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Humble Bundle games giveaway


So yeah, Im subscribed, but some of the games I already have, and some just do not click with me at all. So I’m giving away the steam keys to things I will not play. Just comment here for the title you would like, and don’t just ask for all of them, don’t be greedy for sake of hoarding.


Shoppe Keep

Super Rude Bear Resurrection

Kero Blaster


NBA 2K17

Offworld Trading Company


War for the Overworld



I’d love it if i could get my hands on Stellaris :slight_smile:


I just want to say thank you for the offer. :slight_smile:


PM sent, game removed from list.


Could I grab Okhlos, please?


Thanks man :slight_smile:


Cool initiative!
I’m not interested but thanks !


I’d like to try out Ashes of the Singularity :slight_smile:


Could I perhaps get Husk?


Shadow Warrior is free on Humble Bundle


Humble isn’t too good for me this month aswell. Updated the first post.


I’d like Galactic Civilizations III please!

edit: Thanks!


Armello Please!


goNNER would be nice ^^
Thanks a lot


This… humble bundle… isn’t good to me… like… AT ALL, so giving up pretty much all of it. :frowning: really bummed about it.

Still free for all, first come first served, but if anybody wishes to drop a buck my way for the game key, towards my next cheap ass mod for the drift missile to make me feel better - rb26dett@inbox.lv paypal. Not necessary though.


Ill take pillars of eternity please.




this plz




offworld trading company pls