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Holts Motor Company (Poll?)


This is why I copy my database to my onedrive…


Actually I managed to fix it. Hopefully if will work till I get a new one




2020 Holts Trova

The 2020 Holts Trova Has been redesigned for the 20s and the HS model is faster.

The New Trova Has been through a few changes this year. Design has changed, looks have changed, and standard feature are now what you get on most compact cars. The new Trova uses a lighter engine. 3.0L V6 putting out 408HP and 456lb-ft. 8HP more and 39 more torque than the RS37T. 0-60 happen in 3.8 seconds and the car weigh 3620lbs. Top speed limited to 155 mph. The car can do 1/4 mile in 12.2 seconds. The tires are 225 in front and 235 in back. Ventilated brakes all around and stops the car in 116 feet.

More pictures

Trova S in brutal Black

Trova SW in Blue Berry


That’s more like it. It looks more menacing than ever, and has the dynamics and thrust to back that up.


Makes good use of the Leaf headlight.


Holts HS Redesigned due to design loss

Same specs still but now top speed 232MPH (Automation) 210 (BeamNG) and 0-60 in 2.4 secs.


It looks and feels better now for sure. I really hope that, being a hypercar, it gets even crazier from here on out… Just as it ought to be.


Nice trucks and SUVs you’ve got there.


@F12OM Thanks!


Not the best editing. Hopefully my editing skills get better. But here is the 2020 Dirtmaster!


Coming to You on 5/9 (If i dont have anything in the way, H4 was supposed to been told about)


2020 Holts BQX-3

The All new 2020 Holts BQX-3. New to the holts lineup. We now have a total of 5 SUVs from the holts lineup that you can choose from. The BQX-3 is the second smallest out of the SUV lineup. The elainis is the smallest out of all. Should have been named BQX-2. Don’t want a big car but still have enough room to carry 4 more and items in the back? Well her is the BQX-3.


This being the Standard model, you get LED headlights and Running lights. At this moment, we will only be presenting the Standard trim, others will be presented at a other time since i’m sooo behind. Notice this SUV doesn’t use the 6 side Holts Grille as others, that’s because HOLTS have changed its design language a little. Holts 6 sided grille will not be on many of its cars being made 2020 and forward.

Engine/ Interior/Suspension

The BQX-3 is smaller than BQX-4 By a couple inches. Also Skinnier It being a compact SUV, You get A awesome 41MPG using Holts New EarthFiccient Engine. EarthFiccient means it not spitting out a lot of carbon and “Ficcient” means its Not thirsty as previous Engines. Engine puts out 158HP and 184 lb-ft of torque. Interior wise, you get pretty standard interior to minimize cost, 15 inch alloy rims between Medium compound quiet tires being 225 all around.

Being smaller that BQX-4 trunk space is smaller. In the rear you get the Reverse cam that comes with All Holts Vehicles, LED tail lights that shine at night, and a Right side Dual Exhaust This is the 2020 BQX-3


To be honest, I’m not certain about the “wrap-around” windows on the d-pillar, but that’s more of a issue with the body than your design language, which I very much like :slight_smile:


@Watermelon3878 yea, the rear is weird to work with but thanks!


Kind of looks like something from GTA if I do say so myself.


Are you talking the T20 side of GTA cars or Rebla side?


None really. It just makes me think of GTA everytime I see it.


A new light track toy coming to Holts soon (Pre-Production Model shown)


Big news! How i lost my cars, again

So my previous laptop, HP omen, Had all of my automation data and i had warranty on it. So the hinge and the way it was designed made a big problem

The Hinge in the middle and weird wall things on outside. one day the screen part kept catching and i sent it to get fixed. 3 TIMES. after that, i got a new laptop and wasent thinking to backup the cars. Thats how i lost the cars and have to redesign again! i already got some cars made so they should be posted soon