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Holts Motor Company (Holts H7 '19)


Getting better at the modern sedans with each one :grinning::+1:


1994 Holts HS

Being THe Mid Trim HS, This is the car that will be perfect if you do not want much or to little.
The engine Is A 2.2L turbocharged engine putting out 262HP and 213Lb-Ft. Car is mated to a 5 speed manual. 5.3 Seconds to Sixty and weighs 2400+. Interior Simple, Gear Lever, Standard Cassette, Radio, 150W Speakers

Theres a Base Model with a 2.5L Inline 4

This one putting out 184HP, 4-Speed Auto, Naturally Aspirated and weighs 2300 Pounds. 25Mpg and 7.5 seconds to sixty. Standard Interior, Soft Seats, Basic Cassette

Pricing Starts At $11519 (Base 2.5 Model)

More Pictures

*Widebody is not a trim option



That HS has numbers to rival an RX7 for what I assume is cheaper. Nice work.


With that sort of power, I’d wager that an HS with the turbo engine might even be able to give a contemporary 911 Carrera a run for its money.


I don’t want to Porsche fanboy here, but I’m going to Porsche fanboy here. A baseline 911 (Carrera) has 370 HP and 245/305 tires. I will concede that it is a lot heavier than the HS, but I still think it would out turn it.



AN image :joy:



As in, mid 1990s.


@vmo there is a ayaris too :grin: just have no design for it for now


So is this an Ancamry or Anavensis?


@Knightophonix :joy: no


Anaygo HS Models


Anaygo Ready For test Drive, Base 1.4 Model, PM Me if intrested

*dont mind the 1.8



Holts Trova

Holts KanaKul (H150)

Holts Anaygo

Holts Suro

Holts H7

Holts BQX-5

Holts EL

Holts Thunder

Holts HX-2

Holts BQX-4

Holts HX-1

Holts H8

Holts Alaris

*Durbi And HX Are not presented at this time.


Ancamry, Antacoma, Anaygo, Anlandcruiser, Anavensis, Ansequoia, Ancorolla, Ansupra, Ancelica, AnRAV4, AnGT86, Ancentury, Anauris. Got it.

Nah, joke aside I’d rock that H8.


*HS Trim Shown


2019 Trova All Trim Info

*Pics at the bottom not the clearest


No ons likes ur cars anymore, i wonder y. U might go out of buisness


@Ejj That was extremely rude!