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Hot hatches thread


Alba Pinna RS (Facelift) 2019

I’m too lazy to write the stats, here are some shots


(Yes, This is an N/A car.)

Trim & Model

Extra Pictures


2018 Saminda C2000R

Engine : KA Series , KA20FZ (with 2 Electric Motor)

I know this is KEE engine but is one of the best car i ever build, literally took me 1 week in real life to perfect the timing lap in Green Hell, and one of the highest production hp/liter engine.

This is a really special car for Saminda.

I am currently developing the 2021-22 C2000R now and will have over 420bhp from the same engine.


After so long not posting anything on this forum since like, months.
Recently, I made this hot hatch (which happens to be my first time to design a hot hatch).
The name? It’s 2014 Enricord Oryza SS160.

Anyway, I didn’t expect to get over 10 likes (thanks so much btw). Specs? not really much to be honest, an 1.2L inline-3 turbo producing 160 HP and FWD is all I can mention for now (too lazy to write specs atm). The rest, try it yourself and see how you like it or not.
Don’t forget to have fun while you’re driving it :wink:

Enricord_Oryza_-_SS160.car (47.5 KB)


I’m probably best known for not generally making many hot-hatches, or even generally sporty cars, but I do have, I suppose, one car that maybe fits the bill.

1995 Bricksley Bullet
Turbo GT, 5-Door

Forgive the appalling graphical quality, I’m running Intel Integrated Graphics on a Toughbook.

To make up for the graphics, however, I’ll do this:
Bricksley_Bullet_-_Turbo_GT_5-Door.car (36.7 KB)

Those of you who have BeamNG can download that, pop it into Automation, and export your shiny new 5-door, complete with sporty 111ci inline-six, turbocharged to a beautiful 150 horsepower. Oh, and it’s RWD, because, as with all of my car companies, they all have something they go for as a constant.

With Storm, it was AWD as early as possible, usually with Advanced Safety.
With Sinistra, it was L-FWD until something in the universe broke and all of the engines stopped fitting, at which point the Sidewinders came out and T-FWD was embraced.
With Bricksley, well, RWD, Pushrod, and Straight Six is the key to victory.

So, this is a Bricksley hot-hatch. Small-ish, sporty, armed with a turbocharged pushrod I6 and a 5 speed stick. Is it really super sporty? Not in the slightest. But, 150HP in 1995 is a little bit warm. Think of it as the ‘sensible’ hot hatch that gets justified by saying, “But it has five leather seats” and hoping someone overlooks the snail cuddling up to the cute little engine.


This is borderline hatchback, but it’s pretty hot. Made a hatch version of my SC. Here’s the Baiern HS32. Equiped with a NA I6, 3.2 litters, 5 speed, RWD. Next one will be more sensible, I promise. It’ll also be a Bogliq special.

Baiern_SC32_-_HS32_USDM.car (54.9 KB)


The 1999 Sabre Soprano SV, my take on the Peugeot 106 GTI-

Steel panels, steel monocoque chassis
Macpherson strut front suspension, torsion beam rear

1149cc SOHC 4V I3
Compression 10.4:1
Long tubular headers
50mm exhaust
1 muffler

6-speed manual transmission
Open diff
175/55R15 tyres all round
Vented front disc brakes, solid discs rear
5 seats
Standard equipment includes alloy wheels, radio/cassette player, 1 airbag

Weight 933kg
0-62mph in 9.1 seconds
Top speed 131mph
35.2mpg (UK)
Approximate cost $15100


Unusual set of engine stats, we could almost copy the exhaust, yet there’s no way to know the power or torque :smiley:


Forgot to add those. It makes 111hp @7300rpm, 80lb/ft @6900rpm and revs to 8k.



The first entry from IP in the hot hatch segment.

Steel panels, steel monocoque chassis
Mc Pherson strut front suspension, solid coil sprung rear axle

1488cc Turbo SOHC 2V inline 4
114 hp @5500rpm
122 lb/ft @3400rpm
Rev limit @6500rpm
Compression 8.3:1
Multi point single EFI
Short cast headers, 57.1 mm single exhaust

5 speed manual transmission, FWD
Open differential
185/65R14 tyres
Solid 2-piston front disc brakes, solid 1-piston rear
Passive anti-roll bars

4 seats (2 front, 2 rear)
Standard equipment includes, among others, Fog lights, tape player, full instrumentation, contoured bucket seats, leather wrapped sports steering wheel

Weight: 976 kg
0-62 mph in 8.6 seconds
Top speed 119 mph
32.2 mpg (UK)
Approximate cost $17200 (in todays money)


I should be doing AGC

2019 Bayonne Saturne BR 1.8

A French hot hatchback, designed to give the perfect track experience in an affordable exciting package.

More Details


Type – AlSi DOHC-4 “SE7DC4” Turbocharged 1.8 litre inline-4

Power – 269.1 hp @ 7600 RPM

Torque – 286.8 Nm @ 5300 RPM

Fuel Type – 95 RON

Drive Type – Transverse AWD

Gearbox – 7-speed DCT


Weight – 1579 kg (54% Front / 46% Rear)

Wheelbase / Length / Width – 2.60m / 4.16m / 1.76m

Suspension – Double Wishbone (Front) / MultiLink (Rear)

Chassis Type – AHS Steel Monocoque

Panel Type – Aluminum


0-100 km/h – 5.82 seconds

80-120 km/h – 3.66 seconds

Quarter Mile – 14.10 seconds

Top Speed – 274 km/h

100-0 km/h Braking Distance – 38.3 m

20m Radius Cornering Gs – 1.07 g

200m Radius Cornering Gs – 1.03 g

Fuel Economy – 33.6 mpg (US)

Approximate Automation Price – 51600$

Drive one!

2019-present_Bayonne_Saturne_-_BR_1_8.car (89.3 KB)


What the fuck? How the fuck? Bro how


I’ll be covering the process of the Automation-Assetto export in a tutorial in this forum. I’ll create a thread when I do my next car :stuck_out_tongue:


Aiya Schafter - Colibri Dorado.mp3


The 1994 Saidaishu Mainichi Henshin-

Partial aluminium panels, steel monocoque chassis
Macpherson strut front, semi trailing arm rear suspension

1850cc DOHC 4V turbo I4
Compression 8.8:1
Multi-point per-cylinder EFI
Rev limit at 7500rpm
199hp @7100rpm
153lb/ft @6300rpm
Short cast headers
70mm single exhaust
5-speed manual transmission, locking diff
AWD (50/50)
215/50R16 tyres all round
Vented disc brakes front and rear
5 seats
Standard equipment includes radio/cassette, heater, bucket seats, leather racing wheel, 1 airbag

0-62mph in 7.3 seconds
Top speed 139mph
Weight 1204kg
Approximate cost $23300


The 2001 Centurion SH Warrior-

Treated steel panels, galvanised steel monocoque chassis
Double wishbone suspension all round

3322cc DOHC 2V 60-degree V6
9.8:1 compression
Twin multi-point EFI
Rev limit @7300rpm
226hp @6800rpm
207lb/ft @4200rpm
Tubular headers
57mm dual exhaust

6-speed sequential transmission
Viscous LSD
235/40R18 tyres front, 245/40R18 rear
Vented disc brakes all round
Partial undertray for aero

4 seats
Standard equipment includes bucket seats, leather racing wheel, exposed aluminium centre console, radio/CD, 2 airbags, stability control

0-62mph in 6.1 seconds
Top speed limited to 155mph
Weight 1347kg
32.7mpg (UK)
Approximate cost $31500


That would have been a beast 20 years ago…nice.


It was mainly inspired by the Alfa Romeo 147 GTA, but I wanted to put my own unique spin on it and create something only the Italians could get away with.


Definitely agree with you about that. The shape of the front light fixtures is a tad too boxy for 2001 though.


That’s just one of the main design features of the brand it’s from- basically what I did to design this car was take an '05 model I already made and regress it a few years without making it look too '90s.


Something a bit different now, plus a reminder that regular hatchbacks are also welcome here. Numerous manufacturers have moved away from sporty cars, preferring to use the old sporty monikers (such as Vauxhall’s SRi) as an excuse to make base-model cars uncomfortable. This isn’t quite that, however it’s not all bark and no bite- it is the fastest version of a model I had already created.

So, here it is, the 2020 Duke Segundo 1.7 SS-Design:

Galvanised steel monocoque chassis with partial aluminium panels
1700cc DOHC 4V turbo I4
Compression 8.6:1
Multi-point per-cylinder EFI
Short cast headers
44mm single exhaust
160hp @7000rpm
143lb/ft @4900rpm
Rev limit @7k

6-speed dual-clutch transmission
Viscous LSD
195/45R17 tyres all round
Vented disc brakes up front, solid discs rear
5 seats
Standard equipment includes alloy wheels, phone compatibility, sat nav, ESC

0-62mph in 8 seconds
Top speed 142mph
46.3mpg (UK)
Approximate cost $25600