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I want to make a website for my car company


I want to make a website for my upcoming car company, but I know nothing about it, i want it to be like Honda’s or MBUSA, also, it has to be free, and I no longer have photoshop, and have no skills in gimp, but I could learn.

Edit: Dunno why this showed up on the front page, it’s not important anymore


Its probably better to really stick to the forums. It’ll take a lot of time and effort to maintain a proper website and simply using the free website makers on the web dont usually give you enough freedom to make it the way you want it and just looks tacky at the end of the day.


no, no you don’t need it.


If you really need to, and I mean really, you could learn how to use something like Adobe Dreamweaver/code in HTML because that is literally the only way you can get a website that looks good.


So. I am software engineer. By profession.

A manager recently requested that I build a set of web interfaces for controlling our company test vehicle. I had no experience in web prior to this.

I figured it out but… it was trying my patience. And lordy lord it is NOT simple IN THE SLIGHTEST!

If you have no idea what you’re doing, its not also your job, AND its just for fun, forget about it.

Sorry to shit on your dreams but stick to the forums unless you really really really REALLY fucking want this. And believe me. Its going to take you months to get something that looks like its from 1998. Much less 2018.

If you are absolutely insistent, I recommend W3 Schools HTML and JavaScript tutorials. And Mozilla Developer Network, aka MDN, is also a great reference but not as good for just tinkering and learning.




If you absolutely want to and don’t want to learn html, CSS, Javascript and what not, there are some templates for WordPress that are not that hard to use, however, you would still need to figure out a couple of things and find where to host it (and how to upload it), there are ton of tutorials on YouTube about the subject.
Or you could use square space or wix. Or pay someone to make one for you.


Will this be a website for Cool and good motors?


Not to contradict what folks are saying here, but if you want a free webspace, there’s always tripod.


You can use free hosting servers (like Hostinger or 000webhost), install the Wordpress module, and with some skills, you can make a decent website.


As someone who learned a bit about web design in highschool, No. You don’t want to make a completely full website for your company unless your profession is web design (which I take it is not the case).

Sure there are ways to make a website for free or cheep, but to make one that looks and works like Honda’s or Ford’s or WHOEVERS… NO. Just NO.

If you really want to pursue web design, take some classes either in HS or college or whatever, but don’t dive off into the deep end buying a domain name and hosting space. It will not work out if you have absolutely zero experience.


You can create good looking and functional websites without learning code with wordpress. I had one for my company Meliora and I got the site working on just one night. The thing is that at the rate we keep making cars is annoying to keep modifying the website with each new car, so I eventually ceased updating it haha.

Learning proper web development (html, css, js) is a rewarding path tho :wink:


GO FOR IT!!! :smiley:

I mean it…really.

Look for web design, HTML and Flash tutorials. Get copies of Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver.

Learn! Then learn some more.

The whole site would be stored on your hard drive and once you are completely happy with it then you can sort out an actual, proper, website to upload it to. Come back here and say

“Hear yea, oh nay sayers of the forums! I hereby present my car companies website!”

And we’ll all visit and coo over how cool it looks.

It’ll be hard going but if it’s something you really want, then, do it. :persevere:

I hope you succeed! :+1:


Good luck with your ill try.


cool adn god carz ar 2 gud 4 1sit so we hve a milon cuz we iz so col