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How Can I Make A Really Fun Car?


How Can I Make A Really Fun Car? I always wanted to made a fun car but I can’t do that. Can you help me?


It depends on your defenition of fun, actually? Do you want a fast, nigh undriveable car? Do you want a good midengined sportscar? Do you want a JellyCar?

Define your poison and i guess there are a lot of people that can help you on the way


The “Fun” car. There is a Fun category in Automation


Ah, a “Fun” car in automation-terms… If i remember correctly, a hot hatch usually lands in fun territory… So, get yourself a hatchback body, a smallish (1.6 - 2.0 liter i4) engine and turbo it lightly, give the car either AWD or FWD depending on taste, and give it a good suspension tune. I think you have to have at least 4 seats or so, both good handling and sportiness, as well as prestige and security. But i’m not at home right now, and cannot really check.


In case anyone is wondering, I’ve moved this out of “Suggestions” which is for technical issues with the game itself, to the regular “General Chat” as this is an enquiry about how to play the game.

About “Fun” cars: they’re not expensive, they generally require 4 or 5 seats (less and it would veer towards Sport or Track), and more about how you can toss them around but they aren’t all that powerful (again, this would veer towards Track).

So a fun car would be like a warmed hatch. The sportiness should come mainly from the cornering. It shouldn’t be uneconomical. It should also not be a deathtrap or awfully uncomfortable. And it still needs to have a lot of drivability, hence the “don’t go overboard with the power”.

Try making a replica of, say, an EG Civic Type R and go from there.


Thank you so much guys :slight_smile:


Make it light and not too powerful.


Thank you again guys, I’m so happy with this Fun car! Say hello to Puding EnJoy!


What about the stats and specs? Those are the metrics by which cars in the Fun demographic are judged. If you show us either (or, better still, both) of those, we’ll know whether or not it really fits the definition of a “fun” car, as suggested above.


Stats or specs of what?


I was referring to your car, as shown in the screenshot above.


Oh, It has 62.0 Drivability, 0,0 Sportiness, 39,5 Comfort, 24,2 Prestige, 38,9 Safety, 61,4 Praticality, 15,4 Utility, 21,5 Offroad and 9,9 Fuel Economy