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How about some abg cars


:smiley: That's cause "cold war" "Iron Curtain" buisness. Nothing was allowed from the "Rotting, broke west" into the "Glorious, happy and forever successful USSR"


You've spent a long, hard day firing useless employees (or executing dissidents), the ride back to your ivory palace should enjoyed in decadent luxury. The GSI Arlington Royale features smooth V12 power and heavy duty steel construction, perfect for plowing though crowds of annoying protesters without disturbing the occupants.

glhs386 - GSI Arlington.zip (88.9 KB)


Polska best company FLUG make K25 and FLUG K50! SUCCESS YES! Much joy have! (quote from the official Flug K25 brochure in United States from 1971)

RB26DETT - Flug.zip (115 KB)


well i had no LS, but i did have the VT-209, that was a fun swap, truck V8 into a huge car

and squidhead, what magic did you use to create the rear end? i tried to make a truck version of it but the rear end just glitches out massively when i try to remove the fixtures


Use bunny blood to stick the fixtures to the car while chanting devilish mantras.


I've a few cars that will be changing a fair bit in future updates. Supposing I was to make open source one Gryphon Gear design (or the mechanical equivalent of, given the Steam workshop is missing a couple of fixtures). Which of the following would people prefer?

2012 Nightfury (Track Day Special, it's impossible to make the original without duplicating the wing 40 times)
2013 Mephisto (except it will never get as much power as it used to, and I want to put a V16 in it)
2014 Sleipnir (wrong engine, but based on current track record holder, although the loading is buggy)
2015 Mercury (wrong engine, right top speed and performance)

As for open sourcing my designs, that may not really be possible at the moment. Given how long it actually takes me to get my designs completed, I've not actually bothered to recreate them visually :laughing:


There's a certain reason why I don't feel the need to take apart one of your cars to see what makes them tick, Strop... I already have. Twice :smiley: :sunglasses:


Twice? I know you've got my 2020 Kelpie... but I didn't think the tune of your Sepang really counted because that was more like 1/3 yours, 1/3 another engine, and 1/3 my tune.

Also I'm aware that I actually uploaded Nightfury and Mephisto from a prior build when the devs were trying to get cars for a Steam trailer video, but that's an old build.


The setup is what counts :slight_smile: So yeah, Diabolica counts.


I intend my current project company LaVache Horseless Carriages to be popular with tuners, so I guess this is where I post the cars that other people will modify and LS Swap.
Ladies and gents, I present to you the 1974 LaVache Sunstreaker, an american compact rivalling the Chevrolet Vega, Ford Maverick and Plymouth Valiant (comes with a few variants):
1974 LaVache Sunstreaker.zip (185 KB)
Lets see what you can come up with. I encourage you to show me the results.


So, I'm gonna Open Source one of my Cars here, The Facciamo Cars MC.205.

The First Ever Mass Production Facciamo Vehicles.

I'm also going to add the MC.205 MkII, just for Fun.

Greatness - MC.205.zip (89.8 KB)
Greatness - MC.205 MkII.zip (91.2 KB)


ah, the Communitasia, a crappy car with tons of tuning potential. so here is the 1980 MKIII Communitasia. while the R trim keeps the traditional I4, the PR trim comes with a 3 liter I6, a first for the Communitasia lineup, the I6 produces 100 horsepower and when combined with the super light weight of the communitasia, it makes it the fastest from factory communitasia out there. another interesting fact about this communitasia is that it was designed by Noto designs, so as such, their original concept is included in the DL.

cpufreak101 - Communitasia MKIII.zip (137 KB)
more variations to come!


Not if I get that market first by modifying your hatchi :sunglasses:



yeah lol, it was really my first dive into something like that, i have since made better cars for Volta and learned a few more tricks on engine optomization


This is just something I've been playing around with for the Onero Commercial brand.

stickmaster62 - Onero O-1.zip (144 KB)


This looks pretty good


The truck look pretty nice


i agree, looks real nice


3.0 liter nasp
jdm quattro.zip (100 KB)