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Holts Motor Company (Poll?)


But those HD here are forged, not cast, so I guess they can still rev higher than LFC.


OH you’re right my bad I thought they were cast. Yeah HD forged should be able to rev to 7000.


@On3CherryShake maybe because the size of the engine? 5500 is the max b4 damage


Maybe, especially if the stroke is super long


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What to expect Soon


2019 Holts HFS

The 2019 HFS has Been restyled, and re en>gineered.

The Biggest change in the HFS is the design, Obviously. Using LEDs all over and Aggresive Lines. Bigger Grille And vents. LED Foglights Standard
Base engine Is a turbocharged 3.2L V6 with 312HP

In the inside, You get Screen Cockpit with Holtanav. 10.1 Inch Gauge Cluster and Circular Climate Controls (Base). You also Get BOSE Premium Speakers (Standard) and Apple Car Play and AndroidAuto. Standard Model Comes With AirSuspension With Pothole Detection to make you ride in the HFS Smoother.

Standard HFS Models Come with A Standard Sunroof. The Base HFS is a fullsize car built for your affordability (Standard Model) and still Get Plenty Of safety Features. Interior Only 4-Seats.

HFS Comes standard With Reverse Cam

HFS Comes standard With Blindspot Monitoring and Lane Keep Assist.

HFS Comes standard with LED Headlights and Foglights

More Photos

Cars In Backround (Holts Tugor Dirtmaster, 1994 Holts Trova, 2019 Holts C7)


Love everything about the design, except
-indicator is kind of clunky, it would look better if it was smaller and/or had a vent around it

  • maybe make the bottom grille just a bit shorter

Overall though I think this is one of the most realistic car designs I’ve seen on this forum, incredible work!


Thank you! @Watermelon3878 . About the bottom grille, its big to try and hide the side vents wall thing. If it was smaller, you can see the base of the vent


The facelifted HFS is a more attractive proposition than ever, especially with all the extra equipment offered.


2019 Holts BQX-8

BQX-8 Got a Facelift. Having Most of the features you will want Standard. You will Feel First Class In the New BQX-8. Design Reveals the Diffrent things The BQX-8 has

Being Alot bigger and longer than the BQX-5 and BQX-8, this is a fullsize SUV with much more room and features that you will get on the midrange Models. Wheelbase at 114 Inches, 1489L of cargo Volume, 4761L Of passenger Volume. Standard models come standard With 5-Seats. 7-Seats Optional.

BQX-8 Comes Standard With Holtasafe plus A Electric Liftgate. Button in back to lower rear suspension, if needed, Reverse Sensors (Rear Wiper Not Shown). As is said Earlier, You get optional 7-Seats With Upper Trim Levels. Right Now there is only 2 trims of the BQX-8. Premium And Luxury.

You get 2 engine. A turbocharged 3.2L V6 For the base model as well for the Luxury Model. And a 4.9L Turbocharged ONLY for the Luxury Model. V6 Puts out 335HP and 401 lb-ft of torque. The v8 puts out 400HP and 491lb-ft of torque. Need alot of torque to move this 2 ton vehicle. 0-60 times are in mid 6 seconds for BOTH models. BOSE Stereo Comes Standard With BQX-8.

Standard Features
– HoltaSafe
– Captain Seats
– LCD Instrument Cluster
– LED Headlights
– 12 inch NavUnit.
– 10 Way Power Seats
– Stereo Speakers
– Heated Seats
– Heated Steering
– Lane Keep Assist
– Adaptive Cruise
– Active Suspension
– 5 Seats

Optional Features
– 7 Seats
– Heated And Cooled Seats
– Colors
– Rear Entertainment Package
– Park Assist
– 16 Speakers
– Leather Sun Visors
– Floor Matts
– Refrigerated Compartment (Only With 5 Seats)
– Rear seat Mini table

More Photos

BQX-8 Luxury Comes Standard With LEDs in the vents

BQX-8 Comes standard with Double Sunroof

BQX-8 Comes Standard With Lane keep Assist

BQX-8 Comes Standard With Reverse Cam

Pricing Starts At $51995 (30% Markup)



Like the car a lot (especially the front bumper), but there is a detail you forgot: spelling :b


@Watermelon3878 Thanks for that! If U wouldn’t have told me that it probably would have stayed β€œHots”. posted this around midnight so I must have been pressing the wrong letters or not checking what ive typed.

Edit @Watermelon3878 I did it again without noticing


Merry Christmas Evreyone! From Holts!

(All New Holts Uso HS) (pronounce Yoo-so)


We Also present you 2 New HS Models


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2019 Holts HX2

The 2019 HX2 Nolts HX2. Looking Better and more sporty.

The 2019 HX2 (At Dealer) Is more efficient, User friendly and looking alot more aggressive and sporty. If you dont want to spend much but still get decent power and sportiness, than the HX2 is for u.

The base HX2 comes Standard With a 1.4L Turbocharged 4 Cylinder engine that has 132HP and 143lb-ft at 2900 RPMS. Does 0-60 in 7.7 Seconds. You either get a 6-Speed automatic.
With the manual, expect 44MPG Average

The base HX2 is sitting on 16 inch alloys. Around that are Medium Compound Tires. 4 Ventilated disc brakes All around. 215s in the front and 225s in the back. The car only weigh 2400LBS

The All new 2019 HX2 HS more sportier than before.

The New HX2 HS not looking much different than the Base S model. but under the hood and how it performs is where it shines. Comes with a 2.3L Inline 4 Putting out 245 HP and 173LB-FT of torque. Paired to a 6 speed auto or a 7 speed DCT. 0-60 Happens In 5.5 Seconds

Car only weigh 2600 LBS, Almost 300 More than the S Model, Active Sport Springs, sporty interior and look. Pricing For the HS Model Starts just under $34k

The S Model Rear
Edit: the HS Model is Naturally Aspirated and revs up to 8500

TheAgathaNakai's Automation UE4 Creations 2010s

looks quite nice, just wish I could see the rear a little better


Oh, I have a pic just for that @SideswipeBL


huh, how come i didnt see that? looks good!