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How will i get the V16's?


The old site/forum (http://phpbb3.automationgame.com/ucp.php?i=199) asks for a password i have forgotten.
And when i try the “I forgot my Password” it wants the old email adress, that isn’t available anymore.

How the hell can i get the DLC key?

PS: have now upgraded to Win 7. The UE4 version: Shiny!!! :heart_eyes:


Send us an email to contact@camshaftsoftware.com with your old email address, and what email address you want it to be updated to.


Email sent.


Hehe… it worked!

Shiny, lovely V16’s.:heart_eyes::nerd::heart_eyes:

First one made: 1.5liter twin turbo, (closest you can get to a BRM 1.5l), had to go to 1982 to get Multi EFI.
412 Hp@8600rpm, nearly dead under 5000rpm. Needs much more power, maybe with 200 octane.:wink: