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Relevant: https://www.beamng.com/resources/ibishu-covet-cardboard.1845/



lol, you use breakaway plastic so you can just put it back on, we use steel so we can smash it back into position.


Yeah, drifting is a contact sport, so you must think of ease of repair and it’s expense… unless you’re sponsored by bodykit company :smiley:


I just read all of this and this car is both one of the shittiest cars I have ever seen yet beautiful, keep it up with that cardboard!


Some work has been done, sure… but not much, busy on other stuff, but I did get a… rental… and this will be a bit of a review.
So what we got is an car. It’s a BMW e36, it’s a touring model, which means it’s very versatile, and it’s seen things you people wouldn’t believe. First of all, you should know that at some point in 2016 it finished 5th out of 40+ contenders in the street class drift championship. What makes it even more confusing is that it’s a 2.3, and that it revs all the way to 8k (1.5 k more than a BMW engine should be comfortable with). The suspension is all coilovers + ARB’s, polyurethane, custom camber plates etc etc etc, so it’s a full blown track car pretending to be street car… AND… it’s legal for street use.

So yeah, now that you’re thinking, “OH WOW, this is so cool, Squid is lucky”, here’s the punchline. It had it’s interior put back in and the livery taken out, and now it REALLY shows that it’s seen things. The condition it’s visually in right now is this - and yeah, 90% of these vinyl’ed cars looks like that underneath.

What makes this awful is that it has zero torque down low, and the engine really starts working only past 4k rpm, so it’s a Honda. The clutch is heavy, the gearshift is like wrestling a lamp post out of the asphalt, the steering isn’t helped by the fancy hydraulics, and the brakes work only when they got heat in them, the exhaust is too loud, and the ride… well let’s say sitting on a bag of bricks while sliding down on an avalanche of other bags of bricks would compare just fine. The thing has a subwoofer just to drown out the transmission noises… the low beam works from time to time, and when it does it beams directly down. The second low beam does not exist, and the high beams have been removed long time ago. The diff is welded, and lost all of it’s oil at some point (aint care), so parking it is a chore too. The fuel gauge doesn’t work and the speedo reads in miles, in a country where KM is the unit of measurement and what do I do with it? THAT IS EXACTLY RIGHT! IT IS MY DAILY FOR A MONTH AND A HALF! Lucky me.

So yeah, naturally, let’s go build up our garage, we got lots of stuff to transport…

In short, this is a full blown drift car, on the streets. Do you know the saying “Everything can be dailied as long as you got the balls”? Well “Anything can be dailied as long as you\re a masochist and an idiot”. You probably don’t want this.


THIS is how you build cars properly