent HMC (again).

@LS-Vehicles Thank you!


(Boredom on a saturdaymorning and the discover of a awesome (for me) new body, resulted in this brainfart)

HMC, known for it’s sensible cheap cars, obscurely enough in 1964 decided they want to make serious attempt to break the land speed record, which was quite common those days. It was called the Peregrine Project resulted in this high speed monster equipped with e 13l v16 which theoretically would reach a staggering 682 km/h (424 mph) making it a serious contender to claim the record. It never got clear if it ever drove or if it wasn’t for this picture it even existed.


(Rainy day)

It’s 1955, HMC shocked enemy and friend by launching the 664! A traditional looking sedan but with groundbreaking technique in it’s underpinnings.

It all started after one of the members of the designteam went to America (which was considered the benchmark in carbuilding those days) for inspiration and studying. There he saw the Tucker Torpedo, equiped with a remarkable 6 cilinder boxer engine. Having already a flat 4 in their line up would mean they only have to extend the current engine block. When he returned the enthusiasm affected the whole team. Also big V8’s were considered a bridge to far to be successful in Europe. Such a setup would mean the engine would end up in the back which was considered a lot less suitable to handle. They almost discarded the whole flat 6 idea when the 2CV popped in mind. Small, fully independent suspension and a complete flat floor! A bold idea sprung into mind and a layout was conceived where a longitudinal mounted flat 6 coupled to a trans-axle 4 speed gearbox driving the front wheels. To raise comfort and create a low profile exterior but spacious interior they develloped a trailing arm rear axle, inspired by the moe upmarket Panhard Dyna with a similar layout.

The Result, a comfortable big saloon car, flat floor, loads of bootspace, a fold down backseat, 6 seats and a silky smooth running engine, all in a car with dimensions suitable for European roads. The 664!


In 1962, a hand built coupe, the 625 GT appeared. It used the undepinnings of the 664 but with a tuned engine. It was a beauty.


Our sports department has been quite busy lately, the new Vendetta are made ready for the 24h Lemans GT3 championship!


Hello there.

May i ask where in the Netherlands your cars are produced.

There may very well be the possibility that we have built Factories on top of each other lol.

Anhultz CEO (also a Dutch car company)


Haven’t thought about that actually, probably near home, Brabant I guess. That is where carproduction mostly happened. But Flevoland would be an option too. :roll_eyes: also, realistically with current availability of technical personnel and the wages here, HMC would by now probably have a secondary plant producing parts and engines in a nearby country with lower wages like an Eastern Europe country, then assemble the upmarket models here.