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Holts Motor Company (2020 HMS Facelift)


No ons likes ur cars anymore, i wonder y. U might go out of buisness


@Ejj That was extremely rude!


I like the design, but I feel like you only used a Boxer because you can now. (Also, I’d like one example of a car irl that had a Boxer 4 AND I4 option at the same time)


@VG33E its true, at first be had alot of likes but now its like he did something wrong and no one likes him anymore

@Watermelon3878 and what do u mean boxer 4 and i4 at same time>


I mean what kind of car company would offer an I4 and Boxer 4 engine option in the same model? As in, what would be the advantage/logical reason?


I was gonna change all of the trovas engine to boxer havent done that yet @Watermelon3878


Dude ur going but of buis I like ur cars though


@Ejj Why do u keep saying that??


@Holts u haven’t been getting any sales (Likes) so basically u posting for nothong. Thats just like posting on Instagram and getting no likes and keep posting


Can you give it up please? They’re just posting their cars, no need to stroll in and crap in their corn flakes. Posts have been deleted once already.


@adamd all I’m saying is people don’t care for his cars anymore


Well, one person STRONGLY cares:

Yes, those are all the posts you ever made. You either know the OP or are the OP.


You know, that moment, when you need to stop?


He is getting more likes on a comment, and what did i do? im just telling the truth
and its like he did something to not get sales…


Nah, you’re just an asshole.


@Vri404 How?


Please, stop. If nothing else the thread is being derailed.


Alaris Gets Light Update


Would you partner with another company and make a new one? For example if I asked do you want to work together as 1 brand?


@Ejj i could…, and y with u? Scroll up and you wonder why im asking that, u were a jerk