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Holts Motor Company (Poll?)


I gotta ask, though, are all the facelifts from the lore, or are you just showing your own improvements on the design like it should have been from the beginning?


@Knightophonix the H1500 and alaris, treo2, durbi, HS570, HX, HX1 BQX4 is from lore and 2019 H7 and trova is how it should have been before. Before i actually post the car I make changes to try and see what looks best. The 2015-2018 H7 was the one with the boxy headlights and now the H2g H7. Is the one im showing u. I know im changing designs too much.

Edit: if I already posted it being 2019 already than its just getting a few changes. For example if it says 2018 than it gets a facelift or stays the same like the SURO and bqx5
If I posted info already like the trova and changed the looks, thats how it should have been. Trying to improve on my designs and how I do facelifts and when I do them. Some of the cars from 2018 are getting a facelift, MAYBE.

BQX4 Gets a facelift. Maybe changes to what is shown
H7 is too…
May be more in the future


#TR-GTE Trova TR-GTE getting tested


Nice pics


Test Drives For TR-GTE will be available later today. PM If interested


That last image reminds me of this one of the Scuderia Glickenhaus SCG003
Can’t link it properly since I’m on mobile


Maybe add some saturation and curves to the photo?


@asami what do U mean by curves?


Photo editing adjustment



I like how the reverse lights come out of the chrome strip


Holts BQX-4

Our New 2019 BQX-4 Second Gen. This will be your drive

So we have redesigned our bqx4, interior and out. Looks kinda similar to previous.


Using Led Headlights and Daytime Running lights. Bottom is the low beams with highbeam with it. Turn signal In the corner. Reason for having two sets is because the top wont bre bright enough plus it really thin and will make the car look "plain.

Interior & Suspension

BQX-4 S is the standard model. Standard Cloth Seats, Standard infotainment, Still get a 6 inch screen. BQX-4 Can fit up to 7-Passengers (Higher end models only). As being a midsize SUV, you get decent leg room. Standard model has a 1.8L turbocharged Inline 4 Mated to a 7-speed automatic transmission giving it 32MPG Combined. Hydro pneumatic Springs, twin-tube dampers, Semi Active Sway bars, all contribute to affordability. 225 wide tires and 17 inch alloys on standard model. You also get volume knobs Infotainment wise, you have HoltNav with a rear camera and climate controls. Knobs as well. 8- way driver seat, manual passenger seat, bench in the back that fits 3 people.

1237L cargo volume and 3776l in passenger volume. Towing capicity 2202LBS and load capicity over 1600LBS.

MSRP: $21531 (@0%) (Standard model without options

BQX-4 Premium In blueberry

BQX-4 Sport+

More info on other trims soon*

  • I have changed the front design. I know im changing it too much


Looks better than the one u showed us b4


The grille under the lights look weird


Holts Messes Up On Calling the H1500 Body Fullsize.

THe H1500s Body is way to small to be a full size when there is bigger body out there. As you see, the H1500 Luxury and DirtMaster Bed is too small for some people needs. The current body that is being used now will end up being the Tugors body and H1500 will be a bigger body as well with cabin. Changes may happen early 2019 or earlier..


What country is the Holts brand from?


Holts is from a country in europe from Switzerland @asami


Thanks, I thought it was American


19’ Holts C7 HS

Comes With a NA 7.2L V10 That has 630HP


That engine is HUGE