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Holts Motor Company (Poll?)


Holts HMS '20

Since i lost my cars, i had to redesign. And i have done a few cars, just need to post them. But anyway, Right here is the 2nd Gen HMS. Looking more modern than last gen. Here presented to you right now is the Holts HMS Premium Plus.


The HMS uses a 3.2L V6 Earthficcient Engine. Giving the car 325HP. Engine is very efficient with its turbocharger and low Carbon Spitting. Mated to a 8-speed transmission. helping the car with 30MPG (US)

HMS uses a Projector bulb headlight shining 8000k color and a standard halogen colored High beam. LED running lights making your HMS look cool in the day or at night with no headlights

The HMS is quite comfortable in the inside, Using Air suspension and leather Seats with woodgrain going around the car. Being the premium plus model than the Entry level, There is also A moonroof to look at the beautiful sky. Dual zone climate, and Multiple options for the air suspension. Using 235s all around and 19 inch alloy rims help with ride quality.

Nothing too special about the rear, parking sensors, LED taillights mixed with Incandscent bulbs for the brake light and 2 exhaust pipes for the V6. Pricing for the PRemium Plus Starts Around $60,500


Faster than Ever, Using Air auapension as well, comfortable and sporty at the same time.
This car has a 5.0L 658HP V8 putting out 729lb-ft of torque. Using a 8-speed automatic Transmission. Going to 60 in 3.3 seconds. This can keep up with a SBR4 TT S2 (After launch)

Using Carbon ceramica in the front and ventilated disk in the back. 20 inch rims are wrapped in 255s in the front and 265s in the rear. Pricing for this starts at 80+ thousand.

>Holts HMS Entry

Specs and Featurs


  • 2012cc Turbocharged engine NS20T Compression 8.7:1
  • Double Wishbone (F) MultiLink (R
  • 8 speed automatic Transmission
  • Front Transverse FWD Monocoque
  • 3630LBS
  • Premium Interior, Premium Entertainment
  • 225s all around
  • 27MPG

More Pictures


Sorry to hear about your cars (and computer, for that matter). Hope to see more good designs from you :slight_smile: the coloring on the HS works very well with the design by the way, it looks great!


@Watermelon3878 thanks!


Quick Drag of HMS vs SBR TT S2
*Note I accidently let off a little on the SBR
  • HMS has 7L of fuel
  • Auto trans slow down the HMS between shifts
    Feel free to speak your mind


2020 Holts Trova S (Entry level Trim)

The New Trova IS Ultra Efficient. With The All new 2.0L EarthFicient Engine. If not explained before, earthficient is Low emissions and very efficient while being turboed.

Using the Same body, we managed to get more efficiency out of it. It is powered by 2.0L Turbocharged Inline 4 putting out 201HP. The engine is very efficient helping the car get 46MPG with an 8-Speed Automatic.
This being the entry level model, you get standard interior/ Entertainment. A infotainment screen that also support Android Auto and Apple Car-play and to show the Reverse Camera. Entry Model Do not receive Lane keep assist, blind spot monitoring, just rear camera .

The rear is a big change for the Trova, Bigger, brighter tail lights to tell the car behind you, “Hey im about to stop”, incandescent turn signal LED brake lights. Reverse Camera Under Third tail light (Exhaust not shown by mistake)

More Info

  • 2019cc E20T EarthFiccient Engine
  • Double Wishbone (F) Multilink (Rear)
  • 73.0 Drivability
  • 61.5 Reliability
  • Progressive Springs Gas Mono Dampers.
  • FWD
  • 0-60 in 6+ seconds
  • 2800+ LBS

More pictures


Nice! Looks German


Fluorescent lime green might seem out of character for a mass-market car, but it works well enough here, and could even be the hero car for a high-performance variant.


Holts HS610

As i said i got some cars made already and the HS610 was one of them. Here is the HS610 after having to redesign.

The HS610 is a entry level super car from Holts. Our badge still a letter H as always been.
The HS610 name comes from how much power it has. 602 HP is 610PS.

Extra vents keeps the 4.6L Twin turbocharged V8. Lighter than the previous V10 We had On the Last one (before redone)

The HS610 Has 11 more horsepower than last and being lighter than last weighing 2942 pounds. The car is slightly quicker than last. too bad i dont have the HS600 to do a test. 0-60 is 0.1 seconds faster than last at 3.1 seconds, quarter mile also 0.1 seconds faster. Tire sizes are F; P235/50/R20 R: P305/50/R20. Using the New 4.6L V8 putting out 602 Horsepower and 443lb ft of torque. Alot of aero do reduce over steer at speeds (but keeps spinning out easily in beam ng). How do i fix it?

More pictures

Anything else you would like to knowabout the car? Feel free to ask


305/40 x 20, maybe?


Holts BQX-8

The Holts BQX-8 is a premium/luxury Fullsize SUV from Holts. Can transport up to 8 people in all models. Offroad, drive far in the efficient fullsize SUV, Holts hasent been getting attention really maybe this would change yohr mind

The BQX-8 Gives alot of comfort to its passengers, using air suspension to smooth that ride even on harsh roads. Engines Range up from a 2.8L Turbocharged V6 all theway up to a 5.0L V8.


The BQX-8 uses Holts Smooth+ Air Suspension. Setup is Double Wishbone Front and Multi-link Rear. You will barley feel any bumps on the road. This being the base premium model, you still get the feeling in the more expensive model when it comes to ride quality.


There are 3 Trims For the BQX-8 being premium model, Executive Package and Holts First HS model for an SUV.

Engine & Efficiency

The BQX-8 Premium Uses a 2.8L Turbocharged Earthficient Engine. Giving 265HP and 305lb-ft torque. The engine is paired with a 8-Speed automatic gearbox helping this big SUV reach up to 30MPG Combined while being over 4000 pounds. Performance is average at just 0-60 in 7.5 seconds. Base model Is FWD or AWD optional.


Your probably thinking in your head, " The front look like the new Trova that just came out". It does indeed. Taking similar design that look like the trova but everything much bigger. headlights Are LED surrounded by LED DRLs and Halogen HighBeam With it lighting the road best when needed. Most of all of the BQX-8 look the same. Different trims will get you different colored fixtures like the Grille upfront all the way to the strip on the rear.


When you get in the BQX-8, you will be aware this is a premium luxury SUV. Leather Seats even with the base model, ALL LCD Dashboard. All finishes are nice and luxurious to make you feel luxurious and comfortable. You get ton of room when it comes to space in the interior.

You get a large Center console for all your needs including 2 Cup holders than can fit many cups.All materials are premium, Soft touch material, alcantara Headliner, Wood grain going around the dash (Option) and heated and cooled seats. 16- way seats for maximum comfort.

Rear room will not be a problem in the BQX-8. 4900L of passenger room in total. you get your own space on long trips and wont have to worry about being cramped. BQX-8 has an option for Fast Internet on the go up to 10 connections. You wont have to worry about your mobile data limits.

Cargo room wont be a big issue either depending on if you have the 3- row option. you can get up to 1420L of cargo space in the BQX-8

Driving & features

While driving the BQX-8 you get features from Voice assistant all the way to Advanced Cruise. Blind spot monitoring, Lane keep assist keeps you In the middle of your lane. LCD Dash can be a map full screen with Speed on the bottom or the Tach and Speedo and other info like, temperatures, tire pressure, oil level’ radio station, fuel level etc…
We did our best to keep cabin noise down for your family and long road trips. Air suspension comes with all models even the HoltaSport Model.

The HoltaSport

This is the first HoltaSport model SUV. i know we had a BQX-4 XRS but thats not a Holtasport. The BQX-8 Holtasport comes with a 8-speed automatic or a 7-speed dual clutch transmission.


The BQX-8 HS uses a 658HP twin-turbocharged V8. comes with 729lb-ft of torque helps this SUV reach 0-60 in 4.2 seconds for the automatic and 3.5 with the dual clutch. If you haven’t noticed, this engine is currently in the HMS HoltaSport. Thats 0.2 seconds slower than a Lamborghini Urus

Performance & Specs

The BQX-8 HS weighs 5200;bs and still really quick. 0-60 in 3.5 but thats with the DCT.
top speed can reach 202 MPH (without limiter) but is limited to 155MPH. quarter mile times are in 12 second range with the automatic and 11.6 seconds with the Dual Clutch. Not too flashy, still like a SUV with over 600 horses under the hood

Prices Colors do not change Prices

BQX-8 Premium: Starting at $52400 without options
BQX-8 Executive: Starting at $79200 without options
BQX-8 HS; Starting at $88500 Auto, $94500 DCT without options

More pictures

(Premium Model)


Any questions?


Ive had this car made for a while now and its my first 90s sports car but havent showed any1, any type of feedback would be nice

im not that great with older cars and designs


Not entirely true in this case. The rear-end styling on this car is actually period-correct and reminds me of a 512 M, as does the side strakes. However, I reckon only one pop-up headlight on each side would have been necessary, and the wheel rim design is too new for the era - a set of simple five-spoke items would have been better suited to a 90s performance car such as this. I like the color, though. Also, the Z32 headlight (originally a mod, now vanilla) can be used to simulate a set of pop-up headlights by setting the window material to body color.


It is quite period correct, but a few things don’t sit well with me. One larger pop-up headlight would probably look better than two, the diffuser is a bit over-stylized (as are the exhaust), and the rims are too modern.


@abg7 the headlights were an issue. I used 2 because when i try to widen the light, it just increase in size and still too skinny maybe there is another light that pops up? @Watermelon3878 so you are saying the lower end should be more simple?


(May be changes to what is shown, headlights may be to small)



Yes, as a good example, even the Ferrari F50 didn’t have a racing-style diffuser, though it did have cutouts. That and circular exhaust tips would make it feel more accurate for the era.

(Sidenote, that blue hatchback looks great)


@Watermelon3878 thanks!


completeley redesigned it, first one didnt look so great


This thing looks way better after your facelift. The yellow-on-green livery clearly makes it stand out from the crowd, which it was meant to do. But regardless of what lies under its rear deck, it’s guaranteed to be very fast across the ground - especially at a circuit.