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Holts Motor Company (Holts H7 '19)


Introducing… Holts BQX-4

(LS trim shown in BumbleBee-Yellow)




The rear lights and headlights are a tad small. Make them bigger and it will look better :+1:


H8 ST (Sport-Turbo)


Ive Updated The H8


HX1 ST-R Ready for test drive
Holts HX-1 - ST-R.car (40.8 KB)


Wow, the new H8 looks very good. Pulls off that grille very well.


New Trova Grille




ngl dont like the new styling. It looks like a knockoff audi

this one looks much better


@Dorifto_Dorito wb this one


nah it’s still too Audi, the H8 from 4 days ago is better IMO


I agree. If it ain’t broken don’t fix it.


Introducing BQX-8

Front Of car design not final yet


Quick Review of Trim Names I’ve Been Using

S: Base Model
SR: Will Be changed to Type-HS For trova
Type-HS: Type-HoltaSport (Top Performance Trim)
L: Luxury
ST-R: SportTurbo- Racing (Shown for the HX-1
X: All Wheel Drive (Shown For BQX-4)
Roadster: Shown For H7

Will be updated


H8 Recieved Light Update


H8 Fastback in Brutal Black


(May be changes to what is shown)


2019 Trova HS Shown

1994 Holts HS Shown


I would like to see more about the '94 HS (tech specs, pricing, rear-end shots) - but judging by how it looks like from the front, it ought to be quite competitive as a sports car.