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Holts Motor Company (2020 Holts BQX-5)


Holts Previon

The Holts Previon is all new for 2019, more affordable so you can move your family around in a Holts.

Why Another Midsize?

We have another midsize becaue The 2020 HMS starts around $48000 for the base model. Not all customers could afford the premium sedan that wanted a midsize, so here is the Previon that starts around $33000.

How is it cheaper than the HMS?

The Previon Uses a different made chassis, Using Partial Aluminum Panels and Semi Space Frame chassis and a cheaper engine. Despite it being cheaper, the Previon uses a turbocharged 2.0L Inline 4 with almost 220HP mated to a 6-speed automatic and returns 36MPG combined.


The Previon dont Use ALL LED headlights and tail lights. The Tail lights are incandescent, the headlights are LED except the HighBeam. Using Alloys 18 inch alloys all around.

Interior & Safetey

The Previon Uses standard interior. Still get a infotainment screen. Analog gauges, bluetooth capable. Heated but not cooled seats. Leather seats with color options ranging from black to beige.

-Stats And Markets


Check for more Details At the 68th International Motor Show (I’ve been wondering, have Holts done something wrong to the community? Doesn’t seem like it have been getting attention latley)


It seems like it happens with every small company regardless of how good their cars are. Eventually only a few people will end up looking and hitting the little heart at the bottom of your posts. It’s not a bad sign as far as I know. As long as you enjoy making them, keep sharing your cars.


I do enjoy making them and sharing with the community :smile:. automation is one of the main games I play on my pc lol


To add to Sideswipe, I don’t get that much attention either but it doesn’t matter so long as you’re proud of what you put out :))


@On3CherryShake True. I wasent thinking about that. I appreciate yall responses!


Wholesome community posting intensifies :sparkles:



I just want to know what you think looks better.

  • Previous HMS
  • Facelifted HMS

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these are some swooce designs BUT



Small?, puny means small and how?


Can I have a .car file of the HMS?


Holts HS730

The Holts HS730 Super car is here. The super car we have been working on for ages. We showed rumors that it will look like, leaks and those have been false. We have not been happy with what those are and we are now happy what this one is. The HS730 Is a 700+ HP Super car that can be hard top or convertible. Whatever you choose, You will still be able to do 60 in low 3's.>

Engine, Chassis and Specs

The HS730 Uses a Naturally Aspirated 5.8L performance V10. Putting out 729HP and 503lb-ft of torque. The HS730 uses a Full Carbon Chassis with Full Pushrod Suspension. The HS730 weighs just under 2800LBS being this long. The HS730 uses sports compound tires. 315s in the rear and 255s in the front. Rim sizes are 19 Inch that are magnesium, We have kept the design less bizarre and angular as we usually make our super cars. We made it less race car looking.


As Stated earlier, the HS730 Uses a 5.8L V10, On sports compound and weighs just under 2800 pounds. The HS730 is quick, 3.0 Seconds to sixty being rear wheel drive. 10 seconds 1/4 mile and a high top speed of 230MPH. That's faster than almost anything in its class or fastest if not mistaken. The 730 can do Top gear test track in 1:10. that's faster than some hyper cars.


The HS730 uses a more sporty interior, exposed carbon around the interior, Column mounted paddle shifters. This might sound weird but all of the gears are controlled from the paddles. Yes. Let me explain. So if you are in Neutral, Press the Negative switch to go to reverse, press again for park.Press the plus side 4 times to get to Drive. Click Manual to change manually. Sport mode in the center. Start/Stop in the center. The 11 Inch Portrait Screen In the Middle. You are getting Holts ResonatePro Audio System In the HS730.

Marketing Scores

Market Points

Idk what happened to the formatting, it dont look like that in the preview


This is easily the most convincing supercar you have made to date - and not just because of how it looks, feels, and drives. Its normally-apsirated V10 engine is something that won’t be long for this world in real life, and that sets it apart from the usual supercar suspects.


@abg7 i agree, naturally aspirated engines are dissapering and turbochargers taking over


My god do I really want to compete with you and be your competing brand. Good job on your cars. I really love them. I also tested the sedan and wagon holts that I own and I want to tell you that they’re really spectacular cars, cheers! :clinking_glasses:


Thank you! @Aerisautos who said you couldn’t or wasent my competing brand :eyes:


Does this look like a Seat? I dont wanna “copy” other brands. Ends 5:30pm EST so I can get to working on the car

  • Yes, Change some stuff around
  • No, Dint see a resemblance
  • Other(Comment down below)

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If anything the rear lights remind me of the 2016 Rav4’s headlights. Everything else seems to be original



2020 Holts BQX-4
The all new 2020 BQX-4 Is Here and Ready to show what it got in the Midsize SUV category.

Premium Midsize Crossover SUV

The 2020 BQX-4 Is a More premium Midsize Crossover. Giving You what you would expect out of one. Leds all around, Chrome surrounding the outside, features you wont find in a more cheaper crossover.
Driving The BQX-4

Driving the BQX-4 Is not a hassle. All models Come with Electric Steering making it easier for you to drive comfortably with one hand. BQX-4 Comes standard With Parking sensors and assist to help you park in spaces you are unsure you cant park in, Interior wise, the BQX-4 has premium materials ranging from Aluminum trim to leather soft touch material. 2 Tone Optional Interior as an option
Engine, Chassis And Suspension

In the BQX-4, you should expect a more premium chassis and a well made suspension setup for maximum Comfort. The BQX-4 Is made with a Glued Aluminium Monocoqcue Chassis. Partial Aluminum Panel Materials. The BQX-4 is made with Double Wishbone in front, and Multi link in the rear

Clickk For Bigger Image (All torque is at 2000 RPM. This is edited in beam ng jbeam file)