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How about some abg cars


should i create an open source engines thread?

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so i had a thought, how about some cars that we make and we upload here and we can set anyone else modify them however they like, all they have to do is just credit the original maker of the vehicle (if uploaded) and even if not gives some cars for players, both old and new, to tinker around with, such as some “vets” can mess around and improve newbie cars and vice versa. if nobody is on board with it i do see where you would be coming from, not wanting anyone to steal your hard work as their own, but if anyone is on board, i shall provide le first vehicle, it is a 1988 station wagon i called the Courtner, it is well rounded being a V6 and getting 34 MPG’s.
EDIT: if using any mods be sure to post the link, i forgot to lol, here it is, it’s the badge: steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f … earchtext=
cpufreak101 - Courtner.zip (85.8 KB)

2016 Pike Peak Hill Climb Results posted

Might post one of my Frankfurt concept vehicles here later for the lols.


I like the idea of open source car engineering and I will open with my existing commuter car the commune. It's cheap, easy to maintain, lightweight, gets excellent mileage and is totally open to modification.
nialloftara - Centauri Commune.zip (94.9 KB)


Does that car use any mods @nialloftara? i tried to load it and it wouldn't let me.


I don't believe so, what was the error message?


nialloftara, thank you for providing the car, i made an edit to it to allow it to run on 76 octane, i managed to keep the speed and economy about the same to a hit on comfort (had to remove the radio to hit 50 MPG, it also helped to lower the already cheap cost) also the screenshot of the specs didn't seem to save, i'll edit it in later, forget it, too lazy
cpufreak101 - Centauri Commune.zip (92 KB)


Just posted this on my company page, though it's not actually a Solstice car: viewtopic.php?f=35&t=5084&p=83103#p83103

Microwave - Scimitar.zip (86.3 KB)
You're going to need a few mods. Just get all the workshop ones, including VMO's.


Here's the Error Message:


well i'm just currently awaiting the launch of the open beta, once it launches i'll make a car in it for here


Tail lights are mod.


Here's a vanilla early 60's luxury sedan.

ALI213 - Luxury Sedan.zip (84.2 KB)

Preview :

Feel free to edit my car or improve the car and yes i know the production cost is really high but i don't use 6+ everywhere.


Do you reuse paper towels? Did you coin the phrase "extreme couponing"? Are you trapped in a dystopian communist hellhole? Then Grey-Skies Industries has the personal conveyance for you!

glhs386 - GSI Spartan.zip (87.8 KB)


EDIT: This is now unofficially one of the worst "real" cars made in automation lol

inspired by the above, Galt OPSO introduces the 1960 communitasia, new technologies have allowed us to create fuel that is super cheap for people living in complete slummish dictatorships. it only runs in certain cars though, but the communitasia is one of those cars designed to run on that cheap gas.

the car is nothing special being only 65 and a half horsepower out of an i4, and because of the amount of fuel that has to be used to prevent knocking the communitasia gets a max of 9 mpg and can only go up to 88 mph, but hey, where else will you find a sub $8000 car?
cpufreak101 - Communitasia.zip (85.5 KB)


I had a go at modifying the Centurai Commune.



Another Open source from Centauri This one is as radically different from the Commune as you can get. The mid-engined $52,000 220mph 1000hp twin-turbo Warpwind, its as fuel efficient and reliable as a normal sports car but as fast as most hypercars. Tune it to your heart's content.
Info and pictures found here. automationgame.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=3684&p=83939#p83939
Files here. nialloftara - Centauri Warpwind.zip (129 KB)

this file is now for the preproduction version of the warpwind, extensive modification has been done to my official version resulting is a $10k dollars price reduction while maintaining most stats and performance figures. Update pictures of the production version are available on my company page.


After being declared "worst car ever, ever" by Marxist Motors magazine, GSI engineers stepped forward with the objective of making the Galt Communitasia slightly less terrible. Swapping the impossibly inefficient 2.5 liter four cylinder for a merely archaic 2.0 results in both improved performance and fuel economy while still maintaining the ability to run on goat urine. The ladder frame and solid axle are retained for their utility and offroad capabilities, but the leaf springs are ditched for coils and the transmission sprouts a fourth gear. Wider tires, fade free brakes and revised suspension tuning vastly improve sportiness and driving pleasure. Outside, the car receives a minor facelift as well as a luxurious new coat of hearing aid beige. Best of all, overall production costs are even lower than before. After retesting the new version, Marxist Motors concluded it to be "now better than a Trabant, but still not as good as a Wartburg." Great success!

glhs386 - Galt Communitasia.zip (86.7 KB)


i like what you did with it dude


here is a 1992 trim of the courtner, it now has a smaller turbo I4 versus the N/A V6, performance isn't too different though, yet the I4 gets 6 more MPG's and cuts the emissions nearly in halfhttp://i.imgur.com/0savYKm.png
cpufreak101 - Courtner.zip (113 KB)


Glad that you do.

Some people say quality is more important than quantity. When you slide behind the wheel of a GSI Monarch Brougham, you'll realize those people are idiots. Immerse yourself in acres of crushed velour and simulated wood. Feel the soothing thrum of pistons the size of coffee cans. Watch as pedestrians flee in terror at your approach. This is luxury, the Gasmean way.

glhs386 - GSI Monarch.zip (86.4 KB)


Your Miami-based "import-export" business is booming, time to upgrade your ride to something more befitting a man of your reputation. Imagine yourself cruising down Ocean Drive in style with a fabulous new GSI Inferno. Groove to your Michael Jackson tapes while your buxom passenger utilizes the mirrored glovebox door. Laugh heartily as bright pink tourists choke on your tire smoke. Evade business rivals as they empty Mac 10s in your general direction. The world is yours!

glhs386 - GSI Inferno.zip (96 KB)