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How about some abg cars


Developed as part of the Gasmean military's Fast Assault and Reconnaissance Tactical Vehicle (FART-V) program, widespread demand soon prompted GSI to build a civilian market version of the Gazelle. Although 97% of buyers were completely baffled by the existence of a transfer case lever, the macho image nonetheless allowed beta males everywhere to fantasize at being Delta Force commandos.

glhs386 - GSI Gazelle.zip (87.4 KB)


Behold, the least cool mode of transport ever devised by the human mind. The ne plus ultra of vehicular dorkiness. The Walter Mondale of automobiles. Otherwise known as the brown station wagon. Three words that fill children and adults alike with equal parts dread and shame...

...but wait, what's this? One of GSI's resident mad scientists has yanked the anemic cast iron pushrod lump and replaced it with a monster aluminum "cammer" prototype he found in the basement, thus giving birth to the DragWagon. Backed by a heavy duty five speed from the truck division, police spec suspension, performance tires and a limited slip differential, this humble family hauler could add "haul ass" to it's list of abilities. Sadly, it was never approved for production, and the engineer responsible was thrown in an asylum where he spent the rest of his days making model cars out of boogers.

glhs386 - GSI Pilgrim.zip (106 KB)


Sorry cpufreak101, I forgot to post the car here.

Razyx - Sendero.zip (150 KB)


what mod did you use for the grill, i don't seem to have it


The grill, by Vmo, is in steam workshop (it's in VMO modpack1 or in this thread).

The vent is Pleb's mod (not in steam atm) and you can find it here.


while not really a car (just an engine) it's one of the more universal engines i built, fits in a lot of bodies and seems to work good for a lot of things (eco all the way to sport and pony cars) so here, have at it, i'm interested to see what it's put in

cpufreak101 - VS-124.zip (74.9 KB)


so for the multi demographic challenge thingy (here: viewtopic.php?f=13&t=8532) i rolled commuter and fun premium in 1999, i got a good starting point but i can't seem to improve it any, so here it is for you guys to take a crack at:

cpufreak101 - Fun Commuter.zip (95 KB)


and if you want to go a bit faster. come to us with some $$$ and we will tune it up to
-200+ HP
-removed cat
-solid brakes

who says family cars have to go slow

Fun Commuter - sp33d.zip (94.8 KB)


I have made a Hypercar from 1995. It seems okay to me, but I don't think it is at it's full potential. Here it is:
Speedemon Hypercar.zip (91.5 KB)


Well... that's given me something to look into in mid 90s for a change :smiley:


I made a car that shouldn't be sporty but well, it is, didn't have time to make a cool design but if you do make a design out of it, please leave the wings and lips alone.
UMGaming - Car Model 1.zip (91.5 KB)


I did not make a cool design out of it. But I made a "marketable" vehicle out of it. I even gave it a name!

conanmurder - FVF 3150.zip (91.9 KB)


a 2001 v12 coupe

alpha car.zip (91 KB)


well seeing how it's been a long while, might as well post another car, this time the courtner, made in the latest patch and with a V8
cpufreak101 - Courtner.zip (111 KB)


Communitasia needed some SERIOUS work, let me tell you :smiley: I went in expecting an Escort mk1, and got a Trabant :smiley:
Still, managed to do some things with the engine.
Link to car's presentation
RB26DETT - Communitasia.zip (107 KB)


wow, i guess i seriously made a contender for worst serious car ever, but i like it lol


I havent been around in the 60's but judging by James May's cars of the people program, it's a solid runner against the trabants and wartburgs. Probably not as good as a beetle, and definetly will find a good home somewhere in less developed countries where rugged reliability is key.

P.S: A restomodder would slap a turbo on that 6:1 CR with such ease and will blow the doors off any old school legend it's ridiculous.


new idea!, will post after finishing it


You may use my visuals if you desire :slight_smile: They're public to modify and edit too


the AlpenStrasse, one of many 3rd party modified trims of the communitasia, which was, well, known as a cheap but awful car, while the ability to run on goat urine whilst being cheap made it appealing to certain markets at the time, in most of the world though, it was unsellable, but then 3rd parties started to come along and offer up mods to make the car much less awful. one of the most well known mod trims was the AlpenStrasse done by, at the time, a small garage known as Kraft Haus Technik which is today an independent manufacturer of automobiles. and today we will be honoring their efforts in improving the communitasia's sale with their AlpenStrasse. since the car is now 20 years old, you can imagine quite a few developments in technology came along since then, with one of the most power increasing mods being the turbocharger. since the original engine was designed to run at super low octane, it was very simple to just use regular unleaded and get more than 10 octane added to the engine, which gave us plenty of wiggle room for the turbo. we did keep things very simple in the engine department by having the only thing custom manufactured was the turbo, everything else we left alone besides fuel and ignition timing, which for being such an old car, were easily adjustable with just a screwdriver. to handle the larger power output a slightly larger exhaust was installed, and to help meet regulations a three way cat has also been added on.
exterior wise the car was perfectly beautiful already, it was hard to decide what to do, we eventually decided on keeping the 1960's style with adding 1980's influence by removing all the circular lights and replacing them all with modern looking rectangular lights. other than that we haven't really changed all that much on the exterior, but it's almost enough to make it look like another car. so now i resent to you, the AlpenStrasse brought into the 80's:

cpufreak101 - Communitasia.zip (85.5 KB)