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Holts Nov.X (Cancelled To 1 Forum Named Holts Motor Company)


Get Your Nov.X For $56956
With 8inc screen and 3100lbs! 470+ Hp turbocharged inline 6.
19 inch Alloy Rims. Hard long life tires and a reliable engine!

This is the Sport Model Unlike the $80k RS Model with 550hp. The Nov.X S wll be good for u With 16+Mpg US
4.1sec 0-60 and a top speed of 190mph+

This can be a evreyday drive car with a 2 year 50,000 mile warranty. If any problems, Please contact your local Holts Motors

Holts Nov.X DS (base)

The 270hp base model With 18Inch alloy Rims and 26mpg.

Starting at $29995 Get the DS model

Holts Nov.X RS

4.0L I6 Turbocharged up to 600 horsepower

Good cooling for the engine 4.0 6 CYL!!!
Insane 210mph top speed but only a 4.0 0-60 due to the eccessive power going to the rear wheels.
Has a luxury interior and a luxury 10inch Screen but only weighing 3000lbs! But only 9mpg
Get one at your local holts dealer today!


Before we comment on any of your cars, you should merge all your cars into a single thread. I’m pretty sure there’s a written rule for this, because if we created a new thread for every car, the forum would be very difficult to navigate!


so i have to make all my trims to 1 forum?


Preferably, yes


so how do i delete this?


just tag a moderator asking for the thread to be deleted, like @pyrlix or @UltimateBMWfan (it’s ok to tag more than one mod, simply whoever gets to it first would delete it)


Isn’t it Montes logo, which is the company of VMO?



i have luxury sedans but i didnt know, sorry ill change the logo then


so i have to change the logo?


Yes, because it’s someone else’s property.


logo changed


Thanks to change the logo!