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Holts Motor Company (HMS Traveler HS Launch Control)


Alaris Sport Turbo '19

May seem like the Type-HS Model (HoltaSport) But it has a less powerful engine and cheaper than The Holta sport if you do not want to spend alot.

Up in the front is a 1.8L Turbocharged 4-cyl Engine Putting out 224HP and 206 lb-ft Of torque.
Mated to a 6-Speed Manual. Alaris Sport Turbo Is Front Wheel Driven Only. 0-60 In 6.3 Seconds.

Nothing really diffrent in the back, Smaller Exhaust and Diffrent Badging (Not even shown lol)

Data Doc

*Sport Is supposed to say Sport Turbo


To the past… 2012 Holts Trova

2012: Our flagship, Trova, Great family car. This the base model, With the V6 putting 243HP.

  • 3.5L 243HP V6 Direct Injection Naturally Aspirated
  • 7- Inch Infotainment With GPS
  • 8- Way Seats
  • Heated Seats
  • Heated Steering
  • 6- Speed Automatic
  • Power Mirrors
  • Hydraulic Hood
  • Projector Headlights (4000K)
  • Diffrent Paint (Free)
  • Bluetooth
  • 10 Inch Touchscreen With HoltNav 2.0
  • 911 Assist
  • 200W Speakers
  • Electric Trunk
  • Fog Lights (2700K)
  • Pricing start at $27000


2019 Holts H4

  • Sport Trim Shown (Base)
  • Headlight has Issues Around It


Holts H1500 '19

(*Base Premium Trim Shown)

The New H1500 (H150) Has Been re engineered from ground up. This is a truck that you wouldn’t put on your do not ever get list.


The New 1500 has been redesigned from front to back, more cohesive than the previous model
And plus a new trim. Featuring Crystal Headlights And Foot Steps. Looks More 2019-ish With Thin Headlights And LEDs

Chassis And Suspension

This truck Uses Aluminum Panels. The chassis type is Light Truck Monocoque, Chassis material Is Light AHS Steel to Handle your towing Needs!.

Utility Setup For max towing capicity, Double Wishbones(F) Solid Axle Leaf®.
Uses Hydropneumatic Springs, Twin-Tube Dampers, Semi Active Sway Bars.

H1500 L

The luxury trim of the H1500. Fast, Powerful and Tech. Featuring a 5-Seat interior, H-Nav and a 11 Inch Infotainment With alot of options.


  • H-Nav
  • Sunroof
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • HoltaSafe ™
  • Electric Tailgate
  • Power Sliding Rear Window
  • Towing capicity of 2474LBS and Load of 7439LBS
  • Foldable Seats.
  • Keyless Entry

19 inch Alloy Rims

Body Colored Steps


H1500 DirtMaster

Previous Model didnt have a dirtmaster. Well Now you can get one. Using the same engine as the Suroand can get your Off-Road Wants done. With Its AWD Drivetrain with manual diffs. Can get you 0-60 in 5.2 Seconds.

Using THe same Suspension setup that was in the base model, just with more ground clearence and sway bars. Softer Suspension for a more Smoother Ride.

*Manual Diff

  • HoltaSafe
  • H-Nav 11 Inch
  • Lane Keep Assist
  • Foldable Seats (Bottom Folds Up)
  • Keyless Entry

Comes with Chunky Off-Road Tires. Rim Size are 19 Inches And Comes With Big Brakes For stopping Powa.


1500P: $31076 (@0%)
1500L: $42939 (@0%)
DirtMaster: $54657 (@20%)


1500P: 3.8L V6 (A38U) 250HP; 246lb-ft; Naturally Aspirated; 60 Degree
1500L: 6.4L V8 (T64S) 422HP; 422lb-ft; Naturally Aspirated; 60 Degree
DirtMaster: 6.8L V8 (FG68S) 540HP; 649lb-ft; Naturally Aspirated; 60 Degree

More Photos


Holts H4 HS



I like ur H1500 And H4!


Now that’s a worthy challenger for my Coupe TT-I :thinking:


Holts Treo2 '19

*Front End Has Changed

Featuring our Most Economical Holts Yet, the new ayaris can get you home to store and back and to your parents house too… Front End has been redesigned to look more modern and cohesive.

Using Standard Halogen Headlights To keep cost down, Plastic Strips to fill in empty space and for design, And daytime running lights with signal.

Getting 52MPG using a 9-Speed Automatic Transmission and a Turbocharged 1.3L Inline 3 Putting 110HP and 120ft-lb of torque. Interior Is Standard So is Infotainment. Standard Springs And Passive Sway Bars. This is a Good commuter Car.

Treo2 HS

Being Faster than the previous Anaygo, The New Anaygo Comes with More But uses the Same engine But tuned. Using a Turbocharged 1.6L Engine Putting out 195HP And 203lb-ft. On a Front Wheel Drive Layout, This car does 0-60 in 6.78 Seconds with its 7-Speed DCT, Manual Is optional. Premium interior and standard infotainment with a 7-Inch Instrument Cluster. Hard Touch Buttons and a Volume Knob For people who likes that

We put 17- Inch White Painted 8-Spoked Rims on the anaygo. In front, Tire size is P200/60/R17
While the back is P195/60/R17. Front is Wider to reduce understeer. 13 Inch Brakes in the front and 12 Inches in the back. Stops this car 60-0 in 128FT.

Comes With Optional Lip and Aerial Is standard… Back hasent changed much, we have decided to put 2 exhaust piped on the back of the HS.

More Photos


Treo2 DX 1.3L | $14602 @0%
Treo2 HS | $22900 @0% | $22554 With Manual @0%

*Treo2 DX 1.3


You’ve really stepped up your game over time, these designs look great!


@Chickenbiscuit Thanks!


HS Looks great and somehow you managed 50 mpg while still having reasonable interior! Great job!

One thing I’ll be nitpicky about tho is that im pretty sure only race cars have tire widths ending in 0, and road cars only end in 5. I know that sometimes the game favors a 5mm tire difference a TON, so I get it if you did it to cater to markets.


Holts H4 '19

Introducing the 2019 H4. Everything on it is new and featuring a AWD Version And a AWD Sporty Trim as well. Featuring new things that the previous H4 didn’t have.

Featuring New Design 17 inch Rims inside of a hard long life tire. F(225/50/R17) R(235/50/R17)
Back Is Wider For less Over-steer. Brakes are huge, 13.8 Inch vented disc brakes in the front and 12.2 inch in the back. These brakes stops the car from 62 in 125.2 Feet.

Uses same body as the previous H4. This trim here is in bumblebee yellow. More colors Available Of course. Car has 4/0* seats for 4 passengers. No need for a Bench in the back. You’ll be cramped… Side Chrome strip for design reasons and a vent that is REAL. You get premium infotainment and interior with H-Nav on a 8-inch Screen. Holtasafe Is an option. You get a Standard Gear lever and hard touch buttons. 3-Spoke Steering Wheel With Buttons. Engine Wise, It has a Turbocharged 2.0L Inline 4 with 252HP and 235lb-ft. Mated to a 7-Speed DCT Giving it 30MPG and 6.2 Second 0-60 TIme.

Back Looks alot fiffrent then previous model. 2 Chrome exhaust tips for looks, badging and big open space for license plate or whatever you want to put there.

400HP Version of the H4, more sporty and faster.

Using a twin-Turbocharged 3.7L V6 Putting out 400HP and 417lb-ft or torque. The AWD System is rear biased at 70R/30F Pushing this car to 60 in 3.8 Seconds. Now We are going to use V6 For our Cars From now on, No inline 6. Reasons for is because V6 Can fit in more cars than an inline. So less engines need to be created. Back To the H4. You get a Sporty Interior and Premium infotainment. AWD Model almost weighs 3800LBS. You get HoltaSafe and Lane Keep Assist. 11-Inch H-Nav System Included. Car comes in different colors Of Course. 1/4 Mile in 12.19

Rear Sensors Show On the Back (HoltaSafe). You get a Mean, QuadExhaust. V6 Sounds. A Lip on the trunk for looks. Nothing is diffrent really Back Here. This car Can do Top Gear Test Track In 1:21.36.

The car is on Sport Compound tires. F(225/50/R19) R(225/50/R19) Featuring 14.8 Inch 2-Piston Brakes (F) And 14.2 1-Piston®. Stops the car from 62 in 112FT

This one is the RWD HS. 0-60 in 4.2 Seconds And alot lighter than the xHS At 3600LBS. Everything is the same except the stats. 62-0 In 111FT. F(225/50/R19) R(235/50/R19) Airfield Time is 1.20.8
0-60 in 4.1 Seconds. and 1/4 Mile in 12.31 Seconds.


S: $29861 (@0%)
HS: $44960 (@20%)
xHS: $48623 (@20%)

More Photos


Definitely a typo - and one which has since been corrected. You might have meant 30 front/70 rear - the other way around would only make sense if the engine were transversely mounted, and judging by the presence of a purely rear-drive trim in the lineup, it’s unlikely for this to be the case. Anyway, the updated H4 looks better than ever before, especially in bright yellow or blue as you have shown us.


@abg7 yes, I have ment to put 70R/30F, that have been corrected. Thanks for the FB


Like the H4 in that yellow, ars there any competitors to u?
@Knightophonix @VG33E of his brand or just the car?






Competitor to me too, I just need to post more of my cars.


I’ve been out of the forums for a while and, man, you’ve improved a lot! Your cars are looking really good, I particularly liked the EL, H8 and the C7. The Anaygo, the H150 and the H4 also deserve to be mentioned, since they look great, the H4 needs bigger taillights, tho.


@Nomade0013 Thanks! and i see what your saying about the H4 Taillights bit too small