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How about some abg cars


you should be able to leave the automation/exports folder open and just rename the zip before you click the export button for another trim, the only way to do it is one trim at a time unfortunately, you should make a suggestion though for export all trims... in fact select the model (none of the trims) and click export, see what vehicles you get


actually i just tried it, select the model and it does export all trims, it never did that with me before, but yeah you can export all trims, just export the model


Tally ho, chaps! Have you ever wished you had more spare shillings for ale and pipe tobacco? As a proud owner of a GSI Mole, you'll find yourself more able to afford the finer things in life. With this elegant yet economical automobile you say to the world, "I'm not poor, I'm a sophisticated gentleman of limited means." Huzzah!

glhs386 - GSI Mole.zip (87.4 KB)


Fact: Four cylinders are for wussies and socialists. Embrace masculinity and freedom with the GSI Apollo. Horseshoe mustache not included.

glhs386 - GSI Apollo.zip (87.6 KB)


was able to make a great offroader out of it


may i see the specs lol


well seeing that the MVAV challenge is over with i might as well post the van i used for it, got 17th out of 23 entries, not bad if i say so myself

from the challenge review it could've scored a tad higher if it didn't have 2 useless gears
cpufreak101 - MVAV cpufreak101 Galt V-series.zip (117 KB)


there it is
Gauchito Loco - Galt Communitasia.zip (103 KB)


well this is probably the longest i ever worked on a single vehicle (over 45 minutes) but it is the closest i can get to a perfect vehicle for it's target demographic. iit is an SUV aimed at the family utility premium market achieving 80.4 competitiveness, 2185 desirability, and 84.4% affordability. the car itself is called the Hinode, translated from Japanese into sunrise. the Hinode is the first vehicle i have made to achieve a perfect 50/50 weight balance. the only real downfall is fuel economy...

cpufreak101 - Hinode.zip (93.3 KB)
i was initially going to keep this car to myself but how it turned out made me want to open source it, so there are several mods used, just get all the ones off the workshop


only 45mins, I've spend 1hr + on the design alone


like i said, for me personally, about 15 mins of it tho was watching the car go around the test track to make sure it was shifting where i wanted it to


I suggest we get back to the main point of ths thread, will have an open source car up here soon, just need to do a few things to it.


well as stated above lets try to get this thread back on topic, so here is the Galt Ki, the first kei car to be open sourced, it's nothing spectacular, made during a 3 AM lull, but hey, 50 MPG at least.

cpufreak101 - Ki.zip (93.6 KB)


When your wife leaves you and your dog dies, you'll be glad you bought a pickup truck designed to last forever. The GSI Wyoming is engineered to be simple and rugged, just like you. Well, except when you get emotional and start crying, then it's not like you at all.

glhs386 - GSI Wyoming.zip (86.5 KB)


I literally spilled my coffee when I read this.


i just riced the hell out of it, and now nobody wants to buy it and it is ugly AF now

as can be seen, the engine needed extra cooling so the owner chopped a huge hole in the hood (bonnet) that is so large the drag slows it down so much it has no real speed increase (only 18 MPH, not impressive considering the 2x increase in power) oh he also put on new LED headlights

not only is it a hideous color now, because the owner put on a 6 inch exhaust he needed somewhere to put it, so he put 2 exhaust pipes on the roof, despite only one of them working
the total list of changes include a turbo'd engine and some exterior mods (lights, hole, and exhaust, that's it) everything else is stock, including the transmission and suspension
cpufreak101 - GSI Wyoming.zip (110 KB)


While today the Galt Ki is known for it's exorbitant pricing, lethargic performance, antiquated platform and hilariously random engineering decisions, this wan't always the case. During the 1980s it was considered one of the best values in the Kei car class and proved wildly popular in it's home market. Of course, much of that commercial success was no doubt due to a recurring role in the anime TV series Bikini Samurai Robot Cop, but the marketing department doesn't like to admit that.

glhs386 - Galt Ki.zip (96.2 KB)


You wear a fake watch and drink off-brand soda, why not buy a generic sports car? The brainchild of overseas GSI auto executive Mr. J, the Katana brings high-priced Fruinian style down to ordinary middle class Gasmeans. Better yet, it actually starts on cold mornings and the wiring harness doesn't self-immolate.

glhs386 - GSI Katana.zip (88.5 KB)


A very wealthy gentleman with a 1930's striped suit and well trimmed moustache presented himself one day at the Ybarra headquarters with a very unusual commission, he wanted a new vehicles for his family that inspired fear while at the same time remained comfortable and luxurious.

so the factory got on it and started working on car with Cacique underpinnings wrapped in a 1970s station wagon body with exaggerated features to give it more presence. the engine was a lightly massaged Hercules FMU big block packed with techology.
Gauchito Loco - spookmobile.zip (90.9 KB)


So, I used your car as a baseline and added new suspension(double-wishbone) and a new V8 flatplane to create The Furore 375 GT

Nekkro - Furore.zip (89.8 KB)