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Holts Motor Company (HS730)



Like the car a lot (especially the front bumper), but there is a detail you forgot: spelling :b


@Watermelon3878 Thanks for that! If U wouldn’t have told me that it probably would have stayed “Hots”. posted this around midnight so I must have been pressing the wrong letters or not checking what ive typed.

Edit @Watermelon3878 I did it again without noticing


Merry Christmas Evreyone! From Holts!

(All New Holts Uso HS) (pronounce Yoo-so)


We Also present you 2 New HS Models


(Capable Spelled Wrong)


2019 Holts HX2

The 2019 HX2 Nolts HX2. Looking Better and more sporty.

The 2019 HX2 (At Dealer) Is more efficient, User friendly and looking alot more aggressive and sporty. If you dont want to spend much but still get decent power and sportiness, than the HX2 is for u.

The base HX2 comes Standard With a 1.4L Turbocharged 4 Cylinder engine that has 132HP and 143lb-ft at 2900 RPMS. Does 0-60 in 7.7 Seconds. You either get a 6-Speed automatic.
With the manual, expect 44MPG Average

The base HX2 is sitting on 16 inch alloys. Around that are Medium Compound Tires. 4 Ventilated disc brakes All around. 215s in the front and 225s in the back. The car only weigh 2400LBS

The All new 2019 HX2 HS more sportier than before.

The New HX2 HS not looking much different than the Base S model. but under the hood and how it performs is where it shines. Comes with a 2.3L Inline 4 Putting out 245 HP and 173LB-FT of torque. Paired to a 6 speed auto or a 7 speed DCT. 0-60 Happens In 5.5 Seconds

Car only weigh 2600 LBS, Almost 300 More than the S Model, Active Sport Springs, sporty interior and look. Pricing For the HS Model Starts just under $34k

The S Model Rear
Edit: the HS Model is Naturally Aspirated and revs up to 8500

TheAgathaNakai's Automation UE4 Creations (2021 Cellia Novia GRS Reiko Walker Designs Neo-Revo, a tribute to someone who has saved my spirit of artistry's life.)

looks quite nice, just wish I could see the rear a little better


Oh, I have a pic just for that @SideswipeBL


huh, how come i didnt see that? looks good!



No, seriously, this is really an awesome car you got there.


@F12OM thanks!


Ooh I like it. It’s thicc.


This is definite proof that Holts can do menacing when it wants to. I like how you simulated black stripes with other fixtures - and you gave it the power and handling to match its looks as well.


@abg7 @SideswipeBL thanks! I appreciate it!


yo I quite l that, I’m getting quite a lot of Ford GT vibes from the front. It’s quite nice! I feel like the sides and rear upper panels are a touch too busy though.


9300RPM? Does it make anywhere peak power up there? :joy:

It does have some pretty killer looks, but I don’t like to let something rev incredibly high if it can’t utilize the full power band. However, if it does make good power all the way up there, pretty cool :b




Definitely solid :ok_hand:


Some Cars will have to be rebuilt because body incompatible

Some of my cars will need to be rebuilt due to updating the game and bodys not being compatible.

  • Holts USO
  • Holts U100
  • Holts HFS &HMS
  • Holts HS

List may be updated as i check the rest of the cars and since the cars being rebuilt, they may receive design changes


Or you could wait until the bodies become compatible/ get updated…