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Holland Motor Company - There's a new kid on the block! Test it yourself!


The all new Nevala is here:

It’s our latest compact Hatchback, A complete range is offered, starting with a 90hp 1.2 3 cilinder turbo all up to the TR hot hatch packing the 1.6 from the Bereha but with sharper camshaft and a modified inlet and exhaust it delivers a whopping 240 HP.

The TR weightjust under 1200kg, (the regular versions just onder 1050!) and it accelerates from 0-100 in 5,71 seconds. It is been tested on the nurburgring and with street tires it will do a lap in 8:13! Order yours today!! (Black rims are available too :smiley: )


p.s. You can try it here…i don’t have Beam.NG so i don’t know what it does. Please try it and give feedback!

Click here to download the BEAM.NG files