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How much G force does a sedan need?


My all sedan or hatchback etc. cars have 0.7 g force. Is it enough?


If they’re normal, cheap-ish cars that’s enough. If they’re hot hatches or more premium cars, it may not be enough. If they’re from the 50s or 60s and they’re normal cars, that’s already too much :stuck_out_tongue: However, if you’re not making a supercar or something like that, maximum g-force really doesn’t matter. As long as your drivability and comfort are up to par you’re good.


Okey than, thank you. But for Hot hatch’s, how many g force does it need?


Well, if it’s modern I’d say 0.9-ish without downforce is reasonable. Usually when building a sporty car, try to align the “S”-marker on or slightly below the red line in the steering graph. Never leave it over the line as it usually results to terminal oversteer and death :stuck_out_tongue:

This is not an exact number, as it always depends on the concept of the car. Is it track-ready? Is it also comfortable? But as a general guideline 0.9 is ok, I think.


a good rule of thumb: from 0.7g in the '46 to 1.2g at end game, subtract 0.1g for family car and add 0.1g for sport car, “as many as you can get without warnings” for race car at any year


1.1g for a family car in today’s standards is kinda overkill


Just a Fun car. Is 0.9 will be enough?


yeah but you have to think in game standard. and a 2020 chassis is a 2025 car


Maybe a bit more, the number might have been a bit low.

I have to say though that you should experiment and try to find a spot that seems good for you. By asking here you’re taking a bit of fun away from your game experience… except of course if you just want to talk with us here, go ahead :wink:


Why not do what real life manufacturers do and benchmark your cars against real-life competitors?

1995 VW GTI VR6 = 0.78g (article claims original GTI from 1982 pulled the same cornering g)

2005 VW Golf GTI = 0.9g

2015 VW Golf GTI = 0.91g


You’re all wrong.
The correct reply is: ALL OF IT!!! :wink: