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Holts Motor Company (Poll?)


Maybe I’ll have to make a grille tutorial :sweat_smile:
But those lights are :fire:


@MGR_99 Thanks! And about gje grille, probably don’t fit too well with the supercar but I think it fits ok with the trova and bqx8 I released


I quickly drew this in GIMP, try to achieve something like this.


not quite what I wanted, but it’s better overall.


What do you think? Dont mind the mouse lol,



oh wow, that looks really good. The front and read don’t quite match up, but it still looks really good!


Thanks! @MGR_99 me and supercars dont do well just yet but practice will help!


Oh yes they do well!! This is absolutely gorgeous, and the front and rear do match up in my opinion, but to each their own


Holts HS2 '20

Holts HS2 is the successor to the previous HS1 using a whole new body looking very modern and aggressive.

Engine & Performance

The HS2 Uses a 6.1L V12 that revs up to 9400 and puts out 973HP and 818lb-ft of torque. This HS2 is Rear Wheel Drive. HS1 Was AWD. The HS2 weighs 3321LBS. Chassis are full Carbon Fibre to be lightest as possible even with this big Twin turbo ed V12. The HS2 can Do 60 in 2.8 seconds and 1/4 mile in 9.66 seconds.


The HS2 Looking Aggressive wit its Angular vents in the front and its door vents in the rear. The wheels are white, not grey, Hidden down force give this car over 1000 lbs of down force combined keeping the car on the ground at speeds. even with all that down force, the HS2 can still reach speeds up to 240+ MPH (Automation) Full LED headlight and Tail lights helps the HS2 Look time period correct. What Hyper car has Halogens in 20s?


Interior as you expect, hyper car level, stitching that match the exterior color and 3 spoke steering wheel. Instrument Cluster is a Screen that can show the whole map and speed at the same time but smaller. Middle Infotainment screen to control what happens with most of the car from driving modes to valet mode.

The HS Hyper car are limited production Hyper cars, this one is limited to 300 world wide.


Engine: 6182cc TwinTurbocharged V12 973HP @ 7300RPM 818lb-ft @4400

Suspension: Pushrod (F) Pushrod (R ) Active Sport Springs 7.1 Ride Height

Weight: 3321LBS

Safety: Advanced 10s with a score of 73.2 points

Reliability 55.7

Transmission: HQS 7-Speed DCT (Holts QuickShift)

Performance & Numbers

Top Speed: 248MPH

Aero: 608lbs Rear @ 247.6MPH, 329lbs Front @247.6

0-60: 2.8 Seconds

Quarter Mile: 9.66 seconds

Automation Track: 1:52.40 / Airfield: 1:07.64 / Goodwood: 0:48.26

Cornering G’s: 20m= 1.32g /200= 1.41g



Wow, the HS2 is a real performer! Great job


@SideswipeBL thanks!




2020 Holts Turo

The 2020 Turo is a premium, rugged truck that can get your work done while being comfortable.

This is the Base trim of the Turo. Using a 4.0L Turbocharged V6. Putting out 268HP and 404lb-ft at 2700RPMS. The Turo. The Turo Is a rugged fullsize truck that can get the job done while still being comfortable and managable.

The Turo can carry up to 1440kg before sagging and still drivable with its 4.0L V6. 1440kg is the limit. Not recomended only if NEEDED.

The Turo Can also pull a Bitron With JATO without any problems still staying under 3000 rpms under normal driving. The 4.0L V6 is very efficient helping the truck reach 20MPG average with its 6-Speed Automatic Transmission

*Platinum and Dirtmaster have same engine
*Saftey options are optional
*BT comes only with V6

More Pictures


Holts HT GT

The Holts HT is a GT Car from Holts, Instead of using GT we used HT which means Holts-Touring which also comes with a HoltaSport Model.

The HT is a comfortable well as sporty Grand Touring car. Can be used for everyday usage like picking up groceries as well as squeezing 4 people in the car. Can fit 5 but will be cramped.

Suspension & Chassis

The HT uses a Aluminum Monocoque Chassis. Engine Placement IS Front Longitudinal. Suspension Double Wishbone Front And Multi link Rear. Hydro pneumatic springs and active sway bars help you ride comfortably down the road in the HT. The HT weighs 4446 LBS. Tire sizes go from 245s in the front to 265 in the rear for the HT GT

Engine & Transmission

The HT GT uses a Sporty 3.2L (3222cc) Turbocharged V6 putting out 335 HP and 355lb-ft of torque. Connected to a 9-speed automatic driving the rear wheels helping the HT get 27MPG driving normally. Comes with Start/Stop Feature. Can be disabled by pressing a button on the center by the shifter

Color & Design

The HT GT comes in diffrent color at no cost. Each car in this picture shows what your HT can look like. with 4 different colors to choose from as well as 4 different rim choices. As of now, the HT GT only comes with a 3.2L V6 and another engine option may be available. The HT Is designed to look its age and show what it is. A Sporty, Comfortable GT Car with LED DRLS and LED Headlights as well tail lights.

The HT GT starts around $62200

More Pictures

Where the Sensors Sit at


Another sharp-looking car. Nice.


@CMT thanks!


Holts HX-3

The HX-3 Is a small sporty car. Looks like a smaller HT and more premium Than A HX2 that is still being made.

Suspension & Chassis

Judging by this picture, you are probably thinking “That chassis? that car is going to be expensive”. Yes, Using glued aluminum chassis. Double wishbone and Multi link. Progressive springs, gas mono dampers and semi active sway bars. The HX-3 S weighs 3047 LBS


The HX-3 is the First Holts to use a Boxer Engine. The boxer engine is a N/A 2333cc 4 cylinder. Makes 201 HP and 168lb-ft. get that deep bass out of the high flow 3 way baffled exhaust. 11.2:1 compression ratio, 13.9 fuel mixture, revs up to 7500 RPMS. runs on 91 Fuel.


You get the HX-3 in two transmission options. 6-Speed auto or 6-speed manual. Some may prefer the automatic some manual. You choose. The car is willing to slide when floored with ESC off. Driving at its best, the HX-3 can do 0-60 in 7.1 seconds (AUTOMATIC) and gets in the 6s with the manual.Top speed goes to 145MPH (Automation) 128 (Beam NG). Just over 1Gs on turning for 20m and 200m Radius. The HX-3 Can brake from 60 in 116FT.


The HX-3 uses all LED lights. More of a round car than angular on the S model, round edges to the vent on the door, (fake) which is for aesthetics. The HX-3 dosent need a lot of cooling so vents around the grille inst required in this case. Part of the aesthetics as well. Top of the windshield sits the sensors.

Color & Wheel options

Any of those four wheel options with any of the colors



Nice design otherwise :slight_smile: