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Holts Motor Company (Tugor)


That HS has numbers to rival an RX7 for what I assume is cheaper. Nice work.


With that sort of power, I’d wager that an HS with the turbo engine might even be able to give a contemporary 911 Carrera a run for its money.


I don’t want to Porsche fanboy here, but I’m going to Porsche fanboy here. A baseline 911 (Carrera) has 370 HP and 245/305 tires. I will concede that it is a lot heavier than the HS, but I still think it would out turn it.



AN image :joy:



As in, mid 1990s.


@vmo there is a ayaris too :grin: just have no design for it for now


So is this an Ancamry or Anavensis?


@Knightophonix :joy: no


Anaygo HS Models


Anaygo Ready For test Drive, Base 1.4 Model, PM Me if intrested

*dont mind the 1.8



Holts Trova

Holts KanaKul (H150)

Holts Anaygo

Holts Suro

Holts H7

Holts BQX-5

Holts EL

Holts Thunder

Holts HX-2

Holts BQX-4

Holts HX-1

Holts H8

Holts Alaris

*Durbi And HX Are not presented at this time.


Ancamry, Antacoma, Anaygo, Anlandcruiser, Anavensis, Ansequoia, Ancorolla, Ansupra, Ancelica, AnRAV4, AnGT86, Ancentury, Anauris. Got it.

Nah, joke aside I’d rock that H8.


*HS Trim Shown


2019 Trova All Trim Info

*Pics at the bottom not the clearest


No ons likes ur cars anymore, i wonder y. U might go out of buisness


@Ejj That was extremely rude!


I like the design, but I feel like you only used a Boxer because you can now. (Also, I’d like one example of a car irl that had a Boxer 4 AND I4 option at the same time)


@VG33E its true, at first be had alot of likes but now its like he did something wrong and no one likes him anymore

@Watermelon3878 and what do u mean boxer 4 and i4 at same time>


I mean what kind of car company would offer an I4 and Boxer 4 engine option in the same model? As in, what would be the advantage/logical reason?