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If/When diesel engines are add will that mean other stuff related?


If/When diesel engines are added will that mean stuff like semi trucks, buses, tractors, and new demographics will also come? :tractor: :truck:.



I know about the faq im just asking about the stuff that will be add IF they were added.




I know its a car company game but its not the end of the world if a truck is in it.



In all seriousness, if you dig into the suggestions forume, the consensus of the devs when such questions come up is “there are no plans yet”. All is focused into the main game right now, and whether or not there are DLCs with other options, is something for the far future. Something that have been hinted at is the possibility* of Diesel engines as DLC for the future, but that’s it, there is not much more on if there will be new demographics (but given the complexity of the game and how that will probably screwup somethings I think not).


If you know the FAQ, I don’t understand the point of this thread…


If. The important word here is if. You’ve answered your own question here. The answer being if the add it. Chances are they won’t and if they do, it wont be until after the game is finished.



Car company tycoon game…


Indeed there are not plans to add other types of vehicles, as detailed by the FAQ :slight_smile: