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I saw a Total Eclipse today. What's YOUR eclipse story?


I waited 2 years, drove 752 miles for 12.5 hours, just to see 2.5 minutes worth of this:

I think I’m now a confirmed eclipse junkie. :stuck_out_tongue: The actual journey itself took 16 hours (including stops) but it was totally worth it. Totally…

The “ME TOO” car averaged 31.02 mpg (US) which is the highest I’ve ever recorded in any car I’ve owned. Tomorrow is the long journey home, but I enjoyed every bit of my time here in Greenville, South Carolina.

What’s your eclipse story? (annular, partial, total - whatever!)


well for Today’s eclipse… I was at the doctors getting a shot right when it was at its peak in my area, just slightly off peak though is when I got out and it was still kinda dark, almost like it was overcast, but there were no clouds in the sky


I saw it as well. Even though it wasn’t as total as I’d have hoped.


My Eclipse story? I just like it from NFS World.

Just kidding, couldn’t see the eclipse and next total solar eclipse will occur in Poland in 2100s, so I’ll be long dead by then :frowning:


I went outside to watch the eclipse. Unfortunately, the cover wasn’t strong enough to make an effect on the weather or the appearance of the sun, I used the home-made boxes, though, to see the stages of the eclipse, which I still found very intersting.


My eclipse story was staring at the fucking clouds that got in the way of it.


Not seen one for a long time outside KSP




Not much to see here. Not a total eclipse, but it was supposed to be about 97% totality. I think it was closer to 75%.


My eclipse took 11 hours to get to, 2 nights in a shitty hotel, and lots of traffic on 81. When even 81 has traffic you now it’s bad

I have pics I can share later when I get them from my camera


I can make that joke one better.




It was only about 70% here. It was cloudy but cleared up from time to time to where we could look at it through the welding lenses.

One of my coworkers got a good picture of it.


Here are the promised eclipse photos!

A picture of the eclipse

A picture of the eclipse ending, looks odd


Mine was a five minute drive to work. Then like Zabhawkin, we looked through a welding mask up at it. Ours was only about 70-80% as well.


Mine was about 85%
I used a welding mask to view it as well as one of the boxes

About 7 minutes after totality, it got cloudy.

I took a few pics thorough the welding mask with my Iphone 5.
the mask made them look green which was a sorta cool effect.


I love how some people managed to catch the International Space Station transiting over the sun.

You can really get a good sense of just how fast that thing is going up there in orbit.


Some 9 kilometers per second IIRC. That’s 3 seconds to cover my hometown across.