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Holts Motor Company (Poll?)



2020 Holts Trova- Compact Car
2019 Holts Alaris- Hatchback
2020 Holts BQX-4- Midsize SUV
2019 Holts Treo & Treo2 - Sub Compact Car
2020 Holts HS610- SuperCar
2019 Holts PT660 Supercar (Upgraded Version of Holts HS610)
2021 Holts HMS- Midsize Car
2019 Holts HFS- Fullsize Car
2019 Holts C7 Muscle Car
2019 Holts BQX-8- Fullsize SUV
2019 Holts Suro-Midsize SUV
2020 Holts HX-3- Compact Sports Car
2019 Holts HX-2- Compact Sports Car
2019 Holts HX-1- Subcompact Sports Car
2021 Holts HS730- Supercar
2019 Holts U100- Utility Van
2019 Holts U200- Utility Van
2019 Holts Suro- Midsize Oldschool SUV
2018 Holts HS1- Hypercar
2020 Holts BQX-3 -Compact SUV
2020 Holts HS2 - Hypercar
2020 Holts Turo -Pickup Truck

Trova TR-GTE
Holts HS580GTE
Holts FLAT4 Racecar

North American International Auto Show 2018
The Folks' Wagon
North American International Auto Show 2018
North American International Auto Show 2018

Quite modern looking, nice design man.


@cpufreak101 Thanks


How come it’s red with black bits on it?


It’s made of pure redium :ok_hand: And the black bits are pure coal.


Ive meant to put it white so you can put any paint job on it (for racing) what do u mean black bits?


I think it’s more of an “anaygo” than an “ayaris”


hey that looks smart


This is one odd-looking truck - the nose reminds me of a cross-eyed goldfish - but the rest of the exterior styling is fine.


This is one of the bodies on Automation that I always have a hard time with, so kudos to you for actually finding a design you like. There are a lot of good things about the design: I love the side exhausts, I can’t believe I haven’t thought of that myself (damn near every truck I’ve ever seen has side pipes)! I also like the lower part of your front fascia—the center grille adds depth and the two side vents work really well with it. I do have to say the headlights could use a little work. The vent you shaped it around doesn’t really line up with your grille well. I’d tilt them downwards more to match with the grille. I like the LEDs but maybe you could exchange the two bulbs for a more simple headlight.

Sorry to have written a novel there, but I always prefer to be constructive :sweat_smile:


What do u think

This H150?

## Or this one

(Sorry for bad angle)
And the headlights can be a design request.
If you dont perfer any, ill work on it

  • Top H150
  • Bottom H150

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I personally prefer the newer model. There’s a sort of retro 90s light truck in the look of it. Great job!


Top one.


Bad news: Ive updated my game and it deleted all my cars


did you uninstall and reinstall? were you in the open beta with the update pushing you to the stable branch or something maybe?


I think that’s the update with rebalanced stats for the stable that we got earlier in beta.


…I stayed in the open beta and didn’t lose my cars though. :thinking:


Mustn’t’ve been opted into Open Beta.


@Vri404 @szafirowy01 @ramthecowy i checked it and it wasent in Open Beta It said none


Then yeah, that’s the update the open beta branch got a while ago, and sadly it’s normal that it deletes cars.