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Holts Motor Company (2020 Holts BQX-5)


Holts U100

More info soon


This is a very well designed van, big approve from me


Back in the good old kee days, Vivaro was king.


Holts U100

Need Something thats really reliable, affordable, and can get the job done? Here is the Holts U100

The U100 Was designed to be affordable and reliable and still get the job done. Built on a aluminium light truck Monocoque Chassis, makes this van light, and more fuel efficient. Under the Hood, you get a 4.2L Heavy Duty V6. Putting out 264HP and 287LB Ft of torque at 3200rpms. Max revs are 5400RPMS. Engine Is Naturally Aspirated. Comes with a 7-Speed Automatic and is limited to 106MPH

Using Standard Halogens, LED DRLs Under that as well as an LED Under that as well. Fog lights are optional (Standard on passenger model) How it works (left to right) Signal, Low beam, HighBeam and of course you get the Holts Signature Grille

U100 Has Almost 5800L of cargo Room and 1816L of passenger room. Load capacity on the U100 Is max is 3900LBS and can tow 3000LBS with its Heavy Duty V6. The passenger model has 2 engine options. A Heavy Duty Turbocharged Inline 4 and This V6 Also the passenger model gets 30MPG combined


Pricing Starts at $19994 (0% Markup)

U100 Comes standard with Reverse Cam

More Photos

U100 Passenger

This is the passenger model as u can see here, Fits 7 Passengers. This van would be good for highway driving like if you transporting people from a job or something.

This model right here has the 2.0L Forged Inline 4 thats turbocharged. Has 171HP and 187LB-FT of torque. Base model Has Cloth Seats for affordability and standard with reverse cam. Mated to a 7-speed automatic giving this 30MPG. Top speed limited to 106MPH

Another Picture


Apart from oddly positioned handles it’s great :ok_hand:


@szafirowy01 the rear door?


For something with a sliding door, you want the handle at the front end of the door.


I made a mistake putting it on the back


Rear and sides.


@szafirowy01 on the right is weird? Ive seen some vans with right rear handles


I mean the fact that it’s so low.


Don’t discriminate against short people :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Don’t discriminate tall people :stuck_out_tongue:


Peculiar V6… can we see a snapshot of the dyno?




Does it simulate a diesel? Engines should rev higher than the max power


@asami no, the pistons and conrods cant rev above 5500rpms because thier heavy duty forged. The v6 is naturally aspirated


change the pistons to Hyperutectic or Low-friction cast and raise the rev limit to 6500 :wink:


Aren’t LFC even worse for revs though? On the other hand they would improve efficiency…


No they’re not worse, but they aren’t THAT good (which is why I also mentioned Hypereutectic haha). But they’re certainly better than heavy duty cast