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Honghu Huangdou Automotive Co. (广州红湖 - 黄豆)




1991 Huangdou GX-Series

I honestly cba to write anything super descriptive anymore so here we go.

The Galaxy was originally called the GX-Series; a cabover van with no other intention besides ferrying people and cargo around. It wasn’t very refined, it was pretty cheap, it didn’t even have airbags. The ride would be uncomfortable when unloaded, and the untreated body was very prone to rust. Despite this, the GX was affordable, cheap to repair and reliable, which was all that mattered for these types of vans at the time. In fact, the van was so cheap that one would be able to replace one of the main sealed beams with the foglights at the bottom, leading to various sightings of GX-Series vans missing a fog light.


The vehicle came in trims based on length, as every van shared the same engine and powertrain. The GX6461 would be the shortest, coming in at 4.6 metres, with the GX6471 being the next step, with a length extended by roughly 10 centimetres.

Running gear

The GX was powered by a naturally aspirated 2.0 litre inline 4, sending 112 horsepower to the rear wheels. The van would hit 100 km/h around 11-12 seconds.

Uhh, I guess there was a 4x4 variant too.

I’m already getting bored. Here’s a panel van.


It honestly amazes me how a nearly 30-year old Chinese van can look so good. For what it is, it’s borderline beautiful and another example of an anazing design from you :slight_smile:


2020 Huangdou Galaxy

The continuation to the classic van. Once again I really cba to write anything much on this, but here we go anyways.

The newest Huangdou Galaxy ditches the classic cabover design and replaces it with a more traditional van style. The newest Galaxy is a lot more of a modern touch, and less of a hack-job with its LED headlights and taillights, turbocharged engine choices, and… get this… alloy wheels! No more pulling foglights as headlight replacements, no more premature rusting, the newest Galaxy is a proper van now.


Like the oldest Galaxy, the newest rendition comes with various trim levels, with a “dually” version shown above dubbed ‘H’.

An L trim was offered for the new Galaxy as well, which had a shorter nose and rear overhang. This would make the Galaxy L significantly smaller than the regular Galaxy, allowing it to suit tighter spaces and the likes.

See? Pretty significant!

Running Gear

Am I already getting bored? Yes I am. I always get bored at this part. The Galaxy is, by default, a RWD vehicle with choices between Huangdou’s signature 1.6 litre inline-4, a larger 2.0 litre inline-4 or a 3 litre diesel, all turbocharged. Transmission choices ranged between a 6-speed manual or Huangdou’s older 6-speed automatic.


Yes there is an offroad variant. It has a folding table and more storage.


Amazing. There’s literally nothing else to say it’s just amazing.