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How about some abg cars


finally got my pc back, and i made this car, mainly as a test of the new graphics and of how well i can design a car so i didn't focus on too much else, but might as well post it here, see what you guys can do with it:

cpufreak101 - Sicily.zip (90.4 KB)


here is another car i am making open source because idk if it's just the 1 AM but i cannot get the fuel economy any better, and sorry for no pic
cpufreak101 - G-Series.zip (117 KB)


dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/621 ... hicles.zip

My new Hypercar company called Ultimate Road Vehicles. I've been working the past few weeks on it, slowly, and as you can read on the bottom, it's all open and free! Free as in freedom, as they say. :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy it, guys!

Available on Workshop at steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/f ... =532444916.


just to bump the thread a bit i made a car in under 3 mins, it's obvious it was hastily thrown together with spare parts
cpufreak101 - Car Model 2.zip (89.3 KB)


Mamma Mia! Straight from GSI's southern Fruinia division comes the Juliet, an affordable sport sedan with genuine racing pedigree. And by racing pedigree, we mean you'll spend every weekend adjusting finicky carburetors and hunting down fuel leaks.

glhs386 - GSI Juliet.zip (89 KB)


This may not be the right place but here goes anyway I want an utility vehicle that is BIG either in van or panel van form. the only things is that it will have to be 1975 or older


well i do suppose you can make suggestions here, and while the body, the nose is a bit long to be truly considered a van, it still meets the criteria, i may work on it a bit more later since i had to kinda stop for now, so the economy can be tweaked a bit still

i quite like how it turned out, guess my car design skills are finally improving
cpufreak101 - Koya.zip (89 KB)


I can be older than that its for the pro touring tour as the rescue van


ah ok, i'll use the 1960's van then probably, anything specific you want for it other than the requirements for the pro touring tour requirements?


ok this is one idea i had for the van, and quoting off of what you said in the PTT thread

i made sure it was capable of running on goat urine. economy suffers a lot from this but it has plenty of power to be able to carry around tools/fuel/a wrecked car at the same time. also since the van itself is from the year 1960 you know they didn't care about fuel economy, and being able to run off anything will assist it in certain areas of the globe, but if you don't mind it using at least regular unleaded and want more economy let me know, i still have a few ideas
now here is the galt V1:

it's the best i could get for economy while running goat urine in 1960, this is just one idea i have though, another idea is a 1970 model of this, same body but different engine, and more economical, but i mean hey, least you have power and a transmission capable of providing all the power at a lower speed making it good for towing wrecks off the track
cpufreak101 - V-series.zip (89.4 KB)


The emissions are enough for this van to single-handedly make a hole in the ozone :laughing:


glhs386 - GSI Foley.zip (86.3 KB)


lol oppositelock, you cease to amaze me


my tribute

attachment=0]theh4x0r1337 - BBC.zip[/attachment]
theh4x0r1337 - BBC.zip (88.7 KB)


reminds me of a BMW...


i noticed there's a lack of open source "rear engine cars"
i will make some :stuck_out_tongue:


this car isn't made for racing, nor going fast,
this car is made for driving relaxed on a lonely road, we made it convertible because you can enjoy wind in your air. we put the engine in the back for the best driving experience and bit oversteer too

this car is very customizable.
theh4x0r1337 - rear engine roadster.zip (96.4 KB)


the... uhh... what car company manufactured the BBC again? and what does the BBC in it even mean? oh well, we discovered this car has been mass produced and we decided to tune it :laughing: just stop by your local Galt certified Dealership with $4500 and we will put on a nice little tune for you

exteriorwise the car has received no changes except for the badging (how much more generic can you get by not adding any badging?) to have the GSR label on it (g stands for galt with the additional letters using Galt's naming system to identify the type of modification applied, in this case, a tuned version of the stock engine). the list of changes include a lower, more sportier suspension, carbuerrater swap, and most importantly, a turbocharger. the transmission now sprouts a 5th gear along with tuning applied to the other four gears. the total top speed has been raised up to 121 MPH with a trade off to fuel economy, but considering the car scored only 20 MPG's stock it is obvious that efficiency wasn't it's goal, it's hard to even really determine what it's goal was originially, it drank fuel, was underpowered, was somewhat slow, etc, but now we brought it up to standards for the family sport premium market
edit: oops forgot the .zip
cpufreak101 - BBC.zip (114 KB)


when I export a car can i choose to export all the trims?


you need to export it one trim at a time sadly


ah shame i have from a sensible conmuter to King's Chariot in one same platform