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Holts Motor Company (BQX-4 Performance Testing and Drag Video)


The Eco Model Is FWD only, Premium and Luxury is AWD or FWD and HS is AWD only


Ooh, FWD V8… sounds like a recipe for some nice 2nd gear wheelspin :grin:


@On3CherryShake if you get the FWD option :grin:
The engines I told is not confirmed so there may be no i4 or no v8 or no holtasport trim


Holts Durbi '19

2019 Durbi. Your Little Sports Car. Better From Last Gen. Faster, and 3 Trims.

Restyling is a big change in this car. Evreything looks diffrent from last years even the body. LEDs Lighting up the road at night, Big Vents For cooling And Aesthetics, Just A Whole New Look.
Whats Inside? 2-Seats that keep you from sliding on turns. Analog Gauge. RPM in middle And Speed Under As Digital. (Too bad i dont know how to photoshop) 10-Inch Instrument Cluster with almost all of the Car Controls. Column Mounted Paddle Shifters and 6-Speaker Stereo System.

In front are 13.8 Inch Brakes And rear are 13.2 inch Braking Distance Is 110.5 FT!. Tire Sizez are F(215/40/R18)
R(225/40/R18) Medium Compounds. Wheels are Alloy BTW

Rear is where the Main part of the car is. The Engine. Turbocharged 2.0L Inline 4 Putting out
233HP and 256lb-ft. Mated To A 6-Speed Manual Pushing the car 0-60 In 5.1 Seconds. Engine Revs Up to a Staggering 8000 RPMs!!

More Photos

Pricing Starts At 36389$ (@50%)

Durbi HS Soon


It’s a baby HS580!


A shrunken HS580, just as I was expecting.


Treo has been updated to 2019 gen now in sedan form that you can afford


That looks awesome!


@On3CherryShake Thanks!


Also Holts, I am really sorry for what i did in tbe past. I really like your cars. I wish you had competitors, thats why I made a forum for Everyone but messed up Lol. I hope you can forgive me




I aM AlSo A CoMpEtItOr.


mE iS cOmPeTiToR tOo


I tHoUGHt I aRe Ar cOmPEtItor tOo


I think that’s enough cancer for one day. At this point you lot are derailing this thread and being idiots.


Its on :sunglasses:
And @Dorifto_Dorito probably 50% of the thread is from @Ejj


2019 Holts Treo

Budget Friendly and easy to drive.

Interior wise, You get Standard Infotainment With a LCD Screen (the one that be Brownish)
and you get Analog Gauges. CLoth Seats and Hard Touch Buttons. Only the driver Seat Is Electric.
2-way. 4 Speakers and Electric windows. Driver Window Automatic only

Using standard Halogens like the ayaris to keep cost down. Low beam and high-beam and a day time running light all in one. High-beam on the inside beside the grille

Sitting on 175s all around. Hard long life tires and 15 inch hubcaps… You got some small brakes that saves weight, give more mpg (US) and still stop the car in a decent length. 10 inch brakes in the front and 8.5 inch in the rear. Stop the car in 135.6FT.

Exhaust Behind the bumper. You cant see them. Plus its small anyway… Plastic strips going around the bumper for aesthetics and design as well around the car. Red Reflective strips also.

Engine is a Fuel Efficient Turbocharged 1.2L Inline 3. Putting out 100Hp and 113ft-lb of torque. Turbos are tiny. Mated to a 6-Speed Automatic Giving ths car 54MPG


$15446 (@0%)

Data Sheet


More photos

Treo in Brutal-Black

Treo in Boo-Green


Cute car! However…

Afaik those still making halogens have decided to phase them out recently and replace them with LEDs :sweat: so yeah, due to this (industrial agreement or regulation?) halogens won’t be made anymore, that could be a problem


We literally made jokes months ago about ripping off Toyota names when you released the Anaygo.

Now, there’s the Ayaris.

Called it.


youre a bit late on that one