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Holts Motor Company (2020 Holts BQX-5)


To be honest this would’ve been good for Geneva, but I think you might have something special for that.


Now that i Think about it, i should have waited. But i may have other cars as well :slight_smile:

2021 Holts HMS
The all new 2021 Is all new for 21 And is here to be seen!

Luxury, Premium And Sporty

The HMS wont let you down while driving. It has features you would expect in a luxury/ premium vehicle. Many options to make it yours. Holtd Commands so you can keep your hand on the wheel and keep safe driving.
How is it driving the HMS?

Driving the HMS will be very relaxing with its Holts Resonate Pro Audio system and multi way adjustable seats. Electric Variable steering and various interior colors that you can choose from. The HMS comes with Many Engines that are quiet for a smooth torque ride. You can buy the HMS Around Q3-Q4 of 2020.

Trim Details


Most underrated car company right here. Smart designs that deserve more likes.


@SideswipeBL thanks! i appreciate that alot


BQX-4 Performance Testing And drag. With 1st person point of view comments
Let me know what you think!
The First person comments is supposed to be someone driving the car not me*

2021 Holts HMS HS and HMS Falcon

Fast, Aggressive, High Quality

The New HMS Is A bit heavier than before But the heaviness comes from the quality Of the materials used but its still fast for a Four door.

The New HMS Is A tiny bit slower than last years. The HMS HS comes with the same engine from last year. Thr S50TR 5.0L turbocharged V8. With a 2 HP increase at 660. This car comes with a 35f/65r split awd System that helps push this car to 60 in 3.01 Seconds And a top speed of 205 but limited to 185.

Now.. Its time For An new Trim Level..... Introducing The HMS Falcon 60 in 2.7 Seconds

2ND Fastest Sedan

The New 2021 HMS Comes with a New Falcon Trim Faster and lighter than the Regular HS Model and new Falcon Badging

The New Falcon Is the 2nd Fastest Productuon Sedan On the market. 0.2 seconds slower than the P100D running at 10.7 Seconds for Quarter Mile. The Falcon Uses a 731HP S50TRR Engine With 767lb-ft of torque.
The S50TRR is a tuned version of the S50TR. Making 70 More horsepower helping it be this fast. We managed to shave over 50 pounds off this one using carbon fiber and all Carbon Brakes The Falcon Does 60 in 2.7 Seconds. Sometimes the brakes can’t hold the launch control system with almost 800 torque! Higher quality materials help shave weight too. HMS HS and Falcon Will be available to buy late 2020 or 2021

I’m trying to be a more realistic company than before


It should be read as 35% front, 65% rear - not the other way around.


@abg7 yea, its 65 Rear 35 Front. my bad for That


So I have read the questions and comments on the automation discord from 2017 till now, I do admit, I was rushing a bit on my cars before now. I appreciate I all that helped in the years. But do any1 got any questions or comments, anything you would want to say? Where is my Kool Kids Klub inv :smiley::smiley: jp

One major change im making is not redesigning a car every 20 days. That was very unrealistic and im trying to be more realistic. 2017-2019 was rough for me


You don’t need a cool kids club invite when you’re already a cool kid, your cars are p damn nice


Thank you @Boiled_Steak I have took the advice over the years and still in the process of improvement. Im glad to to be a Kool Kid :smiley:


BTW, may I ask how old are you?


@MrAdi I am 17 years old.


oLd BoYe
Sometimes I feel very young lol


I don’t really feel that way anymore lol @MrAdi



2021 Holts HS730

The Holts HS730 Has been updated for the 2021 Model Year. (Look! No redesigns this time "Discord") What we have done this year is made some changes to styling and quality of the overall car

Changes That Matter

The 2020 HS730 was more plain, that was our first time using that body and exploring with it. Our designer (Me) have played around a bit and drew the car on paper. We told the designer we did not want a face lift which was a big problem for Holts In the past years. The New HS730 Is More detailed and one thing that you will see all around the car is VENTS.

So as you see in those pictures, a lot of vents to either help with cooling or aerodynamics. As you can tell the side of the HS730 Is more Molded and Angular

(2021 on the left, 2020 on the right)

(2021 Left, 2020 Right)

(2020 Left, 2021 RIght)

(2020 Left, 2021 RIght)

You see the changes above, 2021 Orange, 2020 Silver

Any Performance Changes?

The 2021 HS730 Is still just under 2800LBS with its H58A Naturally aspirated V10 Engine. RPMS have been increased by 200. Higher pitched sound for ya. Top speed around the same, 233MPH. Quarter mile in the same 10 seconds and same 0-60. The HS730 Is somewhat a improvement of the errors from last year. The only way u will definitely know its a 2021 is by the body. Interior is the same only with a little bit more alcantara in places where it was just soft touch material. But all the changes do result in higher cost. Thoughts?

HS730 In a different Color


The facelifted HS730 is a welcome aesthetic improvement over the original - and faster to boot. That should be more than enough to justify its higher price - it looks, sounds and feels more contemporary now.


Thanks! @abg7 :smiley:


I just wanna know what automationeers think since 2017 (This corona quarantine is boring the crap out of me)

  • Have Improved over years
  • Eh
  • Can do more

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