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How about some abg cars


In soviet russia, a car with 2 doors was a sign of poverty.


Here is my CSR44 entry as I originally wanted it to be, complete with alloy panels, premium interior, mechanical LSD, bigger wheels and premium equipment, until I succumbed to the temptation to undercut the opposition on price:

ahertono - CSR44 - abg7.zip (31.4 KB)

And here is an idea for my CSR47 entry that I ultimately didn’t submit due to the lack of brand lore behind it (the more recent '95 trim is the one which adhered to the rules of that round):

ahertono - AMP Sandtiger.zip (40.1 KB)

If there are any missing mods on your end, just copy the mods in question to the relevant subfolder in your Camso directory.

Want to tune either of these cars to your desires? Go ahead and pull your finger out!


MK0 Communitasia Teaser


This is my CSR50 entry:

ahertono - CSR50 - abg7.zip (22.4 KB)

And here is the car I submitted for CSR51:

ahertono - CSR51 - abg7.zip (22.0 KB)


My CSR51 entry. Design goal was a cheap muscle car that did the business, without slavish adherence to historical realism on the engineering side. Came in third seemingly because of the cheap stereo and ‘modest’ drag performance; appealing to a teenager’s sense of frugality perhaps wasn’t the best idea. I knew the cheap stereo might be a sore point, but I wanted to keep the price estimate under $10,000 without touching quality sliders (it’s $9900).

(I haven’t really looked into the UE4 version of the game, but I hope there are going to be options for stripes and two-tone (or more) paint sections. I wanted to go with the more typical blue stripes on white US racing colours, but Raz’s mod doesn’t include blue.)

Leedar - CSR51 - Leedar.zip (21.5 KB)


Now that the export/import function in UE4 is working properly, I think this thread desperately needs to be revived - using export files and screenshots from the UE4 version. I’ll start off with an unused idea for CSR66:

GSC35 - Coupe Twin Cam.car (29.9 KB)

It was too expensive for me to actually use, but at least it looked great - in my opinion at least.


@ramthecowy I can see you doing that :stuck_out_tongue: