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Holts Motor Company (Tugor)


youre a bit late on that one


So ur saying I copied toyota? Hmm i could change the names… Just have no name for the cars yet :grimacing:


I am late. Never posting after being awake for 20hrs again.

Also @Holts I spotted an Alaris earlier in the thread… Is there a name mixup?


Im simply pointing out that the Ayaris has been around for much longer than the anaygo


@Knightophonix the alaris is a name I created on my own. Anyway for thr anaygo and ayaris, ill change it since its causing a problem here


I apologize, I have admit that was a very childish, stupid and unfunny joke.


Check out My car drawings


Holts U200 Series

Great Work Van, Or can Be used For Utility. Affordable.

The one thing Holts Didnt Have Is Utility Vehicles. We have a Holts Delavan Utility (but the wheel arched stuck red)

Using Halogen Headlights. Not Standard Halogens. Daytime Running Lights Beside it and LED running lights. Dont see those on vans thats affordable.

Being The U240, You get A 4.0L V6. Putting out 235HP and 270lb-ft. Gas milage is 21MPG combined (US). Also Weighs 3700+ Pounds. Load Capicity 6162LBS. Interior Wise, Have a Standard Interior, you still get electric windows and locks. 2-Speaker System and Cloth Seats. Cargo Volume 4989L. THere is also a U256 Trim With a 5.6L V8 Putting Out 300HP and 358lb-ft.

Pricing: $22371 (@ 0%) U240

bandicam%202018-09-09%2009-20-38-533 bandicam%202018-09-09%2009-25-39-005 (U240)

More Photos


Trova Gets A tiny Design Change And Engines . Everything Else Same

Trova S In Stormy Grey

Trova SW4 In Light Red

Trova HS in HoltaSport Yellow

Engine Options

1.6L Turbocharged Inline 4 (154HP 147lb-ft) (E16T)
*Trova S
*Trova SW4

3.7L NA V6 (253HP 256lb-ft) (N37A)
*Trova S (Optional)
*Trova SW6 (SW is Sport Wagon)

3.7L Turbocharged Performance V6 (400HP 417lb-ft) (RS37T)
*Trova HS

Fuel Economy (US Combined)

  • Trova S: 44MPG
  • Trova SV6: 33MPG
  • Trova SW4: 40MPG
  • Trova SW6: 32MPG
  • Trova HS: 28.9MPG


Looks great, as does the U200.


The wagon tho <3


Trova Avaliable For test Drive. PM For more details


I have my compact Elos coming out later tonight, that would be a neat Head to Head!


H7 get a Front and rear design change.

(S Trim Shown in Flaky bronze)

Info And Specs Soon
*badging not present at this time


Love them headlights


Cars Left From Right( H7S, H7HS, H7 Reserve)




Which Design do u like best??

  • New H7
  • H8
  • Tweaked Trova
  • Durbi

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Feel free to give your honest opinions on my designs


I’ve changed Some names

Holts H7 is now Holts HMS The M part Is midsize
H8 is now HFS The F is fullsize

Ayaris is now Holts Treo Pronounced (TREEOH)
Anaygo is now Holts Treo2


Does that mean the Trova is called the HCS?