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Holts Motors Company(Cancelled To New Company With Redesigned Cars


Just as a tip, although this is your own company thread, I’d only double post if you’re making a big announcement or revealing a car, otherwise just put all of your replies into one. Just forum etiquette etc


What do you mean by that? Are you saying I shouldn’t make new post in comments… or…


Make a new post for every new car, but for when you’re just doing general replies and minor announcements, eg here:[quote=“Holts, post:20, topic:21603, full:true”]
Thanks, I’ll see if that works!

and here

Just combine it into one post instead.


That’s to say there is a pencil button at the bottom of each post you create; that’s the edit button. Just use that and it’ll be much easier. This forum tracks post editing well, so we won’t get confused.


Ok thanks!


More cars Will Be posted Soon… Title Will have when i edited Post… New cars will be a comment but 2 days later it will go at the top



Holts Tugor

**Starting at $34556


Now this is my kind of vehicle! But why is there all-aluminium unibody construction and full independent suspension?


this is the base trim


This is more of a light performance crossover truck, if such a thing existed, but with the power peak right on the rev limiter, it would be a good idea to use stronger internals, allowing the redline to be extended. Also, a magnesium block should only be reserved for when light weight is of the utmost importance, which it seldom is in most cases.


i had it at low rpm for torque reasons incase you pull something


Hauling. With double wishbones.


And glued aluminium.


U stoped F-350 has double wishbones!


A new Truck is coming out Today! There is a recall on the tugor


You basically put an engine similar to one from the XR6 Sprint in the nose of a truck… but why does it have to weigh three tons with no corrosion protection? And in today’s world, an economy rating of 19.05% is insufficient for most buyers’ needs. I can’t help admiring your lunacy, though.


trying to get my trucks to be good but i guess my company is for cars then



Holts Nova DX

Starting At $14922


maximum power output just on the redline?

Not good.


Why is it not?