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Hshan's 1999 Peugeot 406 Coupe


Here’s my second car, after 3 years of not having any. Though it’s actually the first one to have some sense and the first being bought with any use of my brain :stuck_out_tongue: As the title says, a '99 406 Coupe, powered by the base engine (I think?), a petrol 2.0 making a bit odd 132 horsepower. I was looking for some interesting car that would still be within my reach when it comes to ownership costs, and this is right on point - a cool looking coupe, yet with pretty common and standard tech. It’s not in a perfect condition, but it’s good - it passed its MOT very recently, has a rather new valvetrain (few kkm), new exhaust and hardly any rust. It drives well and - quite unusually for a cheap 406 Coupe - has bumpers with no cracks.

So, what are the downsides?

  • AC doesn’t work! that’s a big one, I don’t know what’s the cause
  • LPG installation needs regulation and/or minor fixes - it works, and the engine works ok on LPG in general (definitely drivable), but it doesn’t always provide the correct air/fuel mixture
  • driver’s window stops some 1,5-2 cm below the level it should - minor, but annoying
  • oil gauge (temp, AFAIK) doesn’t work
  • no radio :frowning:
  • and some tiny stuff: it needs two keys - one for the locks, the other for starting - I think the ignition was replaced, as the cabin light needs electricity to be turned on on the ignition to glow; I can lower both windows from the driver’s door switches, but I can raise only the driver’s one; rims are scratched here and there; both door limiters stop only on the first position.

The interior is covered in black leather - not my preferable choice, but ok, car’s coolness factor makes up for that :wink: At least it has heated seats, so I won’t freeze to the seat in winter. I was amazed by the amount of space in the rear - I can easily sit there, without being squeezed, behind the front seat set up for me - and I’m 187 cm (that’s 6 ft 1,5" for you 'Muricans). As for the rest of the equipment - the non-functioning AC is manual, there’s the cruise control and, I think standard, power mirrors. I don’t expect much in that regard, so as soon as the AC will be fixed and some radio with BT installed, I’ll be entirely content with that.


406 Coupe! One of the most beautiful cars of the 90s :heart_eyes:

My BR:C submission was intended to be a direct copy of the 406 Coupe but ended up way more bland lol


The 406 Coupe hails from a time when nearly every manufacturer had a stylish coupe to sell in the European market - a consequence of high insurance rates killing off most hot hatches and forcing their target market to seek something else instead. As a Pininfarina design, the 406 Coupe reminds me of a Ferrari 456 from some angles - and while it’s nowhere near as fast, it’s much more attainable.


The 406 Coupé is probably the best looking of all the FWD Peugeots IMO.


I’ve added photos and info in the first post :slight_smile: