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Holts Motor Company (HMS Traveler HS Launch Control)


Another sharp-looking car. Nice.


@CMT thanks!


Holts HX-3

The HX-3 Is a small sporty car. Looks like a smaller HT and more premium Than A HX2 that is still being made.

Suspension & Chassis

Judging by this picture, you are probably thinking “That chassis? that car is going to be expensive”. Yes, Using glued aluminum chassis. Double wishbone and Multi link. Progressive springs, gas mono dampers and semi active sway bars. The HX-3 S weighs 3047 LBS


The HX-3 is the First Holts to use a Boxer Engine. The boxer engine is a N/A 2333cc 4 cylinder. Makes 201 HP and 168lb-ft. get that deep bass out of the high flow 3 way baffled exhaust. 11.2:1 compression ratio, 13.9 fuel mixture, revs up to 7500 RPMS. runs on 91 Fuel.


You get the HX-3 in two transmission options. 6-Speed auto or 6-speed manual. Some may prefer the automatic some manual. You choose. The car is willing to slide when floored with ESC off. Driving at its best, the HX-3 can do 0-60 in 7.1 seconds (AUTOMATIC) and gets in the 6s with the manual.Top speed goes to 145MPH (Automation) 128 (Beam NG). Just over 1Gs on turning for 20m and 200m Radius. The HX-3 Can brake from 60 in 116FT.


The HX-3 uses all LED lights. More of a round car than angular on the S model, round edges to the vent on the door, (fake) which is for aesthetics. The HX-3 dosent need a lot of cooling so vents around the grille inst required in this case. Part of the aesthetics as well. Top of the windshield sits the sensors.

Color & Wheel options

Any of those four wheel options with any of the colors



Nice design otherwise :slight_smile:


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Upcoming SUV


those are some small headlights




Holts Previon

The Holts Previon is all new for 2019, more affordable so you can move your family around in a Holts.

Why Another Midsize?

We have another midsize becaue The 2020 HMS starts around $48000 for the base model. Not all customers could afford the premium sedan that wanted a midsize, so here is the Previon that starts around $33000.

How is it cheaper than the HMS?

The Previon Uses a different made chassis, Using Partial Aluminum Panels and Semi Space Frame chassis and a cheaper engine. Despite it being cheaper, the Previon uses a turbocharged 2.0L Inline 4 with almost 220HP mated to a 6-speed automatic and returns 36MPG combined.


The Previon dont Use ALL LED headlights and tail lights. The Tail lights are incandescent, the headlights are LED except the HighBeam. Using Alloys 18 inch alloys all around.

Interior & Safetey

The Previon Uses standard interior. Still get a infotainment screen. Analog gauges, bluetooth capable. Heated but not cooled seats. Leather seats with color options ranging from black to beige.

-Stats And Markets


Check for more Details At the 68th International Motor Show (I’ve been wondering, have Holts done something wrong to the community? Doesn’t seem like it have been getting attention latley)


It seems like it happens with every small company regardless of how good their cars are. Eventually only a few people will end up looking and hitting the little heart at the bottom of your posts. It’s not a bad sign as far as I know. As long as you enjoy making them, keep sharing your cars.


I do enjoy making them and sharing with the community :smile:. automation is one of the main games I play on my pc lol


To add to Sideswipe, I don’t get that much attention either but it doesn’t matter so long as you’re proud of what you put out :))


@On3CherryShake True. I wasent thinking about that. I appreciate yall responses!


Wholesome community posting intensifies :sparkles: