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Hot hatches thread


1989-94 IP COLIBRI 1800 GTX

Since the Colibri Turbo didn’t really rose the market, IP tried a new approach with the fourth generation Colibri. The 1.5 litre turbo was dropped, replaced with a more refined 1.8 litre N/A 12 valve, and most of the “boy racer” look was left out. Yet, it proved to be another lukewarm seller. The fourth generation Colibri recieved criticism already as new for feeling old-fashioned and looking bland, and towards the mid 90s safety started to become a selling point even for small cars, where the Colibri could not compete with more modern designs. To make it worse, a modest power output from a N/A 12 valve left the GTX model behind the competition that had started to crank out decent power from better 16 valve turbo designs.

Steel panels, steel monocoque chassis
Mc Pherson strut front suspension, torsion beam rear axle

1808 cc N/A SOHC 3V inline 4
116 hp @6000 RPM
116 lb/ft @4200 RPM
Rev limit @6500 RPM
Compression 10.4:1
Multi point single EFI
Short cast headers, 50.8 mm single exhaust

5 speed manual transmission, FWD
Open differential
185/60R14 tyres
Solid 2 piston front brakes, solid 1-piston rear
Passive anti-roll bars

4 seats (2 front, 2 rear)
Standard equipment includes fog lights, tape player, full instrumentation, contoured bucket seats, leather sports steering wheel, glass sunroof

Weight: 1003 kg
0-62 mph in 8.7 seconds
Top speed 125 mph
26.8 mpg (UK)
Approximate cost $17400 (in todays money)


I also would like to srink a Forester into a hatchback.


I think you mean Outback?

Funny, I didn’t think Outback at all when I made it but now I see how terribly similar they are to each other…

Oh, well, this is older so Subaru is the copycat anyway. :wink:


Goddamit, I need to sleep. Yes that one.


Here’s my latest classic build, the 1979 HMC Type 93 GT-

Steel monocoque with steel panels
Macpherson Strut front, semi trailing arm rear

1655cc SOHC 2V I4
Compression 9.9:1
Mechanical fuel injection
Tubular headers
38mm single exhaust
Rev limit @6200rpm
96hp @5700rpm
104lb/ft @3500rpm

5-speed manual transmission
Locking diff
185/65R13 tyres all round
Solid disc brakes front, drums rear
5 seats
Standard equipment includes 8-track, vinyl trim

0-62mph in 10s
Top speed 108mph
Approximate cost $16100

Henrican Motor Corporation (HMC)