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How about some Open Source cars?


Ok, I planned to post some of my random designs here a long, long ago, but now the first car I’ll post will not be one of them, as they are pretty bad. Instead here is a 4th place of the CSR32 - the Griffa Aurion 1.2 ES, a cheap compact with an I6 :slight_smile:

szafirowy01 - CSR32 - szafirowy01.zip (24.4 KB)


Well then, due to the response of people saying the Communitasia is an “automation iconic car” i have decided to update them a bit. The MKII has been almost completely reworked (will post later) and the MK1 received a whole new engine, some slightly new styling (which was admittedly a bit rushed, may post a V2.1 later with better styling) and everything else has been re-tuned. there is still only a single trim for the MK1 though sadly, though I think we all know the MKII is a bit famous for all it’s variations lol. anyway tho, here is V2.0 MK1 Communitasia

cpufreak101 - Communitasia.zip (20.8 KB)

Link to V1.0


Here is the V 2.0 MKII communitasia as promised

The V2.0 Communitasia MKII comes with some updated styling without departing too far from the original. The engines also feature a couple minor tweaks to make up for losses/changes throughout updates, along with updates simply from an increase in my personal skill. The SOF trim has been removed (still available in V1) and the Russian Made remains untouched. The Tetrad however, has had a complete redesign thanks to Centro Stile Betta S.p.A.(link to his thread is here) and has also been re-tuned with more turbo skills. A N/A variation has also been added

cpufreak101 - Communitasia MKII.zip (160.7 KB)

Link to V1.5ish


Another one of my competition cars: the KWA KX1. I entered this in CSR34 and made the top ten, finishing 7th overall; the only reason it didn’t place higher was its use of complex suspension components. Feel free to create additional variants of this crossover if you wish.

ahertono - CSR34 - abg7.zip (28.8 KB)

And here is an earlier masterpiece from Kramer, the K5 Spider 5.0, which was my entry in CSR35. There is plenty of potential in this one… You could turn it into a softer-edged boulevard cruiser or an aggressive racetrack bruiser, or just leave it as it is.

In fact, part of me wishes that I could drive one of these in Test Drive Unlimited - I reckon that, as it is, it would fit neatly into Class D.

ahertono - CSR35 - abg7.zip (24.1 KB)

Finally, here is my unused idea for CSR36 - a mid-engined sports car that I rejected at the last minute for being too slow and expensive.

ahertono - CSR36 - abg7 test.zip (25.0 KB)


I could collab on this if you wish.


Still doesn’t interfere with the Alpenstrasse modifications, I’m sure. :slight_smile:
LLGC! Long Live Galt Communitasia


Here, have something I’m never doing anything with. Was going to be a base idea for a small company, but I can’t be bothered expanding it.

Vri404 - Acrus Verona.zip (25.6 KB)


I can see an uncanny similarity to my Harris CS60 Coupe in the Verona - same body and exterior color, and a very similar front fascia… I can’t wait to take a closer look at it!

And here is a late 90s budget car intended for developing markets, built to sell for <$10k with a 10% markup, and run on regular fuel:

Feel free to do anything you want with it, such as making an upmarket and/or high-performance version.

ahertono - SMG CK100.zip (22.6 KB)

If your tastes lean more towards performance, but you still have a tight budget, try the Hyrix, also from the same company. I intended for it to sell for no more than $15k with a 25% markup in place.

ahertono - SMG Hyrix.zip (23.0 KB)

Please note that both cars were made using the current stable Kee-engined release.

KHT Aftermarket division and racing team [1972 Dominator. KHT builds a Calvinator]

Another Random car.

Idk what I did with it or why it was made, but was made before my automation went south.

MRVN - Faerun Mailana.zip (28.0 KB)


:ru: :ru: :ru:

MRVN - CAZ 8739.zip (22.0 KB)

:ru: :ru: :ru:


In soviet russia, a car with 2 doors was a sign of poverty.


Here is my CSR44 entry as I originally wanted it to be, complete with alloy panels, premium interior, mechanical LSD, bigger wheels and premium equipment, until I succumbed to the temptation to undercut the opposition on price:

ahertono - CSR44 - abg7.zip (31.4 KB)

And here is an idea for my CSR47 entry that I ultimately didn’t submit due to the lack of brand lore behind it (the more recent '95 trim is the one which adhered to the rules of that round):

ahertono - AMP Sandtiger.zip (40.1 KB)

If there are any missing mods on your end, just copy the mods in question to the relevant subfolder in your Camso directory.

Want to tune either of these cars to your desires? Go ahead and pull your finger out!


MK0 Communitasia Teaser


This is my CSR50 entry:

ahertono - CSR50 - abg7.zip (22.4 KB)

And here is the car I submitted for CSR51:

ahertono - CSR51 - abg7.zip (22.0 KB)


My CSR51 entry. Design goal was a cheap muscle car that did the business, without slavish adherence to historical realism on the engineering side. Came in third seemingly because of the cheap stereo and ‘modest’ drag performance; appealing to a teenager’s sense of frugality perhaps wasn’t the best idea. I knew the cheap stereo might be a sore point, but I wanted to keep the price estimate under $10,000 without touching quality sliders (it’s $9900).

(I haven’t really looked into the UE4 version of the game, but I hope there are going to be options for stripes and two-tone (or more) paint sections. I wanted to go with the more typical blue stripes on white US racing colours, but Raz’s mod doesn’t include blue.)

Leedar - CSR51 - Leedar.zip (21.5 KB)


Now that the export/import function in UE4 is working properly, I think this thread desperately needs to be revived - using export files and screenshots from the UE4 version. I’ll start off with an unused idea for CSR66:

GSC35 - Coupe Twin Cam.car (29.9 KB)

It was too expensive for me to actually use, but at least it looked great - in my opinion at least.


@ramthecowy I can see you doing that :stuck_out_tongue:


I am sorry to revive a long dead topic upon my brief return, but I have made a gift i have to present:

1970 Galt Communitasia, Unreal 4 edition

Currently, i just have this one sedan trim made, and it’s the GL (Base) trim. 2L 4 cyl VE-66 engine coupled to a 4 speed manual. it does however, have a redone design, and rides on a new body, so, enjoy if anyone does anything with this. I’ll be willing to post the BeamNG export if anyone wants it that cannot convert themselves.

MKII Communitasia - GL.car (21.4 KB)

well, back to the shadows


2002 G Motors Unknown Coupe

(It’s a “retro” thing)

Here’s an interesting one that my Fiancee made (with my help and tuning).
Of course its definitely a “my first automation car” type of creation, because it was the first car she had ever created in automation, but wow, did I tune it well. It’s the best, most fun AWD car I have ever had in BeamNG! Simply hit the e-brake to flick it then, gun it and it just pulls!

Feel free to customize any which way you’d like!

4.3L DOHC V8 NA 350 hp
2,900 lbs
AHS Space frame with Fiberglass body
Adv. Auto 5 gears AWD with Geared LSDs
Disk Brakes 11" front 9" rear with ABS
Amazing Suspension and Engine Tuning
Premium 2+3 interior (2 front buckets and 3/2 seats rear)


No offence intended, but I’m way more interested in when “girlfriend” got upgraded to “fiancee”.