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How about some abg cars


bump activates airbag


Okay guys, pimp my ride. this is a early prototype of the banshee from 1995, it's rear engine rear wheel drive with a 553hp NA v8. Clears green hell in 7:57 and the airfield in 1:17 on sports tires while still getting 21mpg us, and it only costs $46500 at 50% profit so this is way cheaper then the Lamborghinis or Ferraris of the time. it uses this body steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/ ... =564345896
nialloftara - Banshee prototype.zip (91.8 KB)


I'm entering that thing in the classic endurance challenge


to bring this thread back to life i'm open sourcing my entire hatchi lineup, they are far from the best vehicles i ever made (which are currently my G series trucks) and generally do look tacky, but it's a good early 80's commuter vehicle with many variants, so many i won't be showing photos, too lazy to take all of 'em
cpufreak101 - Hatchi.zip (166 KB)


This thread is missing something...

It doesn't have enough... me.

As such, I present the 1989 Normandy Shadow. A rear wheel drive, two sport sports coupe. The essence of which would later become the the Echo. It's got pop-up headlights, an unnecessary and, lets face it, gaudy wing, and with the right tuning, can achieve a 0.0% wheel spin rating.
1989 Normandy Shadow.zip (17.8 KB)


this post cant die


It's been 5 days since there's been a post, do you think it's going to be dead yet?


well, i decided to make a car for here anyways, it has the engineering of the G-series, but the design of a Chinese ManHell knockoff (an improvement, i guess). so anyways, the very first car i posted to the forums was a 1985 land Roamer, the days of that thing are now looooooong gone. so here, i now present the 2002 Galt Land Roamer. built fully from steel to ensure durability, with the 4.6L V6 getting the huge steel behemoth a respectable 20 MPG along with an ok top speed. i mean, this thing ain't breaking any records, personally one of the better vehicles i have made, but still feels... yeah...

yeah, one of my better vehicles, but personally feels like a Chinese ManHell knockoff, i wish i was more original, but hey, what can i do, not like i can run an inverted V6 :laughing:
cpufreak101 - Land Roamer.zip (98.4 KB)
more variations may be coming, i have a plan for a PR trim with a V8


bumb, while not too low, just informing that there is now a poll


I'd like to post more cars, but frankly I'm running out of ideas for cars which I can write a funny blurb about. As such, I'm willing to take general requests, if anyone is so inclined.


Same here.


yeah, i'll also take a crack at anything, for now though, i know i open sourced my hatchi, but i went back and realized, the car is extremely crap. so i took a 2 door hatch version and i turbo'd the engine and now i've got a 1985 hot hatch somewhat. it is aimed at the track budget, but not scoring all too high, kinda expected it since i never really even explored the track market in general, so i kinda dove in blind. the result was the 1985 Hatchi SP, appears superior in many ways, better fuel economy, more than double the power, and can actually get up to speed now, making it sellable in north america, and with the low price tag, it is sure to catch on.

i'll also be making the engine open source, cause who wouldn't want to have some fun with a turbo 1.3L I4?
EDIT: big oopsie, forgot the car:
cpufreak101 - Hatchi.zip (191 KB)


i went back several posts and found the GSI mole, i ended up making several tunes of it... including one in 2016 with a 350+HP 2.2L V12.... and it does green hell in 11 minutes.... with a top speed of 156... and also costs 1.1 million... so here it is... again.... GSI mole.... (i'm literally just tuning cars now lol, hey, that's an idea)
cpufreak101 - GSI Mole.zip (156 KB)


Lulz. I like how the V12 never stops spinning the tires.


ANOTHER EDIT: the 1st version, the engine was kinda bugged out, so i have fixed it, it also includes the aforementioned russian version

well, after the communitasia MKI had it's 10 year life cycle, galt knew their issues, so they tried their best to fix 'em. the result was 2 different trims, the R and the PR, each of which coming in a coupe, sedan, and a wagon. the extremely rare 1975 version badged as the tetrad as a turbocharged version of the communitasia for the gasmean markets. and sorry for lack of pics, it's 3:30 AM, so i present to you...
[size=200]1970 Communitasia MKII[/size]

cpufreak101 - Communitasia MKII.zip (223 KB)

also, i find it strange the PR trim is better than the R in every way... oh well, i'll be waiting to see what you end up doing with it squidhead

also, this might be my last vehicle post for a while, windows is so unstable and so broken it's unusable, so i suppose i'll be waiting for a linux release (and before you ask, machine's not good enough for VM's and idk how to install steam games into wine)

EDIT: after watching james may's cars of the people program, i decided to add a bit of a story to this...
so it is 1970, the eastern block of germany is still a awful place, the USSR is all powerful, yet they look for cars,and galt happens to be one of the companies they turn to when looking for a new car maker for a good peoples car. galt, still being a relatively young company at just 25 years old, saw this as a chance to make some profit, so they went into the USSR and produced their own factory near moscow. the factory was soon complete and started to churn out communitasia's for the russian people. it was an instant success. cheap enough for a hard working family to purchase after saving for a little more than a year with it costing only REDACTED russian rubles for the sedan model, which allowed a person to become a proud new owner of a communitasia, it went over very well with galt experiencing enough success to finally get the resources to be a bigshot car producer by 1974, however later on that same year, communists being communists, took the russian galt factory for themselves and wound up making the communitasia on their own,the largest difference was that galt wasn't receiving a single penny of the russian sales, but at least they had enough to get the resources to start out large scale car production, which has since allowed them to grow to it's current position it is in today. as for the russian version, it managed to go on and continue to be a hit, in 1978, they managed to do a small facelift on the car, and it managed to stay in production from 1978 all the way to 2003, kept in production for 10 years after the collapse thanks to demand for a simple, cheap, rugged car.

ANOTHER EDIT: so another variation has been made, the OR trim (off-road). this one features the engine from out of the PR editions, but everything else is trim specific. the OR trim will only be available in sedan or wagon, and comes from the factory, a great off-road vehicle cheap enough for even a Mongolian nomad to purchase, along with being ruggid and dependable enough to help them cross the gobi desert, gone are the days of stubborn horses and lazy mules, just go to the nearest city and pick up a communitasia (download link has been amended)

man does the OR love to backfire


Oh goodie!




communitasia MKII has a new variation, post has been amended


Oh god... my commu mk1 based car is producing exactly the same power, but chugs "the posh stuff" at the station only :smiley:

Also that's modern rubles you're talking about. Back in USSR you could live for 55 rubles a month, and a good salary was about 125. You should correct for inflation... Although the game does not so I wouldn't know if you should.


yeah, i figured i screwed it all up, i tried to correct for inflation, but i got "no data found" error when i tried to find USD to ruble in 1970