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Holts Motor Company (2020 Trova)


The new one is definitely more modern and it fits the headlight design. It might look even better if the bottom half of the headlight extended to the top corner of the grill if possible to make it more fluid.


The H7’s exterior design is far more cohesive after the latest revision.


Holts H7 (base)


This trim as shown, dosent have the quad Headlights, it has One. THis model has a I6 with 302HP
Sprinting you 0 to 60 in 6.3 Seconds. Comes with 18 Inch Alloy Rims With 230s all even. 8 inch SatNav. Bluetooth Standard And HoltaSafe is standard as well



This Trim Looks kind of like the v8L in the front. But under the hood not exactly. 380hp Inline 6
This sporty Roadster Does 0-60 in 4.9Seconds. Inside there is leather, 10 inch Display and a lot of controls including the roof control
With Bose Speakers which is 500W.



This is the car i showned at the preview. With the changed grille that you wanted. Powered by a 435hp 4.5L V8 putting out 468LB-FT Torque. Luxury Interior And 700W 18 Speakers. Holtasafe Included. 14-Way Seats.



Powered By a 6.8L V10 Putting out 485HP and 458lb-ft of torque
This 4600 pound car gets to 60 in 5 seconds. Hand made interior and Luxury HUD (Game Settings)
Holtasafe Included. On top there is 1 large moonroof. 1000 LEDs in there to show colors you like in the dark. Rear Has Power Adjustable Seats And A Electric rear window shade. Screens on the rear seat is optional ($1200) Engine is mated to a AWD 8- Speed Automatic



The Sporty… Using the 5.6L 600HP V8 that was used in previous Holts Cars. This car is on a AWD Platform and DCT 7 Speed Sprinting the car to 60 in 3.4Seconds and a top speed of 205MPH (Limited) Sporty Interior, 10, inch screen, 4400 Pounds.

    Base: $41500
Roadster: $51371
     V8L: $55755
     V10: $95000

(Working on my presentations, Sorry if you cant understand it)


I want to thank @Dorifto_Dorito for helping me make my own headlights. And all the others. Btw I know,I’m late :wink:


Introducing Holts EL

(Compact, Basic and economical) More info soon


Another Reveal…
The redesigned

Holts Thunder

Previous Model

(Both of these are the Base Trims)


The H7, EL and reimagined Thunder are some of the best designs you’ve come up with. I like the fact that the last of these is finally available as a convertible (which wasn’t possible with that body in Kee, by the way).


2018 Holts BQX-5

         This being the top of the line BQX-5 Has A lot 
         inside and out. Lets Begin with the outside. 
         (Walks to front). Here we have Quad LED Headlights
         One being A HighBeam. Up top we have a Large Moon roof With (2)
         So you can look at the sky anytime. Or you can just open it....
       Down at the bottom Another grille and vents with LED strips on them.
        The engine Is a 371HP 3.7L Turbocharged V6. Sprinting you to 60
        In 7.0 seconds for a 5000 pound SUV. Remember There is a BQX-8
                              Lets Go to the SIde

        Here we have Smart Key Access With Start/Stop function. 
        Front brakes are 14 Inches and rear 12. Stopping this car
        In Just 137Feet from 60. 22 Inch Chrome Rims. Also The
                           Fuel door is there is.
                    Lets go to the Rear

        Here We have Stuff a normal car would have, Tail Lights, Exhaust,
         Badge And A giant Spot For license plate. Back here You have 
          Wave your foot under the bumper for Rear Trunk To Open.
         This SUV Can have up to 7- Passengers. Or just 5 with a large
        Trunk. Quad-LED Tail Lights And Three LED Indicator Lights 
        Under Them.
            Lets Talk About The Inside.
       In the Driver Seat. You have Heated Steering, 13 Way Seats, A LCD 
      instrument cluster giving you alot of info. Including A GPS Option 
      including GPS there. You have 2 Air vents facing you, Open or
       Close them. The Rear is where you might want to be.
      If you have the 5- Seat. The rear seats are power adjusted.
     Reason not power adjusted for 7-Seater Is because, Room For
     Third Row. You dont want to squish thier legs do you? In the back
     You have a Digital Climate Screen For rear And a option to turn
      The Radio Station. BTW The Driver Can Disable That. And the climate
       controls for the rear. You Will Have A Quiet Ride Driving The BQX-5

(Pricing Start At $83397)

2018 HOLTS H150

          (Walks to front)
   Here is are 2019 Holts H150. Redesigned from last year looking
   like it in some ways. Grille Kinda is still the same. Quad LED Lights
     The tiny one runs in the day. This trim is the Crew Cab Plus. 
     Featuring a 435HP 6.0L Turbocharged V8. Weird for a trucks v8 to be 
   Turbocharged? Bottom of the front, Led Strips And Extra vents for
  Cooling Purposes.
 Lets go to the back.

   The back is no diffrent, The exhaust pipes have been moved to the Rear 
    And reflectors have been added. Third tail light is there So is a 
    Antenna On the top 
    (the chrome thing down there is supposed to be a tow hitch)

(CrewCab Plus $49218)
These cars was revealed at the 2018 New York International Auto Show


Not a fan of either tbh. The headlights are way to square and boxy.


@Dorifto_Dorito hmmm, I see what you’re saying. But rn that’s the way I know to create a headlight


Try using the vent shaped like those modern indicators (the parallelogram) to outline your headlight shape. Also the main grill doesn’t really line up with the bottom and it has a thick edge, might wanna try a different fixture for the basic shape of it. It’s an improvement over the HK5 though, like a budget Audi or something.


Hmm How about this…

or this one…

  • New one
  • Previous Hk6

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Design Is Final!

(S Trim Shown In Brighyyt White) (Literally “Brighyyt” is the color name)
More info Later today. Or tomorrow 5/4/18


2018 Holts Trova

New Hk6 Model, 380HP model. 0-60 in 4.4 Seconds, 62-0 114ft, Sporty.

  • Launch Control
  • 8-inch Infotainment
  • Sport, Sport+, HoltaSport
  • 500W Speakers
  • Buckett Seats
  • 3.0L Inline 6 (NR30T)

Trova S in Brighyyt White (268HP) 0-60 5.8S

(Trova TR-GTE)(610HP) I32TR inline 6

Trova Wagon S

  Trova S: $29200
       SR: $40966
    Wagon: $ 29668


Introducing… 2018 Holts BQX-4

(LS trim shown in BumbleBee-Yellow)


2018 BQX-4 xRS


The rear lights and headlights are a tad small. Make them bigger and it will look better :+1:


H8 ST (Sport-Turbo)


HX1 ST-R Ready for test drive
Holts HX-1 - ST-R.car (40.8 KB)


Wow, the new H8 looks very good. Pulls off that grille very well.