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How about some "open source" engines?


So I will need about 400hp in 1984, which is able to fit into a non F40 body. Any solutions?[/quote]

Any particular configuration?


445hp V6 :wink:

Since the engine exporter is currently broken, the download comes with the non-F40 body. Beta required, if you don’t have the beta here is an album of screenshots to show you how to set it up: imgur.com/a/GR6dP
phale - Model 1.zip (87.8 KB)


screens would be better. PM those over.
Also I’ll need engine name and company name

Anything goes


Old thread I know. But I have one of the best engines I ever made, that auditioned for Calavera but did not make the cut. So I decided you people could have it. :smile:

Presenting to you…
#The Nökken V8!
A team of mates that left Saab during the production of the second generation of the Sonnett got together to produce a V8 that could power sports cars, around the world.

Year: 1973
Displacement: 2112cc (it should fit in the not-Esprit then)
Fuel: 91 Octane Regular
Weight: ehehhe not that light, something like 125-ish kg
Exhaust: performance, with long tube headers
Loudness: somewhere between 42 and 45
Reliability 46.something
Variants: can’t make them, my automation is borked
Cylinders: 8
Aspiration: Natural
Power: 120kW/161hp
Torque: Somewhere like 180/200Nm
Redline: 7000rpm
Price: Under $1000
Engineering time: roughly 90-95 if I remember correctly.
Fuel economy: idk
Idek what power ratings are

Nøkken.zip (76.0 KB)

What sort of cars do I see it powering? Small, lightweight, roadsters. Or sports cars. Anything really, who knows.


finally allowed someone to buy you the game?


No. Demo. I might get it soon.

Just like what I was saying for the last two months.



as far as i remember tho, the demo limited you to I4’s, then again the Demo prolly way changed since i used it.


Over a year ago I could make V8 in demo when it bugged sometimes, so it didn’t need to change :smile:


This thread as a whole is a great place to find all manner of engines for just about any application! But why hasn’t anyone submitted a V12 yet? Is it because they’re too expensive? Or have we all forgotten that they were introduced to the game months ago? I don’t think either one is true, so I shall be the first to showcase such a prestigious and potent powerplant.

I originally built this engine for CSR20, and with over 770 bhp and a redline beyond 9,000 rpm, this V12 is most definitely a work of art. It’s quite costly to manufacture, but then again, the best hypercars deserve the best engines. It’s even quite reliable, if somewhat thirsty.

What are you waiting for?

ahertono - CSR20 - abg7 engine.zip (78.0 KB)


I have two engines here from the DSD brand our mainstay DSD8 v8 ranging from 5.8l up to 8.1L and 300Hp to infinity
juliusgraham5485 - THE DSD V8.zip (149.9 KB)

And my DSD4 ranging from 570cc to 880cc and power levels from 66hp to 100hp (engine was designed as a kei car option)
juliusgraham5485 - The DSD 4.zip (113.6 KB)


I’m back with a monster of a V8.

That speaks for itself.
Nuclear Toilet Plunger - superV8.zip (17.0 KB)

Oh, and check that emissions. Not bad, eh?


That engine crashed the game when I tried to use it in the current stable release. I suspect it must be a result of being created in an open beta build. However, by installing the game on two different machines and having one of them run the open beta, I should be able to get around this problem.


I believe so, I did build it in the beta.


The first two are for my trucks
This one here is the one I use, and it’s very efficient, (37.70% to be exact :stuck_out_tongue:)

The second one is the High Output version, which, despite having 55 less ft/lbs of torque less than the 5.0L cummins V8, actually has (2) more hp at 3300 rpm (the cummins’ redline), thanks to its extremely flat torque curve.
The reason I am not using this engine here is because of it’s poorer efficiency (about 6 percentage points less than the first engine).
(I might end up building a heavy duty version of my truck and sticking this engine in there, though)

(Both of these are 4.6L)

BigBlackNerd - Eco Torque i6.zip (21.5 KB)

These next engines are for my Roadsters:
(2.3L I6)
Naturally Aspirated


I’m really proud of that turbo motor, though, >200 ft/lbs of torque from 2500 to 8500 RPM :smiley:
They’re pretty ineficcient, but they are used in very light cars, (less than 2500 lbs).

(As you can tell, I really love my I6’s; They’re so easy to turbo!)

BigBlackNerd - I6Sport.zip (50.6 KB)


I would post my 27.77% efficient I4 but… top secret Cavallera material. 26% is still damn good. Which leads me to wonder, what are the highest efficiency ratings ever recorded?


We had a competition about that, check the subforum.


as it has been a while for here aswell, Have my small block V8 family. only 2 engines in it as of yet tho, but hey, it’s something.

cpufreak101 - VT-150 ‘small block’.zip (13.1 KB)


OK These are the Licorne Engines from the early to mid 70’s [ I actually will continue to use these engines in Licorne vehicles up to the year 2000. There is plenty of room both in bore/stroke and in power production and economy.
These are all Iron block engines with Alloy 3 valve heads.
Capacity ranging from 197Ci up to 482ci
darkshine5 - MASON INLINE ^6.zip (70.5 KB)

darkshine5 - MASON V8 Small Block.zip (31.7 KB)

darkshine5 - MASON V8 Big Block.zip (16.4 KB)


For those still using the current stable release, here is a whole set of high-output, high-displacement modern overhead-valve V8s, with variant years from 2000 to 2012 and horsepower ranging from mid-300s all the way to well over 500. Shown below is the most potent version, the Phase 3.

ahertono - LN80.zip (48.1 KB)




Svenssondemokraterna - VTEC kicked in yo!.zip (10.6 KB)