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Holts Motor Company (2020 Trova)


2018 Holts Alaris



Details & Specs
  • 1.6L Inline 4
  • 145HP, 139lb-ft
  • 0-60 in 8.5 Sec
  • 2720 Pounds
  • Standard Interior
    Price: $15050



Details & Specs
  • 0 to 60 in 5.9Sec
  • Front Wheel Drive
  • Manual Transmission, Or Automatic
  • 2965Lbs
  • Medium Compound Tires
  • 36MPG
    Price: $26100

Type- HS

Details & Specs

-0 to 60 in 5.1Sec (Manual)

  • 3172 Pounds
  • Top Speed 175 Mph
  • 1/4 mile in 13.39 Sec
  • 20m Cornering Gs= 1.13g
  • 200m Cornering Gs= 1.09g
  • 60 to 0 in 98ft
  • 32MPG (Manual) 31 (DCT)
  • 347HP Inline 4
  • 0-60 time with DCT = 4.8 Sec
    Price: $39100 (Manual) $39400 (DCT)


Holts HX2

(Type-HS Shown)


Holts H8

(Lets Hold off on the HX2 For a moment)


Details & Stats
  • 310HP 3.9L V6
  • 355lb-ft Torgue
  • 28MPG
  • Premium Interior
  • 5.3 Sec 0-60
  • Comfortable Quiet Ride
    Price: $41690

H6 SSPort

Details & Specs
  • 600HP 5.6L Twin Turbo V8
  • 3.3Sec 0-60
  • 4500lbs
  • Automation TT in: 2:10sec
  • Sport Suspension Setup
  • Bucket Seats
  • Sporty Steering Wheel
  • Launch Control
  • 21Mpg
    Price: $76440


Details & Specs
  • 6.6L 520HP V10
  • 27MPG
  • Quiet Ride
  • Leather Interior
  • 12-Inch Infotainment
  • 500W Speakers
  • Dual Clutch
    -Various Color Interiors
    Price: $87520
  • V6
  • SSport
  • V10 Lux

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Previous H8 Or NEW? (Previous)


Im trying not to use duck tape looking headlights*

  • Previous H8
  • New H8

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the new one looks a lot worse. If you want to not use the light strips for headlights, then try using regular headlights, making the lens clear and the back dark grey and use the strips for detail


@Dorifto_Dorito ive tried that but you can still see the sides of the fixture, i made the lens clear but alot of clutter due to cant remove the thing here is what im talking about.
the thing in between the two wont go away


sadly you’ll have to deal with stuff like that by hiding it behind stuff like light strips


@Dorifto_Dorito i thought there was a way to hide the stuff so i can make it into one, sadly i cant


nah the best way to hide it is to use stuff like strips as seen above.


@Dorifto_Dorito i wonder how people do that, u made it look so neat what did u do?


I hid it using light strips its really the only way to do that. using layers also help


@Dorifto_Dorito i still do not understand how to do tht, im going to keep working on the 2nd h8 type


The new one actually does look nice if you use correct fixture

Like what @Dorifto_Dorito said, use regular headlight with clear lens and it would not look out of place if you want to use the square lights or what i call it “Crystal Headlights”


Much prefer the old one. Grill on the new one looks terrible.


@Vri404 would u perfer a smaller one?


I prefer the original design, but the current one could be improved considerably with a few tweaks in certain places. Your best bet is to transplant the pre-facelift grille onto the post-facelift nose.


@abg7 where do you think?


a) Stop tagging people in every post. If you reply to them via the reply button under their post, it notifies them.

b) I think put the grille of the old design onto the new design.


This is the best design you’ve come up with so far. It takes the best bits of the pre- and post-facelift front fascias and merges them together for something more harmonious.


What are you using for the headlights? Are those modded, or can you get those vanilla?